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  1. For All Blu Ray And Hd Dvd Fan Bitch#s!
  2. What does Paramount/Dreamworks & Universal do now?
  3. Nostradamus Game II - Blu-ray vs DVD
  4. How did you purple supporters not see this coming?
  5. We now need region free Blu-ray players.
  6. Is this the end of HD-DVD?
  7. What’s the best case scenario for HD DVD?
  8. The Death of HDDVD and what to do now...
  9. amirm posting on AVSforum again says BD+ cleared to work with managed copy.
  10. Can we blame Paramount ?
  11. Will Warner offer movie replacements?
  12. Will 4th generation Toshiba hd-dvd players be the last ones made?
  13. Macs with Blu-ray support to be announced at Macworld Expo?
  14. Now its Blu Ray vs. Download services (NETFLIX)
  15. The new competitors (blu-ray versus blu-ray)
  16. Why are threads being combined?
  17. Paramount's "Indefinite Commitment"
  18. All BDA Studios Please Use PCM
  19. Swaping A3 for Blu Ray but what player? ***I am staying away from PS3***
  20. Over/under on HD DVD denial posting thread
  21. Anyone think there is a chance we might get a blu-ray AO for the XBox?
  22. New war DVD(Toshiba) vs Blu-Ray
  23. Blu-ray Fans, You Have Just Won The War ...
  24. Who's going to light a fire under Samsung/BDA/studios?
  25. Now that the war is "over" what next?
  26. This news does not mean that Blu-ray won, only that........
  27. Since Warner goes Blu...
  28. HD DVD Obitchuary
  29. WB Pres: Why we switched to Blu-Ray
  30. new line going blu-ray only.
  31. The format war is FAR from over.
  32. Why does it feel that HDM is even further away from mass adoption?
  33. What is Microsoft next move ?
  34. Can Toshiba go niche?
  35. Is there really a reason for a Smackdown forum now?
  36. Don't be surprised to still see deals on Blu-Ray stuff
  37. Blu Ray is Betamax Reincarnated.....
  38. DISNEY ANNOUNCES "Finding Nemo" "Sleeping Beauty"
  39. warner staking their money in ps3???
  40. Got HD-DVD for Christmas- NOT OVER by a LONG SHOT!!!
  41. It's like watching a hero die in a movie. It's just kind of sad really....
  42. The Consumer has lost again...
  43. $500 Million for WB
  44. HD DVD supporters, will you continue to buy HD DVD software/hardware?
  45. Blu-Ray victory: Back to Basics
  46. My biggest fears now Blu-ray has won are...
  47. Will BLuray BOGO deals dry up or become much less frequent now?
  48. HD DVD Promotional Group Statement on Warner Home Video Decision to Back Blu-ray
  49. So, How long until Toshiba and PRG capitulate?
  50. Dual Format Will Be The Future, Wait and See
  51. OFFICIAL Thank you HD DVD Thread.
  52. I am going to miss the BOGO's...........
  53. Censorship has more than one cost...
  54. Its finally over, maybe we can be nice to each other now?
  55. Ok Blu you've won: Now get some cheap players out!
  56. Could this spur Lucas/Spielberg?
  57. write to those idiots from WB because they should know that
  58. Warner Home Videos Return Policey
  59. Anybody else feel bad....
  60. I am disappointed...
  61. Smackdown was fun
  62. How bad is it if WB goes blu?
  63. What do we argue about now????
  64. Why are you all in such a hurry.
  65. Warner: Short-Term HD DVD Plans Still TBD
  66. Toshiba paid off?
  67. What is next for Paramount!??!
  68. Sony - Toshiba: Time to kiss and make up!
  69. Notice of CES Press Conference Cancellation by North American HD DVD Promotion Group
  70. HD DVD Crew, this is not a time to panic, what we can do inside
  71. So....
  72. Those who gave HD DVD players as gifts: are you embarassed?
  73. First pic from Toshiba's CES 2008 booth
  74. Another Poll: TL51 Discs
  75. HD DVD RETURN POLICY? What will happen?
  76. Not over yet by a long shot...
  77. Will Universal Stay the Course For The Format They Love Or Cut and Run Like...
  78. WARN-Her effect - Winning ways for HD DVD?
  79. So whats next for the HD DVD fans?
  80. Who will go Blu next?
  81. Possible lawsuit coming from Toshiba?
  82. So the BDA Wants Mass Adoption? How 'bout a $199 1.1 BD player for starters!
  83. HD DVD supporters what stage of grief are you on.
  84. I am royally pissed off... inside is why
  85. Will anyone make a dual format player
  86. New Line, HBO Not Covered By Warner/Blu-ray Announcement
  87. Blindsided or Betrayal - HD DVD Promo Group Shocked
  88. Digital Bits: Universal making moves to prepare for Blu-Ray
  89. Open Letter to Fellow HD DVD Supportors
  90. Will purples countinue to buy Hd Dvds
  91. Is the war over? Vote here accordingly...
  92. Warner Bros. High Def history ...
  93. Warner: No Payoff for Move to Blu-ray
  94. HD DVD Coffin Closed, Will CES Nail it Shut?
  95. Blu-ray: Harry Potters 1-4 back on with the Amazon BOGO!
  96. FOX must have known about Warner
  97. Blu Ray movie deal still goin on at best buy?
  98. I hope you didn't send in for your free HD-DVD movies!
  99. What is wrong with some of you moderators?!?!?
  100. PS3 too big of a buy right now?
  101. CNBC: HD DVD: No Way For It To Come Back Against Blu-ray
  102. Consumers want HD DVD
  103. Poll for purples: Will you stop buying on the HD DVD format?
  104. WB goes blu-ray exlusive. Drops HDDVD
  105. Here is an idea for the neutral and red studios
  106. Official Boycott Warner Thread!!!!
  107. Why keep releasing new release until the end of May 2008?
  108. Will BOGO sales be affected by Warners decision to go Blu-ray exclusive?
  109. Toshiba releases statement about WB announcement to go Blu
  110. Warner = Blu, What should toshiba do???
  111. WB : I'm confused...
  112. Does this mean Universal and Parmount may drop HD DVD altogether?
  113. Warner = Blu, What should toshiba do???
  114. WB go Blu, "Others" go Neutral???
  115. WWTD: What Would (should) Toshiba Do?
  116. Obsolescence defined...
  117. Should HD DVD concede at CES on Sunday?
  118. The next round of format war : Xbox Live Download Vs Blu-Ray
  119. Am I the only one that thinks celebrations are premature?
  120. Upgrading Blu-ray firmware to support HD DVD after the war?
  121. What happens if Univ/Para stay with HD-DVD?
  122. State of region free HD?
  123. At the end of the day the consumer is losing w/ HD DVD dead
  124. So what will Warner say at the HD-DVD press conference?
  125. BD HD format
  126. How long will it take for HD DVD to offcially call it quits?
  127. How Much have you invested in the HD Format??
  128. Now the war is over
  129. Future of Smackdown thread??
  130. WB--> Blu = PS3 Surge
  131. Warner Bros./WB - Effect Of Move Discussion (one and only)
  132. Good news for HD-DVD!
  133. Official Blu-ray Celebration Party Thread!!
  134. Will MS abandon ship with new Warner news
  135. Gizmodo: First Blu-ray BD Profile 1.1 Review (Verdict: Is That All?)
  136. Warner to Back Blu-ray Exclusively (Official Discussion 1 and only)
  137. For your numbers game, sales!!!!
  138. Digital Bits: BD SALs outpacing HD DVD counterparts
  139. Blade Runner Nielson inconsistency
  140. More Evidence HD-DVD Doing Anything To Survive...
  141. NBC/Universal possibly going Blu-Ray at CES!
  142. BD-ROM Vs HD-DVD-ROM PC drive price comparison. A BD-ROM drive priced 62% higher
  143. HD-DVD Getting Spanked on Amazon.
  144. Ken Graffeo interviewed by Release.no
  145. Aside from preference, what will the future be?
  146. Blu-ray in Mac computers January 15th
  147. What if MS is planning on replacing EVERY drive on ALL 360's with a HD-DVD?
  148. How many weeks will Blu-Ray win Q1 2008 ?
  149. Sales of both formats are ridiculously small even after Christmas!
  150. Sunday Gates Keynote with "Surprise" Guests!
  151. Logo/Mark for HD DVD 51GB Discs Approved
  152. Ratio Prediction Game for January 6, 2008
  153. Come March 2008, the fate of PS3 hangs in the hand of Toshiba.
  154. Can purple be the way of the future?
  155. Sony, Toshiba, and Intel teaming for wireless HD?
  156. Red or Blu? Go Green!
  157. I'm going to CES. Any specific gear/techs you want someone to look out for?
  158. Blu-ray wins every week of 2007 in software sales
  159. Universal HD Channel Showing BD Commerical!?
  160. Do you think introduction of X360 with HDDVD will make blu-ray studios goutral
  161. Does Warner decide it?
  162. help on my decision to jump on board with high-def
  163. Which rival studio will benefit you?
  164. Will you support whichever format Warner chooses?
  165. Which format do you prefer to win the war?
  166. Blu-ray dominating the top 50 on Amazon
  167. Backing up: BD and HD vs. Solid-State
  168. # movies to HDP / BDP 360 PS3
  169. Interesting Article, Let Consumers Decide?
  170. Macworld Rumor: Apple Shipping Blu-Ray
  171. Toshiba HD-DVD Players Take Top Sales
  172. movie compliments to go purple for...
  173. What effect will this have on the format War?
  174. Study: Blu-ray is Most Wanted
  175. PS2 as a reg DVD player?
  176. A Retail Perspective on the Format War
  177. HMM editorial: DECISION TIME
  178. Warners' Blu-ray version Assasination of Jesse James REMOVED from MULTIPLE etailers
  179. New Denon Blu-ray Players:Won't See These at Walmart
  180. Look out PS3: Another Horse Lands in Troy?
  181. Gentelman's Wager Results (From AVS)
  182. Paramount to announce new Blu Ray titles at CES?
  183. Would it be Easier for Studios to kill Blu-Ray?
  184. PIP vs PIP: Fight!!
  185. UFC picks HD DVD over Blu-ray?
  186. Which Retailer will go HD DVD exclusive soon?
  187. Which Retailer will go Blu-ray exclusive soon.
  188. Why is highdefdigest so heavily skewed towards HD-DVD ownership?
  189. Cookson takes over Sony Tech
  190. Smackdown forum: level of HD DVD vs. Blu-ray parity
  191. Some HD DVD/ Blu-Ray Rumors
  192. Studio presidents spin and hype - I mean, look ahead to 2008
  193. Newb Intro
  194. Matrix Trilogy on track for Blu-ray release?
  195. Why can't Universal release 2 HI DEF versions?
  196. Thing's Blu Ray Fans said in 2007 about HD-DVD that didn't happen.
  197. Lg Nl?
  198. More Bob Hope Flicks for HD-DVD.. Wow! That should save the ailing format!
  199. Best Buy Prices: January 6 - January 12, 2008
  200. Specs put HD above BD by end of the year in hardware sales
  201. If you could only choose 3 studios for your format which 3 would they be
  202. Estimated price launch for the 4th gen Toshiba's HD-DVD player? (the priceless model)
  203. What has Universal got left?
  204. New Line question...
  205. Rumours Can NOT be trusted
  206. MS may be offering another SKU with HD DVD built in.
  207. I feel bad for Universal....
  208. HD DVD Upcoming releases look... non existant
  209. Indiana Jones IV HD-DVD in November. What about Blu?
  210. What are Warners intentions?
  211. Why was my thread deleted--without explanations???
  212. Paramount's Beowulf coming to Blu-ray?
  213. Universal HD promoting Blu Ray
  214. Hardware sales data at the end of December 2007 (USA)
  215. Blu-ray Terminator 3: Faked PiP?
  216. Better DVR Combo possibilities
  217. BD 50 replication battle royale
  218. Exploding HD DVD software sales - Market Projections 2008
  219. OMG - it's really over now!!!
  220. Blu-ray holds top 5 spots in dvd sales on Amazon!
  221. Blu-ray Advertising
  222. Is there a possible merger in the future for Universal and Warner Bros?
  223. New Lines latest release a BD encode
  224. Home / AVN Insider / Digital Playground: Pirates Blu-ray 'Selling Like Gangbusters'
  225. HD-DVD Out Sells Blu Ray Players
  226. Against All Odds HD DVD survives 2007?
  227. Michael Bay was wrong!
  228. The new Blu Ray BOGO, how will it do?
  229. Not done yet! Universal BOGO At Amazon.
  230. Blu-ray's turn! - Amazon BOGO, including the Harry Potter movies
  231. Resident Evil Trilogy Pick up today, let's see if PIP is worth anything
  232. Im jealous of Blu-ray pricing and selection
  233. Blu-ray demand "Through the roof" - Digitalplayground
  234. Happy Blu (New) Year to All
  235. Top 10 (with ratio) for the week of Dec 16, 2007
  236. This is Truly What the Internet Was Made For
  237. As of Jan 1st the difference in price between a BLU-RAY and HD-DVD player is $34.51
  238. Peter Brache's List: Blu-ray Smokes HD DVD Again!
  239. 'TOSHIBA' directly under New Years ball
  240. Hollywood Video is Purple
  241. Any serious people here?
  242. Size Doesn't Matter...price is why we switched to HD...right!!
  243. No wonder people are confused...
  244. Disk Space: Does anyone know how much space is being used by movies on both formats?
  245. Resident Evil Extinction 17.99 at Best Buy.
  246. When will we see the HD DVD Christmas Tree Theory take effect?
  247. Why aren't they releasing all the TV Shows?
  248. What may decide the war
  249. A fair and balanced review of the formats
  250. Andy Parsons not thinking Blu enough?