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  1. Watch your blu-ray discs on your dvd player... today only
  2. Proud to be PURPLE!
  3. 37" HDTV owners..be smart.
  4. Fellow Purples: Let's do our part!
  5. Purple People: Which dual-format movie do you choose?
  6. Why Region-Coding on catalog titles is unfair!
  7. New York Times Article: Most People Don't Care About Format War!!
  8. Nostradamus Game for December 30, 2007
  9. How To Spot A Viral Marketer, Paid Shill, Disinformation Agent Posting FUD
  10. Canadians: HMV High Def 16.99 - 19.99
  11. This is the real price of Blu-ray loyalty
  12. Finally went purple today
  13. What if HDDVD didn't have to sell more DVDs to win?
  14. movie reviews
  15. Blu-ray studios to again dominate 2008
  16. regarding my bill hunt post
  17. Is Sears pushing Blu-Ray more than HD DVD?
  18. Spin and Bias: Studios can support HD to win!
  19. What will happen in 2008 in your opinion ?
  20. How man HDM discs did you buy today? BB and CC sales
  21. Amazon U.K. is having another buy two BD's, get 1 free sale.
  22. Microsoft's stake in HD-DVD EGM Interview
  23. Circuit City HD DVD "Buy 3 Get Two Free Sale" This Week 12/30
  24. High-Def Digest Forums are the BEST!
  25. Merits studios might consider when choosing one side over the other
  26. Congrats to Blu
  27. WWE survey!
  28. Why Should HD-DVD even exist?
  29. HD DVD or Blu-ray featured in any movies?
  30. Why would anyone want blu-ray to win?
  31. Why do you support Blu-ray exclusively?
  32. Article:"Format War Total Waste of Time"
  33. even the halo boys think blu is dead!
  34. $110 Xbox 360 Add-Ons!
  35. Microsoft needs to drop the price on the 360 HD drive
  36. The recordable media effect
  37. Please stop the personal insults against rdjam/HDNOW!
  38. POLL: Who Spread More B.S. HDNOW aka rdjam or Beatboy?
  39. Forum Member quotes of 07
  40. Theoretical Question
  41. How many 'HD DVD' is selling well on Amazon threads do we need?
  42. You Will Have to Pry My Blu-ray Player From My COLD DEAD HANDS!!!
  43. BLu-rays 75%+ sales ratio world wide.
  44. 300 was close to 4-1 BD sales last week.
  45. My families Yankee Swap...
  46. Nifty Numbers for HD DVD
  47. Was 12/26 the changing of the tide?
  48. Wal-Mart abandons online movie downloads (AP)
  49. Format War Regional or Worldwide?
  50. The Future of VoD?
  51. You Will Have to Pry My HD DVD Player From My COLD DEAD HANDS!!!
  52. Why all the hate!?
  53. Latest HMM Up. W/E figures for 12/16, not 12/23!!!
  54. Question to all non-UK residents in EU
  55. Why not HD DVD?
  56. Is it safe to buy Pirates off Amazon?
  57. Blu vs HD-DVD : Harry Potter
  58. HD DVD has 26 items on Amazon's top 100. Blu-ray only 6.
  59. Why is Children of Men on Blu-ray?
  60. HD DVD Amazon stock moving fast due to BOGOs...
  61. Just got Back from BestBuy & CircuitCity
  62. (hoax) - LORD OF THE RINGS announced for BLU-RAY in Europe!!!!
  63. Best Buy This Week - HD DVD Buy Three, Get Two : Blu Ray Sale - Ads for 12/30/07
  64. Blu Ray Disc is more of a PS3 format.
  65. Is WB Underestimating The Demand For It's Titles?
  66. Blue Trash t-shirts
  67. No Warning on Amazon HD DVDs like Blu-ray?
  68. HD Now email says BD studio going neutral?
  69. International (ie non-US) HD-Media
  70. Wow. Hd Dvd May just pull this out through pricing....
  71. Classic Movies that beg for a Hi-Def presentation.
  72. Blu-Ray wins 2007!!!
  73. Reality Check: Disney is Blu thru and thru.
  74. 61% Blu-ray 39% HD DVD Week of Dec 23, 2007
  75. HD DVD = Best Overall format according to HDD
  76. Bill Hunt: EXPOSED!!!
  77. Bourne Ult. Second Week outsold The Simpsons First Week
  78. Question for the Hi-def neutral
  79. It will take years for blu-ray to become mainstream...
  80. HD DVD titles that ARE region coded?
  81. I need help!!! HD BD ADDICT !!!!!!!!!
  82. wholesale costs of HD discs in Canada. Compare vs. DVD?
  83. HDD: Best Audio of the year goes to BLU-RAY!
  84. Moviestop Having Great Sale on Blu-Ray if You Have One Nearby!
  85. So now that a few BOGO's from HD DVD have taken place...
  86. Another Warners BD production problem . . .
  87. I'm worried about the 51gb HD DVDs...
  88. Harry Potter HD DVD #1 on Amazon.com
  89. Blu Ray players - DVD scratchers
  90. Movie / Studio Perceptions
  91. who's more annoying?
  92. HD DVD dominating
  93. CMC chairman says Blu-ray yet to be mainstream.
  94. pans labyrinth hd dvd or blu ray
  95. First Real CES New - Good for Blu Ray
  96. Damn you Pixar... Damn you...
  97. The Placebo Effect! (1080p, bitrates, lossless, etc)
  98. What would the Final HDM look like if you could pick features from both formats?
  99. Big Day For HD DVD.....
  100. HD vs. BD: There is NO difference in PQ.
  101. What a great Xmas season for HDM.
  102. I'm Blu, and I love movies.
  103. Review of Pan's Labyrinth: Can we please...
  104. HD DVD sales stomping Amazon Top 100 DVD!
  105. The day after Xmass sales on Amazon
  106. HD DVD has bragging rights!!! First #1 DVD at Amazon
  107. Best Buy HDM price drop ?
  108. Harry Potter HD DVD - #1, #2, #3, #4 at Amazon
  109. Disappointed HD-player owner
  110. Good evidence that HD would sell as well as bluray under same conditions
  111. Holy Schnikes - Software sales on amazon
  112. End this war.
  113. Batman begins on blu-ray closer than we thought?
  114. friend's 1st player purchase
  115. Amazon posts best season ever - Other retailers - not so good
  116. Amazon Sold Enough Blu-ray/HD DVD Hardware To Cover 7 Football Fields
  117. Who has STOPPED buying HD media?
  118. What movies from Criterion would you love to see in HD?
  119. HD DVD owners, Will you concede defeat?
  120. Bluray vs. HD-DVD: An HD-DVD newbie
  121. A3 @ Amazon $1??.?? 12/26/07
  122. Who will lost to VMD first? HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  123. Best Buy 12/30- 1/5 B3G2 Hd dvd free
  124. Some BD titles up to 50% off at Amazon
  125. Another BOGO at Amazon for HD-DVD 12/26
  126. Did CNN just spill the beans on BD studio(s) going neutral?
  127. "Betamax, MiniDisc, MagicGate, UMD and now Blu-Ray?
  128. If in Canada hit up Futureshop today the 26th......
  129. Overall Stat Summary (Not Just Sales) Including % of BD50 disks
  130. Ratio Prediction Game for Dec 30, 2007
  131. PS3 as the Ultimate Fail Safe?
  132. HD DVD Player Sales at Amazon Incredibly Strong!
  133. Vod ?
  134. No Winner in Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD Battle!!
  135. HD DVD to finally win one this week?
  136. Any Clear Cut Winner Yet?
  137. Amazon: Panasonic DMP-BD30K @ $422.25 Shipped
  138. Bluray Owners: Will $99 HD DVD standalone players get you to go Purple?
  139. The arrogance of a Blu user
  140. Microsoft quietly combines TV efforts
  141. HD DVD owners: will $99 standalone BD players get you purple?
  142. DVD reminds you its DVD while Blu ray doesnt, why?
  143. A GOOD aspect of this format war ...
  144. Transformers on Blu...
  145. Merry Christmas!
  146. OK Results needed. Who got a HD player/movies as a gift?
  147. Canada Boxing Day sale - Best But
  148. The Real X Factor of the Format War
  149. 5 free offer BS from Microsoft/Toshiba
  150. Merry/Happy (whichever you prefer) Christmas, HD-DVD guys
  151. A ? for Everyone!! What Christmas Movie do you want to see on High Def??
  152. It's the BDA's game to loose - HD DVD wins by just hanging around
  153. To all the new Blu-ray owners, Welcome, and Merry Christmas!
  154. So what happened to them cheap Chinese players that were supposed to kill Blu-ray?
  155. Fett Goes Web-Enabled
  156. Best deal on Simpsons blu-ray shipped?
  157. china dropshippers
  158. What were the Harry Potter 5 numbers???
  159. Samsung BD-UP5000 delayed?
  160. Holy moly Boxing Day @ A&B Sound.....
  161. Toshiba reduced SRP for 3rd Gen HD DVD players? atleast one retailer did!
  162. Amazon lists Marantz and NAD under HD DVD labels
  163. HD DVD reminds you its HD while Blu ray doesnt, why?
  164. The REAL Reason Blockbuster supports Blu!
  165. Canadian Walmarts......
  166. To all new HD DVD owners: Merry Christmas and Welcome!
  167. I went last minute x-mas shopping and blu-ray looks less popular
  168. What "Should" Attach Rate Be?
  169. TL51 Will works on any HDDVD player....
  170. if HD DVD wins, they'll take away my lossless audio on my TV shows!
  171. Guys, I heard that Gamestop is going exclusive at GES
  172. Will Burger King go Neutral at HES?
  173. Buy 2G1F on BD at Deep Discount
  174. Has the HD DVD strategy become clear?
  175. Bill Hunt and Guido Henkel - Winning the Format War
  176. Toshiba HD-XA2 Wins E-Gear Editor's Choice Top 40 Award
  177. DVD vs Hidef - Adoption numbers?...
  178. Will HDM Be A Niche . . . Or A Mass Adoption Format(s)?
  179. Nostradamus Game for December 23, 2007
  180. How Committed Is Viacom/Paramount To HD DVD?
  181. New HD DVD player manufacturers in 2008... WHO?
  182. Does there have to be a winner?
  183. merry christmas
  184. Blu-ray or HD DVD?
  185. December 26 releases.
  186. Sony Making HD DVD Players!
  187. Anyone have/using the LG or Samsung player?
  188. Insider info: Disney's free BD50 contract with BDA ends January 08
  189. I went to local BB store today and ....
  190. Ridiculous Arguments
  191. Best Buy HD DVD Deal! For 12/23
  192. Know what would KIND OF make HD DVD better?
  193. Check this all Hi Def movies coming in 2008 Q 1 & 2
  194. Will Disney go Neutral at CES 08?
  195. Might get an HD DVD player...again.
  196. Blu-ray winning at HMV UK
  197. Multi-region blu-ray players?
  198. EndGadgetHD delay in posting Nielsen figures: any significance?
  199. Had a quick look at my crystal ball today
  200. Where will HD-DVD SA prices be next year?
  201. A few questions I want answered..........
  202. If major studio support is split 3 vs 3, would there be a stalemate?
  203. If all studios went neutral and gave you a choice?
  204. It's a dark day, I'm getting a PS3....
  205. Could Universal announce neautrality at CES?
  206. Get 10 Free HD DVDs with Selected HD DVD Players
  207. Disc 10x as large as BD to display at CES08
  208. The Assassination of Jesse James: HD DVD=Dolby Digital + : BD=Dolby Digital
  209. HD DVD Exclusive Owners, would you buy a Blu Ray add on for your Xbox 360?
  210. "Paramount's Switch Failed To Turn Market"
  211. This Time, HD DVD BTGOF at Best Buy Begins 12/23
  212. Compare tactics between the formats
  213. I think its time everyone took a chill pill and enjoyed the holidays
  214. Regardless of your format, don't forget..
  215. Since picture in picture is loved by so many in these forums...
  216. Bourne, Harry Potter HD DVDs outpacing Blu-ray titles
  217. Is Blu-Ray momentium at full tilt or what?
  218. HD-DVD Theory
  219. Official Blu-ray Site Hacked
  220. Defective discs potential to sway studios in HD DVD's Favor?
  221. Canadians Get A Sub $100 HD DVD Player Deal Too!
  222. Recall Recall...
  223. "Tech Review: HD-DVD players have a few hiccups"
  224. Rush Hour 3 out on BR at BB
  225. Not sure if old new or new...Image of True Warner DVD
  226. Beowulf not HD DVD Exclusive
  227. Dan Ramer from DVDFile responds to HD DVD Petition(rdjam)
  228. Blu-ray PiP: stereo only, no 5.1 mixing like HD DVD
  229. Is it me or is HD Discs just full of problems?
  230. Wait hold on a minute
  231. I see a format neutral future...
  232. James Woodcock: Why HD DVD Should Win the Format War
  233. Hollywood Reporter: Prediction: Blu-ray blows away HD DVD
  234. Financial Times: Christmas price war could break the deadlock + Other tidbits
  235. Why HD Players Are Slow Loading
  236. What unreleased/unannounced titles do you want on HDM?
  237. Paramount's Switch Failed To Turn Market
  238. Blu-Ray Sales Soar in Europe/ Disney Chief Says HD DVD Will Die!
  239. Would a Warner move to blu keep HDM a PS3/niche market?
  240. BREAKING NEWS: pirates 3 is on xbox live !!!!
  241. Fact or Fiction: Warner goes HD DVD would result in ~50/50 split of sales (stalemate)
  242. What's your favorite trilogy on HD?
  243. Can't Keep BRSAs in Stock . . .
  244. Blade Runner HD-DVD or Blu-ray
  245. "Star Trek: TOS" HD DVD $60 Savings at Amazon!
  246. BD's Momentum too Great to Overcome
  247. So who has the upper hand right now?
  248. Dreamworks Pictures and Warner Brothers can this affect ?
  249. Profile 1.1? Well, now it's "War"!!
  250. Future hd dvd and blu-ray release