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  1. Tomorrow is Friday, Any Gambles on HD DVD Drops?
  2. Some hd-dvd skus already being deleted from Best Buy system?
  3. Why only one HD format?
  4. HD DVD/Universal Statement Coming Today (Jan. 10th)
  5. So will HMM be using a new sales rank format for gauging HDM sales
  6. I like the top of this Disney ad
  7. Who has bought a blu-ray player since Warner defection
  8. Universal doesn't renew HD-DVD contract?
  9. Question about BD-Java, next-gen menus for blu-ray backers
  10. Microsoft have been pulling Toshiba's leg from the start.
  11. Is blu-ray ready to win sd dvd battle
  12. Blu-ray Is Outselling HD DVD 20-1 Now.
  13. Smack down your format!
  14. Variety Reports Blu-Ray could win High Def Battle Soon
  15. Interesting. Paramount delays several day and date releases...
  16. Paramount now delaying titles...
  17. What kind of a world is it where the Superior product, which is also Chepaer, loses?
  18. Another one bites the dust! Constantin opts for Blu-ray
  19. Post-Warner 3-for-2 Blu-ray deal at Amazon UK
  20. What happens to Warner/New Line HD DVD web interactivity?
  21. Hickey and Pachter talk Blu-ray and PS3!
  22. HD-DVD studio execs : There is still a chance for HD-DVD. We are waiting what Toshiba
  23. European studio goes blue exclusiv
  24. For all the people that say downloads is the future
  25. In a month we'll need a sd vs blu-ray forum
  26. Could Microsoft buy Sony?
  27. Porn producers speak : Worried because of high Blu-Ray costs. HD-DVD was simply bette
  28. Constantin (Germany) drops HD DVD, goes Blu
  29. "WHY" Are BRD SA's SO-SLOW Compared to PS3?
  30. What if the PS3 were not profile upgradeable?
  31. HD DVD import options getting reduced too
  32. Variety: Universal will no longer back HD DVD exclusively, confirmed.
  33. Would you prefer a Purple world ?
  34. Don't be surprised...
  35. At least Purples can't be blamed anymore
  36. Do you like HD downloads? Congratulations! You have won a sub-forum just for you!
  37. CES is Over - Where's The Beef (Content) Studios?
  38. Transformers on HD DVD - 3rd Biggest HDM Title This Year
  39. What PQ & AQ Do You Think If Paramount & Universal Go Blu?
  40. The most frusterating thing about being Red
  41. Even if Warner stayed neutral, how close was the death of HD-DVD?
  42. Petition to let HDDVD die...
  43. Want to buy a HD player tommorow: Toshiba A3 or 40GB PS3 or Sony upconvert?
  44. C'MON, someone with a subscription to "Hollywood Reporter" give us the first alert #s
  45. It's sad that Blu-Ray supporters find this acceptable as consumers
  46. Why This Format War Was Unfair From The Start
  47. Digital Download Hero
  48. If Paramount or Univ. goes blu it's obviously over. If not, blu wins nothing.
  49. Microsoft NOT Abandoning HD-DVD
  50. Ok guys, so if Blu-ray doesn't become the standard....
  51. Harry Knowles from Aint it Cool News says Paramount is staying with HD DVD!
  52. Will BDA offer cash to Universal/Paramount to go blu?
  53. My local retailor responding to the WB news
  54. Looks Like Michael Bay Was Right
  55. How much money to keep Paramount/Universal
  56. Not very many price war topics anymore?
  57. Microsoft clarifies: We're still committed to HD DVD
  58. And I thought the scratch protection on Blu was useless...
  59. Not Impressed with the BD-rone at Sony Booth
  60. My brief stint of going purple with HD-DVD, and exit strategy...
  61. Just a sugesstion...
  62. Now That HD DVD Is Out Of The Picture..
  63. Paramount & Blu ray
  64. Hmm...
  65. Hd-dvd players purchased over Christmas are being Returned in droves
  66. More Evidence That HD deosnt Stand A Chance Against SD DVD.
  67. Undeclared Winner by Retailers
  68. HD format war seen dragging on
  69. BD+ has not been compromised
  70. HD-DVD prices
  71. Should the purple people unload their players now?
  72. Planet Earth might end up blu-ray only sooner than later...
  73. One final question to ponder in the coming year...
  74. Bill Hunt: 1/9/08 Universal/Paramount pretty much confirmed Blu!!
  75. Tom speaks out - Cliffs: HD DVD should have never existed
  76. HBO goes Blu
  77. Why "super upconversion" should NOT replace Blu-Ray/HD DVD
  78. I'm planning to go blue, but here some mad facts...
  79. Beyond HiDef: A more immediate threat than downloading?
  80. Question for HD-DVD'ers...
  81. What will you all do now?
  82. What if Universal stays Red, and Paramount goes purple
  83. BD Batman and Matrix. Finally!
  84. To those who boycotted Paramount...
  85. Official HD DVD "Hating" thread!
  86. Is it possible Toshiba already has a Dual format player in development ?
  87. HD-DVD supporters, now going purple, what BLU player are you going to buy?
  88. Paramount apparently does NOT have a clause on their HD DVD contract?!?
  89. HD-DVD,BD, HDTV's just became obsolete!
  90. HD-DVD can win even in a (very long) term?.
  91. If you don't want/need high-def discs, why do you post here?
  92. Retailers ARE next.
  93. Coming soon to HD-DVD...
  94. Another Possibility?
  95. I wonder if Toshiba's new strategy is to attack Sony and Blu-ray at every turn?
  96. Does Bill Gates Look Stupid???
  97. This was such an epic failure I had to share
  98. It's over...
  99. Hi-def Solidarity On Horizon?
  100. bittersweet
  101. Daewoo Blu-ray Player (BD 2.0) to be <$300
  102. An E-mail from Toshiba
  103. BD-Live developers : earlier players might not be compatible with later discs.
  104. Microsoft Will Consider Going Blu-Ray, If Consumers Demand
  105. Reuters: DVD sales slip drove Warner to Blu-ray
  106. Warner fulfilled obligations to Toshiba/HD DVD
  107. The Times: HD DVD Promotion Group is close to collapse
  108. Had HD-DVD Won Would Toshiba Have Continued To Subsidized SA's?
  109. Do you know who you can blame for the death of HD-DVD? Me.
  110. Is DVD Dead? From CES.. Not By a Long Shot. Sony Now Backpeddles
  111. Anyone in Canada {or Toronto}
  112. 87% of PlayStation 3 owners utilize their console to view Blu-ray movies
  113. More revealing CES booth pics
  114. 4th Gen HD-DVD PLayers a no show?
  115. What did HD DVD supporters lose??
  116. Are Stockholders Buying Sony?
  117. New Line: 'Pan's Labyrinth' Last HD DVD Title
  118. http://www.thelookandsoundofperfect.com Down?
  119. Paramount Going Blu?!?!?!
  120. Microsoft not ruling out BD drive for Xbox
  121. Stages for enlightened HD DVD owner's
  122. Yahoo reports Paramount switching to Blu-ray.
  123. Official Warner Brothers Swapping Titles
  125. The 5 stages of HD-DVD ownership
  126. How HD DVD can win the battle (or at least make a huge dent)
  127. New High-Def Digest Layout?
  128. Toshiba's SD->HD super upconversion demo pic. Impressive. BD not needed
  129. Seriously, what the hell guys...
  130. High-Def Digest changes tab ordering?
  131. Gamestop....$7 per...HD-DVD
  132. Be Honest, will you continue too purchase as many HDM movies as last year?
  133. Same old story - Fox (UK) indefinitely delays five titles...
  134. This is the way you do a Blu-Ray and DVD Combo
  135. Apple Not To Include Blu Ray In It's Pro Line
  136. Disney Media Upgrade Deal
  137. Why do blu ray stand alones suck so badly?
  138. Digital Playground goes BD exclusive!
  139. What will your first Universal Blu-Ray disc purchase be?
  140. why not have 2 hi def formats?
  141. CH-DVD poll...
  142. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words :)
  143. New info this morning: Retailers and Paramount/Universal
  144. PS3 2.0 Profile Confirmed!
  145. Sssppppaaaarrrrtttaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
  146. How many of you PS3 owners will upgrade to a quality SA when one comes out?
  147. Looks like Robbie Bach got the memo
  148. Glad I went purple...
  149. Warner will not use the region code on BD!
  150. WTF! HDD switches name and forums around!
  151. Paramount on verge of dropping HD-DVD
  152. Times Online: "As many as 20 companies" may leave HD DVD
  153. Macworld Rumors
  154. If Toshiba really has the will to fight, then they can flip current situation
  155. Are these CES serious ?
  156. New MacPro, No Blu.
  157. STUDIOS read up. What 99% of the MASS PUBLIC want from a disc
  158. HD DVD: No Way For It To Come Back Against Blu-ray
  159. HD-DVD is like Hilary Clinton
  160. Reuters reporting FT information re: Paramount
  161. My HD-DVD player will always have a purpose...
  162. Paramount Denies Report It Will Drop Toshiba's HD DVD (Update2)
  163. Toshiba lies about software sales in press releases?
  164. What happened to www.thelookandsoundofperfect.com? Hacked?
  165. Could we see a HD-DVD player on the PS3...?
  166. EOY scorecard (BD 5.7m : HD DVD 3.2m) and top-selling titles
  167. techonologies & copyrights
  168. Smartest move for HD-DVD
  169. dropping Hi-Def
  170. end of contracts
  171. Will Paramount use thier get out of Jail Card ??
  172. Was Fox that important to go exclusive to Blu Ray
  173. Star Wars on the way?
  174. Has microsoft shown its true colours?
  175. Read Blu boys and consider yourself VERY lucky....
  176. What will be the next shoe to drop?
  177. When the format war is over, what will happen to the Smackdown Forum
  178. I am SO glad that MS lost
  179. The Red team loses the National Championship
  180. WSJ : HD-DVD was better format for consumers, could have won if put in Xbox 360
  181. Amazon sales tracking chart of HD DVD going deeper and deeper
  182. How does PE: HD DVD do it?!
  183. Blu-Ray has the Momentum!
  184. Sony shares rise after Blu-ray wins Warner support
  185. Anyone else starting to sense a big Blu ending to CES?
  186. Samsung: Still sees a dual format future
  187. Paramount to go Blu?
  188. Paramount Poised to Drop HD DVD
  189. BD Price still an argument?
  190. Sales wise when will Blu put HD DVD to shame
  191. CES HD-DVD Flame-Out
  192. Could Spielberg seal the deal: allow Universal to release on Blu-ray?
  193. Is HD Really dead?
  194. BDA is being cocky again.
  195. NPR comments on Warner effect.
  196. Rumored Swap Deal for HD DVD to Blu Ray Discs in the works
  197. If Blu-Ray won, why then do retailers have to do BOGOs to even sell discs?
  198. Blu-Ray Triumphs at Gadget Show (AP)
  199. OMG!! Gas Prices Determined the Format War!!!!!!!!!!
  200. WB is talking to retailers to help people who bought HD-DVD players
  201. Blu-ray first with managed copy!
  202. I'm tired of all the negativity
  203. Not so fast.. HD-DVD is still alive and kicking.......
  204. Refreshing Blu-Ray Luminary: Howard Stringer Cannot Tell a Lie
  205. Sony brings blu-ray to the PSP
  206. Another Reason to hate Sony & the RIAA
  207. HD DVD'ers will not be "trading in" their discs
  208. Was warner's move expected?
  209. Best PS3 deal?
  210. Funny Article on Blu-ray Vs HD DVD
  211. Should Blu-Ray offer some compensation to HD DVD owners?
  212. 1.2 million ps3's sold
  213. Iím glad the war is almost over but did it really matter who won?
  214. WB Should put their money where their mouth is!!
  215. Michael Imperioli must be bummed!
  216. Paramount/DreamWorks: "We are still supporting HD DVD"
  217. Why So Serious ?
  218. This format war worked out perfectly for most consumers
  219. Blade Runner Sales
  220. For those Reds that would rather go back to SD than go Blu
  221. Samsung put "emphasis" on Blu-ray moving forward
  222. You Get What You PAY For :)
  223. Wouldn't it be funny if Toshiba enabled Blu-ray playback on current HD DVD players?
  224. Bill Gates pretends like MS has always supported both formats
  225. Sorry wrong year.
  226. It's Time to Back Blu Ray
  227. Michael Bay insults HD DVD fans
  228. BDA rep just confirmed that DL50 Blu-Ray discs cost more than 4 times as much as DVD
  229. Sony Reports Strong PS3 Holiday Sales
  230. I think we need to sue Blu-Ray & HD-DVD!
  231. HD-DVD news from CES
  232. A Blu-Ray Of Hope For Singulus
  233. More Evidence of the Long Road Ahead!!
  234. Why not Close this forum's section...
  235. New Amazon BOGO (Post WB announcement)
  236. The importance of Warner to HD DVD
  237. Paramount - In Retrospect
  238. Toshiba pushing HD DVD in laptops? Apparently not.
  239. More BD dics sold during holidays than... (staggering figure)
  240. Anybody gonna kinda miss the smackdown?
  241. HD DVD 2007 Recap from HD DVD PRG
  242. Chance of HDi on Blu Ray?
  243. MS abandons HD DVD at CES
  244. Indiana Jones DVDs re-released in May, could Blu-ray versions be far behind?
  245. Gizmodo: Toshiba Will Produce Dual Format HD Players
  246. Why are Blu-ray fans in denial?
  247. Toshiba's Plan-B, sort of.
  248. Should HD-DVD promo group paid Warner instead Paramount for being HD-DVD exclusive?
  249. TL51 confirmed vaporware?
  250. Blu-ray and the dual-format dilemma.