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  1. As overheard at Wal-Mart
  2. Digital Playground: BD Replication Costs Down 50% from 2006: Now 3 to 4 Times HD DVD
  3. Haters suck
  4. AVPR getting bad reviews
  5. Damn you Reds!! No Hellboy 2 for me!
  6. LA's ABC 7 running a story on the "hi-def format war" tonight at 11
  7. HD Promo Group To Play "Dead" at CES? Reality Check
  8. I hate Warner..
  9. What would you offer Warner to make them go exclusive?
  10. Which is your favorite Big 6 studio?
  11. The gap just grew... by a lot
  12. The gap just narrowed . . . a lot
  13. Anyone get T3 on BD yet?
  14. I hate Fox
  15. HD DVD sales trending up, while BD trending down
  16. 2008 Blockbusters (at least $200 mil boxoffice) Prediction Thread
  17. Digital Playground goes nuetral
  18. I hate Paramount Pictures.
  19. Would YOU back a campaign to get all studios to go neutral
  20. Blade Runner
  21. Where did you buy Harry Potter OOTP
  22. Harry Potter on Blu-Ray is better than the HD DVD version
  23. Mandatory Internet Support a Drawback?
  24. The Dark Knight predictions
  25. Why all the issues with WB Blu-ray titles lately?
  26. If You Could Get an HD DVD Player....
  27. J6P's Motivation.
  28. Do you like nesting threads?
  29. Warner to attend HD DVD Press Conference at 2008 CES as a speaker
  30. Major French Studio goes HD-DVD exclusive !
  31. PS3 cant do bitstreaming?
  32. The most interesting part of last week's sales
  33. I don't think they care.
  34. Ratio Prediction Thread for the week ending Dec 23, 2007
  35. Anyone going back to one format??
  36. 61% Blu-ray 39% HD DVD for the week ending Dec 16, 2007 (Bourne, HP week)
  37. Historical Deals...from the archives
  38. Is Sam's Club Blu Exclusive?
  39. Who cares what happens in the format war?
  40. Comparision Charts
  41. Persuasive Tactics
  42. HD Camcorders
  43. Ok Its time for the Blu Boys to Step up
  44. Might have to go purple now...
  45. Every HT enthusiast owes it to himself to buy a PS3
  46. A3 $198, A30 $232, A35 $312 amazon.com
  47. My mom just called and said she is buying pops an HD DVD player
  48. 'Assassination of Jesse James' - Dual Format
  49. BlockBuster loving Blu-ray. Now Selling Special PS3 Bundles!
  50. The PS3 is awesome so deal with it....
  51. Profile 1 players ARE NOT OBSOLETE!
  52. Example of new BD PiP feature
  53. If the PS3 can't succeed as a game machine can it succeed as a BD player?
  54. News: Santa Claus caught up in format war.
  55. Red or Blu, who are you ?
  56. Microsoft lands Viacom advertising, content deal
  57. If the BOGO's stop, what happens to BR?
  58. What do you want for Christmas?
  59. Clarifying all this PiP stupidity
  60. Toshiba A30 $199.00
  61. vod poised for growth
  62. I did you blu boiz a favour
  63. Sony and Samsung account for 92% of the BD player market. Panny 5%, everyone else 3%!
  64. All I want for Christmas is . . .
  65. HD PiP vs BD PiP: Which is better?
  66. Here we go again...
  67. the fanboyism in this particular forum are...
  68. hehe: Soundofperfect HD DVD partner list updated: no prank ;)
  69. Toshiba HD A35 Amazon $299.99
  70. How old are the HDM warriors out there?
  71. HD DVD's advantages are disappearing more rapidly than I would've guessed...
  72. PS3 is the most selling BD player, but...
  73. Sony to sell at least 3 million PS3 consoles in November/December
  74. What would a 360 w/ built-in HD-DVD do to this war?
  75. I thought Paramount got rid of all their Blu ray discs
  76. PS3 Owners: Do you plan to replace your PS3?
  77. Why doesnt dimension join HDM?
  78. How does Planet Earth keep doing it? #9 at Amazon
  79. 360 addon w/bourne trilogy free! 1 day!
  80. More disc space!! Whats the big deal!
  81. Blu-ray PIP better than HD DVD pip (vid included)
  82. What should I do with 300 and Bourne Ultimatum?
  83. Toshiba HD D3 199.99 @ Costco
  84. Format war aftermath
  85. I have an idea for Sony
  86. Article about both formats
  87. Blade Runner beating out Simpsons?
  88. Early 2008 Releases Favor Blu-ray Big Time
  89. Simpsons Movie on Blu Ray MPEG2?
  90. Which companies will be showing off BR players at CES?
  91. A3 vs. S300
  92. Variety: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray battle will end 2008.
  93. Your One-Stop Shop for why BD KILLS HD DVD!
  94. Format war has taken a new twist!!
  95. I've got to admit that I find PS3 attractive more and more...
  96. Study shows new HDTV shoppers prefer HD DVD
  97. HD DVD Rant
  98. PS3 is a Blu-Ray player right? Can we eff Best Buy on this one?
  99. If you could choose only one...
  100. Blu-Ray software lead is a lie
  101. So where did HD-DVD go wrong in this format war?
  102. Can't Wait to See The HD DVD Fanboys CRY SALTY TEARS
  103. Has the consumer really chosen?
  104. 74% of all Blu Ray's sold are in the PS3
  105. What would make you concede that hd/bluray is better/just as good?
  106. Do gamers care about profile 1.1 - it appears not.
  107. HD-DVD profile 2.0 players
  108. HD-DVD fanboys interviews Jack Tretton.
  109. A quick reminder as to why HD DVD is better than Bluray - Smackdown OPINION piece
  110. Update for PS3
  111. Bourne Numbers Coming In!
  112. No Profile 1.1 in Update
  113. does universal not want to sell discs?
  114. POLL: Which format are you most invested in financially?
  115. BusinessWeek 2005: Daggers Drawn Over DVDs
  116. Should HD DVDs without TRUE HD audio be sold half price??
  117. Would all studios going "Neutral" help HDM sales and acceptance?
  118. Ever had a heated format debate?
  119. Why use DTS-HD Master Audio on Blu Ray?
  120. Best Buy favors Blu over HD DVD in writing
  121. Why can the PS3 be 1.1 and Gen 1 Blu can't?
  122. Stop selling SDVD Players? What would happen?
  123. Question for the blu/PS3 people?
  124. HP: OotP can't play on Xbox AO?
  125. You PS3 guys are buying only 1 movie per year on average?
  126. Deceived BD CEs p1ssed?
  127. Toshiba - Lawsuit Settlement
  128. XBOX360 HD DVD add-on with 9 free movies from Amazon tomorrow.
  129. Excellent Read: Origin of the format war
  130. A little food for thought.
  131. Why Sony hates you : The Rootkit Debacle Reconstructed
  132. HD-DVD's Price Advantage GONE!
  133. Blu-ray 1.1: A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?
  134. $299 Playstation 3 (20GB)
  135. Anyone else excited to see....
  136. HD-DVD failures
  137. You chose what and why?
  138. New Toshiba HD DVD laptops
  139. Planet Earth Blu-ray version - help!
  140. How future-proof is blu-ray really?
  141. What happens to Blu Ray once sales of PS3 start to cool off?
  142. PS3 is now 1.1.
  143. HD simpler & more user friendly? (either format)
  144. HD simpler & more user friendly? (either format)
  145. Playstation 3 80GB Console Motorsport Bundle $453 Shipped
  146. What about profits?
  147. HOT RUMOR: HDM Threads Becoming Unreadable!
  148. Sony says PS3 sales to hit 11 million by end of fiscal year (Mar 2008)
  149. PS2 responsible for the continued survival of HD-DVD?
  150. Looking From The Outside In - Going From Blue to Red to Blue to Purple.
  151. NEC and a Wii add on?
  152. Surprised at BB today
  153. Best Buy Next Gen BOGO : Both formats fail?
  154. Special Features
  155. RCA HDV5000 HD DVD Player 197.00 @ Sams Club
  156. Local Movie Gallery
  157. I just went purple
  158. Both formats will continue to exist
  159. HD DVD BOGO vs BD BOGOs: HD DVD BOGO wins ;)
  160. Best Buy BD BOGO (week of Dec 16th)
  161. Wal-Mart Harry Potter HD DVD pricing
  162. why not have just 1 format?
  163. 2 Day Fox BOGO Sale on Amazon!
  164. Why would we want HD-DVD to win the format war?
  165. Nostradamus Game for December 16, 2007
  166. HD DVD Community Screening - Two Thumbs WAY up!
  167. Nostradamus Game for December 16, 2007
  168. Sony sold ~1.2 million PS3 consoles in November!!!!!
  169. Sony sells 1 million consoles in November!!!!!
  170. Harry Knowles (AICN) buys BD Player
  171. First Blu-ray HTIB announced
  172. Sony controls HD market if BD wins?
  173. Samsung discontinuing the BD 1400 player?
  174. HD DVD sales outstripping Blu-ray 3:1 in Europe
  175. PS3/Blu Ray Poll
  176. Which online retailers are part of the Nielsen Results?
  177. How long can BDA continue to subsidize BD replication cost?
  178. Best Buy Playing Nasty
  179. Catalogue Sales Ratios?
  180. Amazon: Sony BDP-S300 with Spiderman-3 in the box + POTC3 + 5 free movies = $294.08
  181. My CES Predictions
  182. *Neutral/WB Releases* HD DVD Purchases SHIFTED to BD because of Disc Quality.
  183. UK Blu-ray newspaper ad - confusing message?
  184. Single format owners: Do you worry about your format?
  185. PS3 RC sales as good an indicator as any of Blu-ray use?
  186. BD+ actually hacked?
  187. Can anyone compile a list of all the times BDA said HD DVD was supposed to have died?
  188. Christmas Return Policy: HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  189. 1 Hi Def format how soon?
  190. Retail Turning Blu
  191. Attention Canadians
  192. 24FPS the savior of HDM
  193. I have gone neutral....
  194. HD BD CE's
  195. Fox home vid: "I think by CES it will be pretty clear there will be one format.”
  196. BusinessWeek: Blu-ray pulling ahead of HD-DVD
  197. So is profile 1.1 worth $100?
  198. Fox BD releases for 2008?
  199. Universal trying to flip Blu-ray the bird?
  200. Price of Blu and Red Players Now Equal at Best Buy
  201. Best Buy Ad Scans for 12/16/2007
  202. BD SA ratio Sony 60%, Samsung 32%, Panasonic 5%
  203. 12/9 VideoScan numbers in
  204. Germany; flat screen tvs only in 18% of homes
  205. Smackdown time : Do you Blu Ray World have this on your discs ?
  206. Better Product for me? because!!
  207. Who does really care about lossless audio
  208. What would honestly be better? winning 1st 49 or last 3 weeks
  209. The power of gift cards?
  210. Sony's Secret Weapon
  211. Hi-Def player in the PS4?
  212. Red Santa Brings Kingdom Ahead Of Xmas
  213. Nielsen VideoScan: First Alert 76% BD VS 24% HD-DVD for the week ending 12.09.2007
  214. BD (non WB) title on HD DVD?
  215. Personal Prediction: Single format dead by '09, Xbox Game Downloads?
  216. Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator to Help Speed Content Production and Lowe
  217. Playstation 3 still far behind XBOX 360 and Wii in US sales
  218. Predict the total PS3 sales by March 31, 2008 (end of Sony fiscal year)
  219. blu-ray.com trolls again
  220. Has anyone picked up the PS3 as a blu-ray player started buying games?
  221. No Country for Old Men only on Blu-ray
  222. Cool commercial...
  223. isney open to HD DVD?
  224. CNBC POLL - HD DVD or Bluray - Cast your Vote HD DVD folks!
  225. Sony to start PS3 HD downloads - Will this hurt the BD attach rates or help?
  226. Popular Mechanics Declares “Bottom Line Advantage: HD-DVD”
  227. The secret HD DVD give away?
  228. NPD Group: 2.7 mil PS3 sold in USA as of Nov 30, 2007 (3.2 mil possible by end of yr)
  229. 360 Add-on attach rate: 3.4% (NPD)
  230. 466,000 new PS3 owners seeing Blu
  231. 71% of PS3's are connected to HDTV's
  232. Hypothetical PS3 question - If there was no format war?
  233. Continued PS3 failure: Impact on blu-ray?
  234. Does anyone think or know if a PS3 could be enabled to play HD-DVDs VIA a firmware?
  235. Question: Do Players In This Forum Possess Equipment to Make Both Formats Shine?
  236. Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator
  237. Bose-ray
  238. DVD vs HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray
  239. The Raw statistics of Blu-ray audio vs. HD DVD audio
  240. Where are our 100 some titles?
  241. Household Penetration Metric
  242. Study: Mainstream HDTV Buyers Opt for HD DVD
  243. Disney Votes for 51GB HD DVD Media Approval
  244. Truce
  245. What would you miss if one format died?
  246. Why would any studio stay exclusive?
  247. 'Potter' Giftset Inadvertantly Goes Purple - Are they counted as hd dvd
  248. Which BD studio will be the first to go neutral
  249. HD DVD BOGO Massive Success!!
  250. Michael Bay Proved wrong about Microsoft's support for HD DVD....