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  1. Toshiba defiant after HD DVD setback
  2. The Olive Branch that Bill Hunt spoke of is apparently...
  3. So Microsoft makes a deal with Disney for HD downloads but not for HD-DVD?
  4. What do you do? (BD/DVD PC use).
  5. Michael Bay on the Death of HD-DVD!
  6. What do you do? (Exclusive HD-DVD Stand-alone owners and NOT GAMERS)
  7. Wall Street Journal: In Blu-ray Coup, Sony Has Opening But Hurdles, Too
  8. Bill Gates interview: downloads to be bigger than HD DVD or Blu-ray
  9. What's with all the Blu-ray MPEG2?
  10. Nielsen VideoScan 2008 thread: ratios, bestsellers, etc.
  11. CES Predictions
  12. What are the chances of Blu-ray failing too?
  13. Like Paramount Universal Stays With Hd Dvd
  14. Isn't this more like a last ditch effort?
  15. Stand alone player sales were up for HDDVD during the holiday's but now.....
  16. WB's Decision Affects All Future HD DVD Sales
  17. Is Blu-ray now the PS3's "Killer App"?
  18. Perhaps the most insane thing I've ever heard on these forums....
  19. "Ultimate" 360 w/ HD DVD shot down.
  20. Blu-Ray Hardware Prices
  21. Were are the HD DVD forum Leaders
  22. I went purple
  23. What should the BDA do now?
  24. All Quiet On The Universal Front.
  25. Toshiba gave up, if you go to their site, they removed their HD-DVD content
  26. HD DVD battlecry: Let's support DIVX 2!
  27. Microsoft Cold Shoulders HD DVD
  28. Microsoft announces...absolutely nothing!
  29. HD DVD Not Dead, Toshiba Will Produce Dual Format HD Players
  30. For those that work in B&M stores, do you still see people buying HD DVD players?
  31. Sony confirms PS3 will be Profile 2.0 & showcases 2 new players.
  32. For those of you thinking VUDU is the answer to blu ray
  33. To All New & Old Blu-Ray and Neutral HD Movie Enthusiasts
  34. When someone asks you what is a good DVD player to buy, what will you recommend?
  35. Look at all those new Blu-ray standalone players from multiple trusted companies.
  36. Stewart Muller Says "Target Ditching HD DVD"
  37. Sony and the BDA to jack up prices?
  38. How Paramount and Universal staying HD DVD exclusive for now can be a good thing
  39. Michael Blu-ray Bay Unplugged.
  40. Should Toshiba develop dual format player?
  41. Will Paramount go Neutral or Blu (and leave HD-DVD high and dry)?
  42. So what did HD-DVD really have planned for today?
  43. Other Red vs. Blue Wars....
  44. Lesser of 2 evils?
  45. So when Blu Ray wins and becomes the only format where will movie prices go?
  46. Target going Blu-ray exclusive
  47. Got any idea how much richer Sony would be if they'd bought off Tosh. from the start?
  48. Walmart going Blu-ray exclusive?
  49. Do you guys think we will see Transformers on Blu-Ray in 2 months or less?
  50. Philips: Target going Blu-ray exclusive
  51. Blu-Ray VS HD DVD the movie
  52. Paramount 'has reserved the right to switch its backing to Blu-ray', Universal 'tight
  53. Gizmodo's advice to toshiba
  54. WB Pay Off - Why do you Care?
  55. $500 million payoff for WB rumour completely FUD
  56. LG : We will stay dual format.
  57. SD card slot in all 2008 Panasonic Blu-players
  58. How Long Before the Name of this site becomes BluRayDigest?
  59. Toshiba Ces 2008- No new hddvd players Announcement
  60. VUDU Getting STRONG Reviews
  61. From Toshiba Press Live Blog - CES. BD SAL outselling HD DVD SAL
  62. Live from Toshiba's CES press conference
  63. Say goodbye to cheap Blu-Ray players, BOGO, and 5 free.
  64. [email protected]: 51 BD SAL to 49 HD DVD SAL
  65. Best Buy $10 off selected BD movies with free shipping
  66. Do you think that something drastic will happen in the format war still ?
  67. To 360-addon owners: Would you like a Blu-ray addon?
  68. Until May, what big Warner Brothers movies will be coming on high-def?
  69. To the HD DVDers that still think HD can win
  70. Just a bit of humor for everyone!
  71. TRU Blu Bogo
  72. VOD and MP3 are entirely different
  73. Best Buy and Circuit City flyers are now filled with Blu ray deals
  74. Sony player now 299.00--Going Purple!
  75. Gizmondo - Saddest Sight in the World: HD DVD Sponsored Bags at CES
  76. VUDU, not Blu-ray, won the HD format war... the studios have already decided
  77. For HD DVD to survive...
  78. Enjoy your victory now. Enjoy it well, because one day, you are going to regret it..
  79. Wally World return policy?
  80. HD DVD : Only 1 Plan Left or 2 ?
  81. Is this how HD DVD players will be sold from now on?
  82. HD DVD's new exclusive releases without Warner.
  83. Were MS and Toshiba over confident?
  84. If HD DVD dies how cheap with movies/players become to get rid of stock?
  85. It's not over people, get a grip, relax
  86. Blue? Red? Purple? How about Black...
  87. Speculating rumour: Universal to drop HD DVD today! (CES 08)
  88. Funai to Release Final Standard Profile Player for Under $300
  89. Why put Dolby True HD and UCP Linear PCM on the same disk?
  90. A New Year, A New Beginning...
  91. Bill Hunt's suggestion for a peace offering to HD DVD supporters
  92. The only way for HD-DVD to win
  93. In what year will total Blu-ray movie revenue > total DVD movie revenue?
  94. Check out those Amazon Sales Ranks
  95. How many years will Blu-ray be around before taken over by the "next thing"?
  96. Business is Business
  97. Nikkei : Toshiba will continue the battle. Not giving up yet.
  98. HDNOW=ill-conceived
  99. I feel like a salesman now...
  100. Into the seas of madness
  101. Is this Blu-ray vs Download Smackdown now?
  102. BD Players will support HD DVD
  103. Instead of bribing studios, why not the consumer?
  104. HD DVD supporter. Im Glad WB went >>>BLU<<<
  105. New Funai Blu-Ray Player: Profile 1.1 and Under 300 USD
  106. End of war stupid price question
  107. G4 Attack of the Show: Download Services + Format War = end to optical media
  108. Warner paid off? 500 Million?
  109. 600+ Million...can someone prove this once and for all...
  110. Bill Hunt suggests BDA hold an olive branch to HD-DVD fans
  111. Major Retail Store Chain Advertising HDDVD Player as "Upconverting DVD Player"
  112. Combo disc was a great idea
  113. The new trojan horse
  114. HD DVD fans, who do you blame for the apparent death of the format?
  115. Rename the forum to Blu-ray vs Download Smackdown
  116. What I think Univ/Param. should do to save face and go blu at the same time...
  117. The idea that downloadable HD is imminent is laughable
  118. The Future of HD-DVD.....
  119. How many years before high-def movies (~30GB) download become viable (20% of market)?
  120. Will Bill Gates mention anything at CES about HD DVD/BD
  121. Why everyone should be happy
  122. "I still dont know what to do" crew sign in here
  123. Future of PS3 40gb
  124. Netflix spokeperson : Era of optical disc is coming to an end. Market will go downloa
  125. I admit. I feel really sorry for.....
  126. Game Over, Now What Do We Want From Sony
  127. What will SONY do next?......
  128. It's all a dream bluboys.
  129. If we have to go Blu, what will HD supporters lose?
  130. Does anyone know what the delay on HD-DVD's will be?
  131. Will all future BD players have hddvd playback?
  132. How can it not be emotional?
  133. It's official: now it's New Line Cinema to back Blu-ray exclusively
  134. Total HD = Total LIE
  135. What if Tosh, Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Weinstein are stubborn??
  136. HD DVDers I welcome you to Blu.
  137. No Hard Feelings, Congrats to Blu Ray Supporters
  138. Weinstein being stubborn
  139. Prices of Blu-Rays and Hardware will continue trend of declining
  140. $0, $450m, $500m, 600m - which is it?
  141. Any Reds still hesitant about going purple?
  142. An explanation of HD-DVD owner feelings...
  143. question for the HD-DVD folks...
  144. What HD DVD should do now.
  145. Blu-ray technical glitches? HDDVD superior and cheaper?
  146. Why Warner is keeping HDDVD until May ? Why not dropping HDDVD now ?
  147. Its Rediculous it had to be like this
  148. Anti-Sony People, what's up?
  149. Guess BDA and Amazon figured they'd profit over the warner decison...
  150. New Line Now Blu Ray Exclusive
  151. Retruning my A2, getting a PS3.
  152. Boycott Warner!!!
  153. Something funny happened today
  154. Knee Jerk Reactions
  155. what next for hd dvdd
  156. HD DVD supporters: are you glad it's over?
  157. The more I think about the more I feel...
  158. No more games!!!!
  159. HD DVD fans: let's all switch to digital HD download, skipping BD!
  160. A Big Box Retailer's Support: DIVX and now HD DVD
  161. HD-DVD Fans... rejoice already.
  162. Those new to the market of Blu-Ray players don't overlook the PS3
  163. Amazon hidef sales chart 2008 prediction
  164. Whose head will roll first?
  165. Why direct video downloads will fail.
  166. The ps2 effect
  167. HD DVD Forum gets new spokesman
  168. Now that the dust has settled, why wasn't MS able to stop this?
  169. Blu-ray studios & BDA: Time to Step It Up
  170. I give up... there used to be some good smackdown
  171. If One Wins Will Sales End Too?
  172. Blu-ray at Bestbuy!!
  173. New Line drops HD DVD as well
  174. DL Twin on Blu-ray....
  175. Who wants to start ....... who will be fired first ?
  176. Well, I guess it's time to buy a Blu-ray player
  177. did Warner know their decision before the christmas shopping season?
  178. Unified push from early adopters to friends/family
  179. Does a Blu-ray Win mean everyone loses?
  180. Interesting twist to format war. Microsoft actually needed HD-DVD to stay alive?
  181. For Once There May Be Some Truth To This...
  182. HD DVD may be dead, but Blu-ray will be destroyed by Microsoft video downloads
  183. Will you still support HD-DVD?
  184. Blu-Ray outsold HD-DVD in Standalone players for Dec?
  185. When Will Tosh, Uni and Paramount throw in the towel
  186. All those exclusive hd-dvd's by warner, when do they go blu?
  187. Will prices go down now that Blu Ray is going to win Format war?
  188. Official? New Line Cinema EXCLUSIVE!!
  189. So is it a sure thing that Blu-ray is here to stay long term?
  190. How Big is WB support Blu-Ray over HD-DVD
  191. Life goes on.....
  192. There's a flipside to the WB announcement...
  193. Should I retrun my HD-DVD player??
  194. Are you glad that the war is basically over?
  195. Will new HD DVD Movies be here in 2009
  196. Great reason to KEEP your HD-DVD players!
  198. CNET recommends refraining from HD DVD
  199. HD DVD Group Cancels CES Event
  200. How pathetic are the people who'd rather go back to DVD than Blu-Ray?
  201. What happens to the PS3 attach rate?
  202. Toshiba's next best move....
  203. Should I Stop Buying HD?
  204. Memories of the HD Disc War (post your highlights here)
  205. NYTimes declares 'War Over'
  206. Paramount, Universal, and Toshiba - The writing is on the wall...
  207. Now the real questoin: Blu-ray : laserdisc or DVD replacement?
  208. How soon will we see Blu-ray not being a Sony/PS3 format?
  209. Should I return my Toshiba player before its too late?
  210. "Buh-bye! Walking-dead HD DVD cancels CES appearance"
  211. Petition to Save HD-DVD (WB, the consumer has not "clearly" chosen Blu-Ray)
  212. How like is a BD exclusive studio to go neutral soon?
  213. Blu-ray supporters who have a Myspace page
  214. HD DVD Promo Group Cancles CES Event is proof that HD has been executed.
  215. Is the HD-DVD CES Conference Cancelled or Postponed?
  216. Hd dvd Vs BLu-ray: war continues
  217. Why wait until May?
  218. New Line also BD exclusive
  219. Why do I feel like I did at the end of Star Wars Episode V? Evil Empire wins....
  220. Question for the the die hard reds if Toshiba...
  221. Contradiction in Terms:
  222. Now that the format war has ended, BD player prices will go UP
  223. Good Call by The Digitalbits
  224. new to the format war: help me pick a side!
  225. Blu-ray stand alone players outsold HD-DVD in December!!
  226. HD DVD cancels CES Press conference
  227. BD the winner how soon will the ave BD player be under $100
  228. just found out the news about WB
  229. Warner now like Sony....Your opion?
  230. Yes!! Blu-ray is cheaper than HD-DVD!!!!
  231. Universal is next!!!!
  232. Toshiba Blu-ray Player designs TBA at CES?
  233. Warner receives incentives to go Blu-Ray exclusive!!!
  234. So will Profile 2 players be out in time for the Dark Knight?
  235. the awesomest thing about the end of the format war
  236. BDA and DVD forum need to get together.
  237. Reality Check!
  238. What kind of incentive did Paramount and now Warner receive?
  239. Questions now surrounding the legalities of the Toshiba/Paramount deal
  240. Wall Street Journal: Pali Research now anticipate quick death of HD-DVD
  241. No more Stand-alone player arguments!!!
  242. Sony to release BD players/Movies in China on 24th Jan! CH DVD is doomed
  243. WB was not paid off!
  244. Wow! I thought Warner would continue on its neutral stance...
  245. WB was paid off
  246. BD manditory?
  247. All Is Not Lost For Hd Dvd..
  248. Would it be in Toshiba's best interest just to drop their format asap?
  249. Honest question for Red/Blu PS3 opposers
  250. Michael Bay speaks again!!!