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  1. Of all people, Playboy's Hugh Hefner on High Definition movies and Blu-ray, Netflix
  2. "The Lone Ranger" shut down
  3. Infographic: Netflix by the numbers
  4. Entertainment Merchants Association - DVD + Blu-ray is 42% of Consumer Enter Spending
  5. Would-Be Hulu Buyers Will Have Their Checkbooks Ready Next Week
  6. NPD: More People Buy DVDs Than Watch Netflix Streaming
  7. iTunes triumphant: Walmart kills its music download store
  8. Vudu - Now on iPad - Will VUDU's iPad App Help Walmart To Outflank iTunes?
  9. Disney Conf Call
  10. What impact will 1Gbps fiber for $70—in America? have???
  11. Did EST really make $683M in 2010. Can it even break $600M in 2011?
  12. DEG - "Digital transactions were up more than 5% over a year earlier"
  13. Blu-ray growth "more than" 10% for H1 (rental and sell through)
  14. DEG Mid-year report
  15. Paramount +33% up (2Q 2011) for Home Entertainment Sales
  16. Warner Bros. Pulls Back the Curtain on Flixster Collections
  17. Convergence of Web & TV (Turn your TV into a computer, turn your computer into a TV)
  18. Warner to Bow UltraViolet Digital Locker With ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’ D
  19. Dish Network spending spree part of plan to revamp its business
  20. Has the lack of marketing hurt BD?
  21. Subscription Streaming: Boon to Media Companies - TV Studio Economics Gain
  22. DCs and DVDs need BD to sell.
  23. Apple TV Gets a Little iCloud Love
  24. As Movie Ticket Prices Rise Audiences Shrink: Charging a Premium for Movies at a Cost
  25. Financial Times - "Entertainment industry: A cloud up in the air"
  26. The Throwdown: Netflix VS TV Everywhere...
  27. Since Two Major Studios have delayed DVD Only SKUs does this mean BD is in trouble?
  28. Blu-rays currently account for up to 4% of available discs in Redbox kiosks
  29. ESPN Spruces Up Live Sports Service On Microsoft Xbox
  30. Time Warner loses 8% video subs, VOD down, the economy Redbox and Netflix have impact
  31. Nintendo drops 3DS price by 32% ($80) - is 3D the kiss of death?
  32. Sundance Expands Streaming Deals - iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Sundanc
  33. What Netflix and Hulu Users are Watching… and How
  34. Fox restricts online streams of new TV shows to 'authenticated' pay TV subscribers
  35. Amazon 2Q sales of DVD & Blu-ray, downloads, music, books & video games up +20% YTY
  36. Will Walmart Become A Streaming Superpower? Retailer Adds VUDU Tab To Main Page
  37. Netflix Creates Separate DVD Unit - "longer and bigger life than most people think"
  38. Netflix Q2 Earnings Data - 75% of new subs streaming only
  39. Would you watch a new action movie in SD if it was on Netflix streaming?
  40. Blockbuster to Keep Open 1,500 Stores - DISH has closed only 200 - 90% still open
  41. After ‘Prometheus,’ Ridley Scott says he’s only working in 3D
  42. Apple joins Hulu bid talks: reports
  43. Redbox CEO Resigns
  44. Katzenberg: Movies ‘Suck’ Right Now
  45. New Mac mini: no optical drive
  46. Latest Harry Potter Movie expected to generate over $150 M in Blu-ray & DVD sales IHS
  47. Toshiba Customer's Data Stolen
  48. CEA: Strong CE Growth Seen For '11
  49. Netflix preps Euro launch in 2012
  50. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is Better in 2D
  51. Disney Goes with Blu-ray Combo First for ‘Pirates’
  52. More Bad News: Netflix losing Queue for Streaming Customers
  53. Blockbuster Rescues Furious Netflix Customers
  54. UltraViolet™ Begins B2B Deployment in U.S. Market
  55. Netflix raises prices by 60% for Streaming + DVD users
  56. HMM: Blu-ray clocks in at under 10% growth for 1st half of 2011: What happened?
  57. 3.5 M Blu-ray 3D units sold in first year or bundled with hardware- IHS Screen Digest
  58. Studios scramble as digital sales cool
  59. Studios scramble as digital sales cool
  60. Studios are Starting to Play Hardball With Netflix
  61. Netflix launches a new $7.99 DVD-by-mail plan
  62. 2011-2012: The Golden Age of Blu-ray? Comic-Con Panel Discussion with Warner SVP
  63. How Many Blu-Ray Players Are In Your Household?
  64. Internet Providers, Studios Team Up for ‘Copyright Alert’ System
  65. Futuresource Consulting: Blu-ray to Top 50% of sales by 2014, OD still $33B 72% share
  66. Declining OD market impacting Comedy production
  67. What will Transformers: Dark of the Moon do for domestic box office (in 2011)
  68. Netflix to stream movies, shows in Latin America
  69. Columbia House Bows Blu-ray Disc Club
  70. Boost in Blu-ray Income for Image Entertainment
  71. Online Video Watching Is Shifting to Primetime
  72. Blockbuster President Micheal Kelly "... there’s still demand for physical media..."
  73. NPD: Blu-ray Players Driving Broadband Video Consumption
  74. Universal - DVD and Digital Copy to save the day for massive Blu-catalog re-releases!
  75. Facebook names Netflix CEO to board
  76. Sony Pictures Predicted to Disappear in 2012!
  77. If studios stopped including DVDs/Digital Copies with Blu-ray, what would sales do?
  78. Blu-ray vs. EST Smackdown
  79. Impact of consecutive quarters with sub 10% Blu-ray growth
  80. Analyst down on Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda 2 DVD Sales
  81. Declining OD, EST / UltraViolet and Delivering Comsumer Value
  82. Why is BluRay losing to Netflix?
  83. How much of an impact has the economy had on OD (optical disc) sales?
  84. Sony Pulls Movie Streams From Netflix -Netflix says action is temporary -Starz deal
  85. Sony movies are pulled from Netflix Instant Stream
  86. Redbox to now rent out Videogames - where do all the DVDs go?
  87. Redbox to now rent out Videogames - where do all the Blu-rays go?
  88. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Demonstrates 1Gbps Broadband and Next Gen Video Product
  89. Blue or Red: Why One Retailer Chose Blockbuster Kiosks Over Redbox
  90. Vudu Bows First Digital Movie Card
  91. Epix: 44% of Online Viewers Watch Movies via Connected Blu-ray Players
  92. Study: Netflix Users Inclined to Downgrade on Pay TV -Bad sign for cable/sat operator
  93. Harry Potter’s Magic Rescues the US Video Market in Q2
  94. Roku Netflix Branded Streaming Player Enters Walmart $78 for Father's Day
  95. Will 'Harry Potter' & 'Transformers' Stop Wall Street's Anti-3D Stampede?
  96. Blu-ray Sales Begin To Cover DVD Losses - NPD
  97. Warner lays off 50
  98. PC World: Blu-Ray Still Struggling
  99. Safeway Deal Bodes Well for Coinstar, Redbox "...DVD business growing like wildfire."
  100. Pirates 4: First new release without a DVD only release?
  101. New Wii to use 25 gb discs - non licensed BD media like DVD...
  102. Report: Blu-ray to Pass DVD in 2012
  103. Fox Home Entertainment Lays Off 22 Employees
  104. BluRay Disc Player Sales Up 16%
  105. Price Per MB Continues to Drop
  106. Report: Blu-ray Sales Falling Short Of Expectations Even As Prices Decline
  107. New Nintendo Console to be in HD - and not use Blu-ray discs
  108. Disney remaking website for direct delivery of content
  109. Digital Could Shift in Studios’ Favor
  110. Sony adds 'CinemaNow' to the PS3 later this year
  111. Disney and Lionsgate layoff people amid poor Home Video sales
  112. Microsoft rumored to be launching an IPTV service at E3 (for the 360)
  113. Home Media Magazine's Parent Company is a PR Firm
  114. Summer Box Office
  115. HMM: Blu-ray at 5
  116. Netflix turns focus back to discs
  117. Avatar Coming To Netflix Streaming… The Day After Never
  118. Report: HDTVs, Blu-ray Players Top Wish Lists
  119. Time Warner Cable CEO: "(Broadband) has become our primary product"
  120. Bob Iger (Disney CEO) at D9 - Witnessing faster and more profound change
  121. Paramount -Jobs at risk as DVD sales tank
  122. Best Buy to close it's entertainment distribution center in Franklin
  123. What is UltraViolet™ and why should you care?
  124. Singulus Receives New Blu-ray Orders, Returns to Profitabilit
  125. 3D From a Theater Managers Perspective....
  126. Mirimax signs multi-year Streaming deal with Hulu for Hundreds of Popular Films
  127. Article: Which Summer Movies Are Worth Seeing in 3D?
  128. Lionsgate Posts Q4 Profit of $46 Million
  129. Summit to Bow ‘Source Code’ Early on VOD
  130. Kung Fu Panda 2' Kicks Up Anti-3D Sentiment On Wall Street
  131. Best Buy once again secures 9 Exclusive Blu-ray titles
  132. Disney To Bundle Games With Animated DVDs In UK
  133. Dish's Blockbuster Stores Lower Film Rental Prices
  134. FCC: 26 Million Don’t Have Broadband Access
  135. Comcast Video-On-Demand Is Keeping Up With Netflix And Hulu
  136. Consumers Prefer Movie Rentals to Purchase, Theatrical
  137. DEG: 3DTV Owners Love Format, 3D Blu-ray Movies
  138. Samsung To Do 3D VOD Streaming
  139. Vudu Bows Branded Remote Control Access on Vizio Devices
  140. Will the quality of Netflix Content ever come close to Blu-ray?
  141. Target Remodels - and increases stock of Blu-ray and reduces DVD in the process
  142. Target Remodels - and reduces stock of DVD and Blu-ray in the process
  143. Why you should upgrade to Blu-Ray?
  144. It’s Like Cord-Cutting, Only In Reverse: Big Cable Keeps Adding Broadband Subs
  145. Netflix's Internet traffic overtakes Web surfing
  146. Netflix: Metered Broadband a Pure Cash Grab
  147. Miramax adds films to Netflix instant offerings
  148. Redbox Earnings up 38% with Redbox now 1/3rd of DVD rental market the same as Netflix
  149. SNL Kagan Report: DVD Wholesale Revenue Fell 44% in 2010 (Blu-ray not included)
  150. Netflix: FT Sees Latin America Expansion; WSJ Sees Big Media Warming
  151. YouTube Takes Direct Aim At Netflix By Adding 3,000 New Movies To Rental Service
  152. Wal-Mart re-releases tons of Blu-rays with a Bonus DVD and VuDu credit
  153. Best Buy - Trade your Old DVDs in and get $5 off a select Blu-ray
  154. The (Cable) Empire Strikes Back
  155. Will Blu-ray surpass a sustained 50% market share before it starts to decline?
  156. Looks like DISH DVRs will be getting better..
  157. Bewkes on Netflix
  158. Ultra Violet - Do you really think it's going to save OD?
  159. Disney sues Dish Network over free Starz offer
  160. DEG 1Q Report: Spending on home entertainment falls; DVD sales of new films off 19%
  161. More bad news for Google TV
  162. UltraViolet: Who’s Really Getting Burned?
  163. Hulu Plus available on Xbox April 29
  164. The Most Profitable Films of All Time
  165. End Of An Era?
  166. Netflix Q1 2011: 3.3 million new subs - $706 million in revenue
  167. When will Blu-ray sales peak?
  168. Netflix to Become Largest Subscription Entertainment Business in U.S.
  169. Finding HBO's content online....
  170. Google’s Data Shows Hollywood’s Headache: Netflix Searches Booming, DVDs Fading Away
  171. happy
  172. Google: Longer Theatrical Window Equals Bigger Disc Sales
  173. HMM's take on 1Q disc sales numbers (Box Office Strength Was Down => Lower Sales)
  174. "The Fox Piece is Complete Rubbish" says Bill Hunt of the Digital Bits
  175. Warner ad campaign for new Harry Potter Blu-ray says not available at Redbox/Netflix
  176. FoxNews: Why Has Blu-ray Failed to Catch Hold?
  177. Amazon / Lovefilm get non-exclusive rights to Disney content in UK
  178. NPD: DVD, Blu-ray Dominate Home Movie Consumption
  179. Report: 3D Blu-ray Spending Up More Than 500%
  180. Warner Brothers Unveils New App to Transform Home Entertainment
  181. Lionsgate Bows Ambitious Blu-ray Disc Rollout of Miramax Catalog
  182. Best Buy Lays Out Growth Strategy
  183. Premium VOD: Will Studios Blink First?
  184. Rep. Walden Warning: Content-Controlling Viewers Should 'Scare Heck' Out Of Cable
  185. Wal-Mart to reduce electronics section by 2000 square feet
  186. Apple preparing to launch it's own subscription service to challenge Netflix?
  187. AT&T to Cap Data Usage May 2-Possible effect on Netflix/Amazon not immediately known
  188. NPD: Price, Glasses Continue to Thwart 3DTV Adoption
  189. Jackass 3.5 - DVD version available everywhere! Blu-ray version Best Buy Exclusive
  190. Survey Says Web Video Use Widespread
  191. Blu-ray: medium of the future or heading for obsolescence?
  192. Exclusive interview with netflix ceo reed hastings
  193. Open Discussion regarding Smackdown
  194. Study Stresses Staying Power of Disc
  195. Warner: Consumer acceptance of classics on Blu-ray is painfully limited
  196. Netflix's Business Model Isn't Sustainable
  197. Hulu Plus expected to have over 1 million paying subs in 2011 -(1Q 2011 rev up +90%)
  198. UltraViolet looks like a winner for digital lockers
  199. Netflix Gets ‘Glee’ Streams
  200. Blockbuster Gift Cards no longer honored after April 6
  201. Netflix giving disc the cold shoulder (especially Blu-ray)
  202. Roku Enters Best Buy
  203. Are New Online Viewer Numbers Slowing?
  204. Blockbuster Express to Offer ‘Black Swan’ on Street Date
  205. 'Selling Digital Movies Has Been a Failure'
  206. Amazon launches their Cloud Service - 5GB free.
  207. Digital - The New Frontier
  208. Netflix Canada gets exclusive Pay TV rights to Paramount first-run films
  209. NCR Pitches Major Retailers to Sell DVDs Through Dispensers
  210. Echo Bridge to release more "Disney" catalog in one day over Disney in ALL of 2010.
  211. Analysis - TV and Packaged Media Still Drive Entertainment Spending - Screen Digest
  212. New Cable Fight at Hand
  213. Starz to Introduce 90-Day Netflix Delay for Original Series
  214. Could HBO be the Next BLOCKBUSTER?
  215. Ultraviolet is a 12 Month Rental transaction not one off payment
  216. New Kiosk Brand Bows Blu-ray Movie Rentals for 89 Cents
  217. Box Office Bomb: Receipts Way Down
  218. Showtime To Pull Current Shows Off Netflix
  219. Netflix Site, Streaming Down
  220. A Primer on Netflix growth and financials
  221. Six Questions with Vudu GM Edward Lichty
  222. Netflix spooks Hollywood more than ever-CNET series on studio reaction to its growth
  223. Netflix Cuts Movie Streaming Costs in Half
  224. Zediva Targets Netflix with $1.99 Online Movie Rentals
  225. Time Warner Offers HD Streaming On iPads
  226. Six Out Of 10 Digital Movies Are Streamed via Netflix
  227. Consumers Cool Toward Cloud-based Digital Media Storage
  228. UltraViolet media locker may allow DVD scanning for access
  229. 2-5% Of Your Broadband Bill Actually Goes To Bandwidth
  230. AT&T imposing data caps
  231. Coinstar CFO: Redbox Upping Blu-ray Footprint
  232. Sony Providing Additional Features to EST Movies
  233. Disney CFO: Movie Windows Will Change ‘Dramatically’
  234. Warner Bros sheds light on UltraViolet
  235. Facebook vs Netflix and others
  236. HBO likely to clear way for cloud video, UltraViolet
  237. Warner launches transactional VOD and EST movie offering on Facebook
  238. Bewkes: Subscription VOD Undermines Hollywood
  239. Iger: DVD Is Not 'Dead'
  240. Where is the Blu-ray Disc Association - missing in action?
  241. DirecTV Eyes Premium VOD Launch
  242. Time Warner CFO: Windows Up Home Entertainment Margins 15%
  243. iPad 2
  244. Netflix coming to the Nintendo 3DS this Summer - maybe 3D content as well
  245. Consumers Not Ready to Embrace Cloud-Based Digital Locker Solution for Video
  246. Since digital can't make up DVDs losses, is it considered a failure?
  247. Survey: 32% of Netflix Subs Would Switch to Amazon Prime
  248. Oh god not another netflix thread... but seriously: How Netflix Destoyed Blockbuster
  249. Since Blu-ray can't make up DVDs losses, is it considiered a failure?
  250. DVDs Are Dead: Is the Media Retailer Far Behind?