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  1. Is this more than business?
  2. Blu Ray Players still selling well even on Amazon.
  3. HD DVD Titles by studio first quarter.
  4. I am legend on HD DVD
  5. TOSHIBA Announces Next Phase of Plan(Hopefully)
  6. Apple D/L's out sell blu and red
  7. USA Today article on format wars
  8. Who will lose ...
  9. Apple and Blu-Ray?
  10. Why do HD fans think that Toshiba's strategy is going to work now?
  11. Do you guys use netflicks?
  12. The Future is not blu, but downloads
  13. Why HD DVD Will Never Die!
  14. so where was the apple Blu-ray announcement?
  15. Is there really a reason to NOT buy a HD DVD Player??????
  16. Can a new 4th gen Toshiba HD-DVD player at 149$ fuel the war for a long time?.
  17. Best buy employee pulling some overstock HD dvds off the shelves ??
  18. If DD can unite studios, why can't disc formats?
  19. POLL: public perception
  20. Thank You Smackdown Forums
  21. NO BLU-RAY on Mac.
  22. The Truth About Warner's Blu Switch Revealed
  23. Amir Majidimehr leaves Microsoft
  24. HDM v. DD. Time to unite and fight high compression technology?
  25. Blu Ray Studio Exclusivity Contracts
  26. Retailers MUST end this Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. HDM vs. Upconversion....an honest opinion
  28. The real reason HD-DVD lost.
  29. You be the judge...who really won?
  30. Retail remains unchanged even after warner's defect
  31. My bold prediction!
  32. PS3 Costs about $400 to make
  33. Blu-ray becomes a PS3 format more and more!
  34. Home Media Magazine request HD DVD to step down
  35. Kotaku Reports: Don't buy HD DVD!
  36. Forbes: HD DVD takes the war direct to consumer, dares Studios to ignore consumers
  37. Question about PS3 usage
  38. HD DVD Consumers get back Some Money
  39. Can HD-DVD SA pricing really turn the studios?
  40. BBC: Blu-ray future limited for some
  41. iSuppli Warner move didn't decide anything in HD battle
  42. iSuppli : Warner decision was an error. Everyone lost, especially consumers.
  43. My Rant on BD, HD DVD, New Price, etc, etc
  44. Stargate Atlantis S1 coming to BD
  45. What we can do to support HD-DVD!
  46. Main Q1 slate
  47. Predict YTD sales ratio through end of Q1
  48. Blu-ray is declared the WINNER!! (in Japan).
  49. Blu-ray is declared the WINNER!! (in Japan).
  50. universal set to release the best they have!!!!!!! trump time!!!!
  51. I assure you that Toshiba didn't slash their prices because they love their fans
  52. Unimpressed with Blu-Ray ps3. Am I nuts?
  53. I was a middle-aged HD DVD suporter...
  54. Itunes:HD-DRM:A shocking senario for HDM
  55. A shot to save HD DVD.... & 20% off WB DVDs!!
  56. FREE MONEY $$$ --> Best Buy Price Protection for HD DVD players until January 31st
  57. To finish the war, should BDA do a deal with Universal & Paramount or pay Toshiba?
  58. Who are the biggest devils, Toshiba or Sony?
  59. Question?
  60. Poll: How many people are sick and tired of this format war?
  61. I would like to see RETAILERS get involved...
  62. toshibas plan working but not like they expected
  63. How to stop bluray vs hddvd confusion.
  64. Is this a healthy sign for HD DVD?
  65. This is why the newest firesale won't matter
  66. Wake up, smell the coffee and look outside this Forum.
  67. HD-DVD fans willing to switch to Digital Downloads?
  68. Do you care about Lossless Audio?
  69. Hettrick Explains Toshiba's Announcement!
  70. Amazon 10% promotion extended?
  71. Is Blu-Ray the killer app for Apple TV?
  72. The "real" reason Warner went blue.....
  73. Blu-Ray vs Upscaling DVD Smackdown
  74. The War is BAD, we should want it ti END!!
  75. Kotaku!! Don't Buy The 360's HD DVD Add-on!!!!!
  76. Retailers and the average joe
  77. All Eyes On Macworld - Apple May Snub Blu for 2008
  78. Toshiba New Strategy: SD-DVD +, why on High Def Digest?
  79. At Least Blu Ray Won't be getting these beauties
  80. Porn news!
  81. HD-DVD is closer to death than Matlock
  82. Holdouts?
  83. Toshiba Reveals New 1080P Optical Drive Laptop HD DVD player
  84. Blu Ray Player Sales Plummet On Amazon - Out of the Top 50
  85. What Toshiba's POST WB annoucement brain storming session was like:
  86. Until may, Toshiba way to go is not so bad
  87. Poll: Has the new Toshiba/HD DVD marketing campaign changed your HD future?
  88. How the BDA should respond to Toshiba
  89. Evidence Universal is already neutral
  90. What if three HD DVD studios went combo disc only?
  91. A3=trojan horse?
  92. Bee Movie coming to HD DVD only
  93. Why Blu-Ray hasn't won yet
  94. Toshiba: upconverting is nearly as good as HD DVD!
  95. Just sold my HD DVD player.
  96. BBC: Blu-ray future limited for some
  97. How ridiculous is it for the 360 add on to be priced at $180?
  98. Blu-ray's answer to HD-DVD's latest campaign?
  99. From DailyTech: Warner Cites DVD Sales, Gas Prices as Fuel for Blu-ray Disc Deal
  100. FUNNY Format-War Related Video on YouTube (MUST SEE!)
  101. Blu-ray storage capacity put to use!
  102. The impact of Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD drive...
  103. Until 100% blu studio support I41 will never go blu...and the war wont end
  104. Warner president admits: BD aint ready in term of interactivity
  105. Nothing is over, its starting again.
  106. New Video of Toshiba meeting pre CES 2008 has emerged
  107. Toshiba just trying to sell there stock before it dumps HD-DVD
  108. Is this what awaits HD DVD fans if they go to BD?
  109. Is it not about time?
  110. Toshiba needs to follow up: bag Disney and bundle!
  111. Former Blu guy goes Purple!
  112. i guess toshiba is not giving up after all!
  113. Thank god for Home Theater Computers....
  114. This is a Smackdown Sales Data Board Right? Well HD DVD is winning again!!!!
  115. Toshiba Deploys "Obsolete Hardware Purge!"
  116. Blu-ray Sales Data for First 2 Weeks of '08!
  117. 46" 1080p Sharp Aquos and Sharp blu-ray player for $1699
  118. Toshiba Deploys New HD DVD Marketing Initiatives & Price Cuts (PR) - Jan. 14th
  119. Still buying HD-Dvd player spite you Blu-boys
  120. People are still buying PS2's so why not hd-dvd players?
  121. My Local Costco (WITH PICUTRES!)
  122. Best buy and Circuit city starting to liquidate HD-DVD
  123. Sony is holding out an olive branch so why
  124. With this move, the format war is officially over.
  125. I hereby petition you all to petition against the creation of further petitions
  126. so is it safe to say?
  127. sharp aquos 42" lcd + blu-ray player $1399
  128. What do you think will happen?
  129. Petition to Get Rid of HD DVD Collection
  130. The war is not over
  131. How long do the interactive features stay active?
  132. Why even BOTHER petitioning?
  133. Blu-guys...What exactly did you win?
  134. DVD History ( compare to Blu-ray )
  135. Blu Ray Profiles ...
  136. let's ask them...
  137. HD-DVD has the looks but the sound is not perfect
  138. petition:Universal Studios to support Blu-ray
  139. Petition to slow the growth of HDM
  140. Time to extend the hand...
  141. OK, Guys what happens if we have to read one more sour grapes what if story?
  142. Sony guy said something Surprising...
  143. Blu's taking off on Amazon since the disc price drops
  144. What would be the logic in Warner going HD-DVD exclusive?
  145. We should all have only one format
  146. Xbox live movie service + HDDVD players
  147. Petition To Save HD-DVD Part 2 (Updated due to Success Of 1st Petition)
  148. NOW what does bluray do?
  149. The future of media
  150. For people supporting HD DVD still...
  151. Hate to admit it, but Blu is set-up better for the future.
  152. Why can't someone from the BDA make a SA Player as good as the PS3?
  153. Does 1 million hd dvd players mean 1 million customers?
  154. Consumerist issues warning about Blu Ray
  155. If HD DVD won, adoptation of HDM would be quicker!
  156. Is the future not important?
  157. Hd-a3=$129; A30=$179
  158. Glad it's over......
  159. Blu-ray wins in format war, but at what cost?
  160. Those who think Blu ray prices will be kept high after they win the format war
  161. BD Protective coating wins for me
  162. Found this today...Interesting reading
  163. Which is more important to you: HD DVD succeeding or Blu-ray failing?
  164. Blu Ray Deals - Coupons Etc.
  165. HD DVD Hot Deals + Best Buy.com BOGOF
  166. What if Disney went HD DVD? Would you go Insane?
  167. Poll on starwars.com
  168. Paramount & Universal NEUTRAL within months
  169. HD DVD Has Had Audio Syncing Problems Since Launch!
  170. Blame it all on Warner for making HD-DVD lose
  171. I ask Toshiba to drop HD-DVD and let Sony have the high-def market
  172. Adult Video Tide Seen Favoring Blu-ray, Executives Say
  173. The Economist - Everything's gone Blu
  174. Interesting article on Video Business Online
  175. Blu Ray - The Worst Thing to Happen To Sony?
  176. Why does the consumer not have a voice?
  177. WTF? Please explain!
  178. HD DVD Player Hits $ 198.00 at Amazon - A30
  179. HD DVD Player Hits $ 147.00 at Amazon - A3
  180. One week later: No Bluray Snowballing Yet
  181. Blu ray players suck
  182. Constantin Film goes Blu-ray only.
  183. Toshiba Spells it out at CES
  184. This board has gone to the depths of hell
  185. Amazon is on fire with HD-DVD
  186. And so the HD firesale has begun?
  187. Analysts sound off: What does Blu-ray winning mean to the PS3 and gamers?
  188. Germany's Constantin Film AG drops HD DVD, goes Blu-ray only
  189. Universal goes neutral
  190. anyone thinks bias against blu-ray will lead to bias against high-def?
  191. Just Rediculous
  192. I went to Best Buy today.....
  193. Sony Pictures goes downloading too, with an interesting twist(Doesn't work on Xbox 36
  194. And Another Big Winner is: Singulus
  195. I Love It!!!
  196. Amazon 10 pages of Blu-ray price drops!
  197. Dead
  198. Indy 4 being prepped for bluray release?
  199. Screen Digest Weighs In On The Format War With Level Head
  200. I just couldnt do it.
  201. 2007 DVD sales CRUSH HDM nearly to death! The Road Ahead A Long One
  202. Sad... So Sad...
  203. Shouldn't You?
  204. best way to kill dvd ?
  205. Disney ad sums up reasons to support Blu
  206. Home Media Magazine editorial: "A Plea for a Unified, Blu Future"
  207. The Future is Blu?
  208. Any Reason to Re-Buy HD-DVD's in Blu-Ray?
  209. Thanks for the ride HDD
  210. The domino effect of Warner
  211. Well...I am purple
  212. It's all in the name.
  213. BD+ information thread. It is not cracked.
  214. Sorry, old news.
  215. Going "Future Blu"... nothing left to buy?
  216. Hd / Bd / HB
  217. Panasonic BMP-BD30K is top DVD player on Amazon
  218. HD DVD and Blu Ray on a same Disc ? Yes guys it's possible
  219. What would happen if....
  220. Warner beginning to implement BD/HD DVD window?
  221. For anyone interested: The situation in Germany
  222. Universal HD DVD exclusivity contract has expired, sits non-renewed
  223. Shakira beating The Kingdom on Amazon
  224. Blu-Ray or HD DVD Who Will Win the format wars?
  225. Who is/are the other co-President(s) of the HD DVD Promotional Group?
  226. LionsGate: Piracy a major deciding factor for Blu-ray support
  227. What is left for the HD DVD fanboys to argue?
  228. Vote with your wallets to end this!!!
  229. Reality is Nothing, Perception is Everything
  230. What kind of supporter are you
  231. HD DVD not dead after all?
  232. Nobodys Winning This So Called Format War
  233. The Look and Sound of Perfect on a PS3
  234. A 3rd format for the Samckdown? HD VMD.
  235. When could Universal or Paramount, physically get a release out in Blu?
  236. Buy 3 Get 2 HD-DVD deal at Amazon UK
  237. Xbox Dual-Format Add-on?
  238. Breaking - Home Media Magazine - Universal and Paramount Not Ditching HD DVD
  239. i think its time the retailers stepped in and put an end to this madness.
  240. The real secret behind the Warner announcement...
  241. How much money does Sony lose on each PS3 sold?
  242. Universal Re-Affirms HD DVD Support
  243. The cure for double-dipping!
  244. Is the damage already done for HD DVD?
  245. Universal will not re-sign exclusivity contract
  246. The format war just ended, and they are already going back to MPEG2!
  247. Toshiba's Revenge : Toshiba to convert PS3 CELL fab into DVD super upconverter fab
  248. Another problem I had with my HD-DVD player
  249. Thank you HDDVD! You have served your purpose...Now go away!
  250. Wal-Mart Pulls Plug on Downloaded Movies