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  1. Oscar nominees and HDM
  2. Best Buy still promoting HD DVD
  3. Rumor: PS3 $299 price drop part of Warner Blu-ray deal
  4. Nice move BDA! Nice!
  5. Started Selling HD DVD's. Have stopped a bit of thought...
  6. Profile 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, , 1.4.. i'll never buy Beta Ray ever.
  7. HD DVD Software taking a dump on Amazon!
  8. Another PS3 price cut coming Jan 28th?!?!?!
  9. okay, how else could Toshiba and HDDVD end the format war?
  10. Let HD-DVD Die Petition
  11. remove - duplicate thread
  12. NPD Reports Blu-Ray trouncing HD DVD Hardware Sales
  13. Sell me a BD player for under $150 and I'll go Purple...
  14. A journalist's response to the Washington Post article and payoff rumor
  15. HD-DVD will be around a long while...
  16. neutral: need help with forum lingo
  17. Where are all the software sales?
  18. New evidence that Paramount is going Blu? (Incorrect, listing mistake)
  19. HD-Dvd is dying a slow death
  20. Universal's Ken Graffeo Finally Speaks - "HD DVD is Here To Stay - Detailed Interview
  21. Petition - MS must release a BD player for xbox360
  22. BDA Begins To Shift Focus Towards Defeating DVD!!!
  23. Its Getting Worse for HD-DVD
  24. Do the two formats go for a different usergroup?
  25. The 'war' in not an excuse for piracy
  26. How much do you spend?
  27. Digital Bits: Things are not looking good for HD DVD, folks.. (lots of goodies..)
  28. HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. What do you own since 2008?.
  29. Washington Post: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Who Cares?
  30. Blu-ray's biggest enemy is not HD-DVD
  31. Digital downloads negate the need for HD discs? I don't think so....
  32. Gizmodo: The Truth About the Format War and HD DVD's Demise
  33. Retailers Make More Room For Blu-ray
  34. Question to the HD-DVD supporters
  35. In 2008, HD DVD or Blu-ray. What do you OWN?!!
  36. Why is ANYONE purple in 2008?
  37. Digital Playground gives the shaft to HD-DVD
  38. Long time red goes purple, My thoughts
  39. Leak or Screw-up? Amazon UK lists Paramount Blu-ray pre-orders!
  40. The Psychological BD/HD DVD War..in COLOR
  41. Blu-ray Squashes HD-DVD in Japan
  42. HD DVD booklet from CES explodes with irony
  43. Toshiba's strategy is NOT about saying upconverted DVD is good enough...
  44. Good Luck Chuck on Blu-ray?
  45. What are the best movies to showcase HD-DVD, or Blu-ray?
  46. It boils down to CONTENT
  47. Will 5 free Blu-Ray movie offer be extended?
  48. I sold 15 HD DVD Players Today!
  49. R & B Films drops HD DVD support, cites HD DVD owners being jerks (seriously)
  50. Getting the Blu word out to the masses
  51. What's the problem w/the PS3 being used as a movie player?
  52. Well,Purple it is!
  53. I wonder how long it will take for someone buying a HD-DVD player to get the 5 discs?
  54. HD DVD's SW prices
  55. Best buy ad 9 free HD DVDs 1-20-08
  56. Are BD SA players overpriced?
  57. Question regarding TV seasons
  58. And So It Begins..............................
  59. If Paramount would have stayed neutral?
  60. Germany: LG 6x BD-DL burner for 250€
  61. Blubots only: What will you do if HD-DVD manages to win the war.
  62. Did the HD-DVD promo group commit suicide by signing Paramount?
  63. Blu vs. Red: HDM has a long way to go
  64. Best Buy Misleading Customers
  65. HD Fans I Dare you to do this!
  66. Enough with the 2.0 BS already...
  67. Do you think the average person actually looks at extras?
  68. Smokin PS3's
  69. End this bloody war already!
  70. What is HD-DVD's next move?
  71. DVD ROM Features in comparison to Web features
  72. If Toshiba came out with a BD 1.1 Player at 300-400$ would you buy it?
  73. Transformers or Univeral Pictures?
  74. Could HD-DVD have ever completely won?
  75. I am a legend
  76. Can't fit Con Air extended onto BD?
  77. *OPINION ARTICLE* The End of Blu-Ray
  78. Official Blu Ray anthem!
  79. HD-DVD fans just go get a blu-ray player
  80. Positives of the Format War?
  81. Fanboys...
  82. HD BD clear logo
  83. HD-DVD: The Look and Sound of Upconverted DVDs!
  84. The Look the sound of ignorance...
  85. Is Blu Ray for Americans ?
  86. Region Coding ...
  87. UK: HD-EP30 £125.99 inc. Delivery
  88. Blu-ray packaging after HD-DVD goes away
  89. Blu-ray branded...Make-up?
  90. why do sony blu ray players cost so much? "made in japan"?
  91. Why do you think 2 formats will kill HDM?
  92. Nielsen: HDM volume down, but BD volume up
  93. I Sold 8 Samsung 1400's today
  94. Wanted to share my movie with you people, its called HD DVD Forever (link)
  95. There are many ways that Blu-ray can get further ahead.
  96. Amazon sales rankings
  97. Amazon and other retailers are showing steady growth in HD DVD player sales.
  98. When will people wake up and realize...
  99. how will PS3's dying sales affect BD?
  100. VideoBusiness: Some lean toward Blu-ray after Warner move
  101. Same old sale title on both formats
  102. HD-DVD Players - Not a Deal!
  103. BD exclusive
  104. *RUMOR*: Best Buy to possibly drop HD-DVD
  105. IF Toshiba is dumping ...
  106. Consumer Returning HDDVD players from XMAS (Heavy Returns!)
  107. IGN, Their take on Blu-Ray vs HD DVD
  108. HD DVD only owners - would trade-ins convince you to go Blu?
  109. iTunes Movies Outsell HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc
  110. Ebay prices dropping faster than Tosh
  111. Don’t believe the low bit-rate ‘HD’ lie
  112. HD DVD's chances
  113. So this morning I walked into Best Buy...
  114. Why blu-ray could die during 2009: simple reflexion
  115. Can't fit American Gangster extended onto HDDVD?
  116. Blu-ray is given a boost with Internet companies testing payment based on usage
  117. Can be HD-DVD a won the battle on the PC?.
  118. Andy Parsons (BDA) did not know about Warner switch
  119. Toshiba confirms UK price cuts for HD DVD players
  120. Owning VS renting
  121. Is Toshiba just unloading inventory?
  122. Can anything save HD DVD?
  123. So Which is it? HD DVD winning or not?
  124. Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads
  125. Wow this made me laugh
  126. Why Warner Bros haven't given up on HD DVD?
  127. A3 $129 + 7 free HD DVDs amazon
  128. Do you think Toshiba will go down to $50 a player in order to try to win?
  129. dumping hd dvd and going blu-ray is so bittersweet!
  130. To those who still believe HD DVD has a realistic chance
  131. Pricing and the brain
  132. Just saying howdy! {Introduction}
  133. Reading between the lines: HD DVD won't die.
  134. Walmart to go Blu-ray exclusive?
  135. Hi-def Discs Already Double Size of Download Market
  136. Where are the movies/announcements???
  137. Will WB still do HD DVD? Maybe.....
  138. Something Funny That We Can All (Red & Blu) Laugh Out
  139. I'm happy Blu-Ray won. I'm sick of HD-DVD.
  140. Pornographic Film Industry Still Firmly Behind HD DVD
  141. Article: Don't Underestimate The Power Of HD DVD
  142. Hey Paramount and Universal!
  143. Contrary to what the BDA says; HD DVD is still a dangerous threat
  144. BD/HDDVD addiction
  145. Should Xbox 360 Be Thinking ‘Blu’?
  146. Time Warner tests Internet usage-based billing
  147. I am new here, and I just bought a PS3 40gb for BD Movies
  148. A3, futureshop 144.99 with 2 free in the box
  149. Will Blu Ray or HDDVD ever offer players with recordability?
  150. American Idol and HD DVD
  151. Players bundled with desktop computers impact
  152. Upconverting Players NEED to be Discontinued for High-Def to Advance!?!?
  153. Which do you prefer
  154. Die HD DVD Die!
  155. Info on Toshiba 4th gen HD-DVD players : Exellent DVD upconversion quality
  156. Universal Streets American Gangster Combo HD DVD - Officially
  157. WB should drop HD DVD right NOW!!
  158. Maybe it's the studios, not Toshiba that is prolonging the war....
  159. More proof we are a very small minority out there.
  160. Downloading may exceed cost of physical disc
  161. Can we stop already?
  162. Toshiba : We analyzed situation over past 2 weeks, and decided to fight on
  163. HD DVD vs Blu-ray-I don't get it
  164. Stats released on first Chinese Blu-ray player -
  165. You have the feeling that the war is being waged on ...
  166. Retail remains unchanged even after warner's announcement
  167. NPD : Most consumers are happy with DVD and has no plan to replace their DVD players
  168. And here we go in Europe: Price-drops!
  169. Price cuts reach Europe - EP30 under €200
  170. Gaaaah! I just bought another HD DVD...had no choice
  171. What do you read into the Paramount Q1 release announcement?
  172. HD DVD logo MIA from RottenTomaoes.com
  173. Studios have better things to do...
  174. The HD-DVD Supporting companies
  175. Wal-Mart will only sell Blu-Ray players!
  176. Paramount's Q1 Release Announcement
  177. Kudos to Red Bois...Content owns all...
  178. Will cheap hd players slow bd adoption?
  179. CNN reporting that Walmart is going blu-ray?
  180. Domino after Warner announced Blu-ray exclusivity
  181. Swanni thinks Sony and Toshiba will work together for a single format?
  182. In wake of Warner defection, studios roll out HD DVD product
  183. the old switcheroo
  184. Nielsen CW2 (ending 13/1): 85:15 BD:HD
  185. Germany's Senator Entertainment follows Constantin, goes Blu-ray only
  186. What will HD DVD notebooks mean for Blu?
  187. WM A3 prices?
  188. HD DVD Dominating Blu-ray Players 14-1 In NY ...
  189. First Canadian $149 A3 (that I have seen anyway)
  190. Stop with the digital download B.S!
  191. BR insider : Don't expect any Blu-Ray SA sales spike or price cut while HD-DVD's arou
  192. HD-A3 + 9 movies for $150 starting 1/20 @ Bestbuy
  193. Toshiba Making Come Back!!
  194. CNN: Wal-Wart will only stock blu-ray players
  195. Went to my local Circuit City....
  196. PS3 Vs Standalone
  197. Let down with Blu-ray compared to HD DVD
  198. Leo Laporte on Format War
  199. Digital Playground Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  200. A-3 : $169, A-30 : $219 - in Canada!!
  201. Economist calls hd dvd the new betamax.
  202. Merchandising of Blu-ray and disinformation.
  203. Digital Playground drops hd dvd.
  204. blu camp needs a fire lit under its as$
  205. What the hell happened to Blood Diamond sales?
  206. blu-ray doesn't stand a chance
  207. What about Star Trek HD- Season Two?
  208. PS3 Used only for Blu-Ray Movies?
  209. Will this be released in High Def?
  210. Why HD DVD supporters continue to support
  211. Bill hunt likes D-VHS
  212. BBC Stays Purple
  213. What makes more sense for Universal and Paramount?
  214. 63 million more reasons Warner went BD
  215. When it resorts to name calling...
  216. HD-DVD's Justice League: The New Frontier DELAYED!
  217. BBC slam Blu Ray
  218. War is over, Toshiba HD DVD stats are worthless.
  219. Is Toshiba trying to screw the whole HD thing?
  220. Another German distributor drops HD DVD
  221. Why does Blu-Ray continue to offer the consumer crap
  222. Why are people hoping HDDVD dies a quick death ?
  223. EngadgetHD Interview: Digital Playground to phase out HD DVD in 2008
  224. Gamesradar: 5 Reasons Your HD-DVDs Are Still Good
  225. Higher peak bitrate speeds up encoding 'considerably', saves studios money
  226. Blu-Ray Wins! Nielsen Ratings as of 1/6/08 - Pre-WB Annoucement
  227. If you don't want us to keep saying "I told you so"...
  228. porn choose blu
  229. Wild Bill Hunt - Sources MIA? Or Did They Sour?
  230. Universal Looks and Sounds Like It's In HD DVD's Camp
  231. ZOMG! ZOMG! BR players are too expensive... wah, wah, wah
  232. HA HA HD-DVD Sales are smoken!
  233. People With BD 1.0 SALs
  234. HA HA HD-DVD Sales are smoken!
  235. Which do you think will cause the blue sheep more pain?
  236. Toshiba's Plan: Not Domination, Merely Profitability
  237. It's Purgatory for Both Formats (for awhile)
  238. Toshiba being forced to alienate studios?
  239. Apple does it!!HD-DRM streaming without Hard Drive.
  240. Apple TV-my prediction came through
  241. Toshiba is inadvertantly helping both sides!
  242. Why Toshiba Will Continue The Fight
  243. I just have to say this, GROW UP PEOPLE.
  244. BBC remains neutral "HD DVD sales are much better"
  245. To the people that work at the B&M stores...
  246. Real reason why Warner went blu.
  247. HD DVD will survive according to my sources
  248. HD DVD Standalone players dominating
  249. Was red. Went purple. Went blu. All in one day.
  250. Are Universal and Paramount the real winners of Warners move?