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  1. DVD/HD-DVD combo
  2. Very Funny post Warner video.
  3. One Thing Is Certain! Bill Hunt is All Over Warner's Ass On This One!!
  4. How did you pay for your High Def set up?
  5. Warner Further Shafting HD-DVD???
  6. HD DVD A30 $149.99 at Best Buy?
  7. This Is Not Over By A Long Shot !! Hd Dvd Is Alive !
  8. Sony offering 150 euro trade-in credit to German HD DVD owners who buy a BDP-S300
  9. Toshiba's Super Bowl ad content
  10. Possible Universal Blu-ray announcement on Friday?
  11. Toshiba operating profits slammed by HD DVD down 25%
  12. Making a HD-DVD player Blu, Possible?
  13. Lost Season Three Blu-ray is #1 on Amazon DVD
  14. Amazon has Lost: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray for $40 with free shipping
  15. Which would be more effective for toshiba
  16. Blu-ray Disc--The New VHS?
  17. Come on - Fess up
  18. Seagate CEO says Blu-ray win 'meaningless'
  19. So Much for WB's 3 Week Window, Frys has The Invasion on HD DVD NOW!!
  20. Super Bowl Strategy? HD DVD Player Sales Rebounds - Up 80% : Blu Ray Declines 25%
  21. Possible SUPERBOWL ad
  22. Toshiba HD DVD Players on Clearance at Walmart?
  23. FOX News....HD DVD Sales Plunge, 29 January 2008
  24. HD DVD VS bLU-RAY? ergo SACD VS DVDA no...
  25. Sony offering rebates on returned HD-DVD players.
  26. Once Bluray dominates, what then?
  27. No need to be excited/gloat about NPD #s for either side.
  28. Where are your precious HD DVD players now? --> In the liquidation isle @ Wal-Mart
  29. Blu-Ray players outselling HD-DVD 2:1 in Germany
  30. German retailer takes HD-DVD players in part exchange for Blu-Ray
  31. HD DVD gain in market share after huge drop
  32. So, what are the blu's going to come up with this time..
  33. Why is woolwoths dumping HD DVD not on the news page?
  34. HD DVD gain in market share after huge drop
  35. NPD player sales wk ending 1/19: 65.63:34.37
  36. Blu Ray Making a HUGE Mistake Right Now
  37. Maybe a Phaser will turn Toshiba's ship...
  38. hidef media sales much slower than DVD
  39. Official HD DVD Site Down?
  40. Which studio supporting Blu would make a bigger impact?
  41. HD-DVD price cuts hit Australia
  42. Bluray is fine but for region coding....
  43. "fanboys"
  44. Consumer choose Blu-Ray in the Netherlands
  45. HDi vs. BDj
  46. Is Paramount not HD-DVD exclusive anymore?
  47. Microsoft commited to HD DVD - Sorry Blu-boys
  48. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words...
  49. Confirmed: FS-Film have dropped HD DVD
  50. HD DVD dubbed the Black Knight.
  51. Blu ray Add-on for Xbox 360 is Likely
  52. There's no J6P in the format war
  53. Time for Universal to Announce More Titles on HD DVD Soon?
  54. Disney and Panasonic Extend Blu-ray Tour
  55. Circuit City says bye bye to HD DVD HW?
  56. dvdfile and dvdreview: "It's time", "Put HD-DVD out of its misery already!"
  57. HD DVD Group hits back as Woolworths pick Blu-ray
  58. Gartner Research: Blu-ray Wins In 2008
  59. january is a hard month for HD DVD here's why
  60. NYT: HD DVD Sales Plunge
  61. Paramount BD's in Best Buy Yesterday????
  62. Woolworths drops HD-DVD from High Street
  63. 80gb ps3 no longer on bestbuy.com
  64. It's quiet . . . too quiet . . .
  65. Microsoft has been talking to Blu-ray
  66. Woolworths to exclusively stock BluRay in UK stores
  67. Is price a problem for Blu or is it just another Ace in their pocket?
  68. What does a blu-ray win mean for Sony?
  69. Warner's New Marketing
  70. Review sites will be important once the war is over.
  71. How much did the PS3 help Blu-Ray win?
  72. Best Buy, Toshiba TVs helping drive Blu-ray adoption
  73. Walmart Clearance sale on Venturer HD DVD players
  74. Circuit City Dropping HD-DVD Completely!
  75. HDM growing faster than DVD
  76. thedigitalbits no longer accepting advertisments for HD-DVD
  77. Question about Warner going blu
  78. Is bluray heading to become the next standard for watching movies at home ?
  79. Was Fox and Warner paid off?
  80. HD-DVD is not dead, Blu-ray didn't win.. (no funny "yet" jokes)
  81. Sony, Panasonic profits expected to grow; Toshiba to stagnate
  82. Target only offering HD DVD player online
  83. Sharp Blu-ray disc player price cut to $319
  84. This I believe
  85. Blu-ray success all thanks to PS3?
  86. The Bee Movie on Blu-ray March 11?
  87. Is buying a second or third HD-DVD player for $100.04 helping anything?
  88. No new PS3 price cuts at BB & CC
  89. For people who have joined the 20th century and are running HTPC's...
  90. HD DVD players more expensive than BD!
  91. Blockbuster Video Blu Love Comes to Term!
  92. isn't BB doing the same with gen 3 players
  93. 3 years from now, how much of the market will bluray have gained
  94. Is Circuit City jumping the gun with the "Clearance"?
  95. A Full Post-Format War Post-Mortem/Report Card
  96. Blu-ray HD DVD sales week ending 01/20/08 83% Blu-ray 17% HD DVD
  97. Best Buy Promoting HD-DVD
  98. CNET recommends sell your HD DVD
  99. Blu-ray Prices Going Up!!!
  100. Free Blu-ray Players Boosted Numbers
  101. National Geographic Follows Warner, Goes Blu-Ray Exclusive
  102. we always talk about the U.S....
  103. Paper Add of Major German Retailer claims: Blu Wins!
  104. why would people pay $150 for an upscaling player?!
  105. Secret HD DVD plans...REVEALED!?
  106. 80,000% Sales spike for Blu-Ray title on Amazon!
  107. Wait! what happens after Blu-ray wins??
  108. Some speculations on the HI-Def arena now that the war is almost.....
  109. Sour Grapes
  110. My thoughts on Since Inception Numbers
  111. Do you think that Toshiba 4th gen HD-DVD standalones will appear?.
  112. Why would retailers stop carrying HD DVD players?
  113. Circuit City: 3rd-Gen HD DVD players NOT on Clearance (Rumour dispelled)
  114. How HD-DVD Can Survive & Possibly Win
  115. The Godfather, Gladiator, Titanic placeholders spotted at retail
  116. HD DVD: Buy, sell, or hold?
  117. Bu-ray has RAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!
  118. Video bitrate argued but why never audio?
  119. Microsoft and amazon's '1,000 HD DVD Indies Project' update: DVD+R DL
  120. Blu-ray is moving to other products
  121. has anyone else noticed this?
  122. Walmart BDP-S300 with 10 free movies.
  123. Paramount start releasing Blu-ray disks!
  124. Paramount start releasing Blu-ray disks!
  125. I noticed something a little strange at my local Best Buy and Circuit City.
  126. The Weinstien Company
  127. Title selection
  128. Who is in charge of distributing Sweeny Todd?
  129. Bill Hunt calls for an end to the format war
  130. Anazon now has a warning about Warner going Blu.
  131. What will be the first Blu-ray exclusive Warner title?
  132. The bit rate/bandwith argument.
  133. I don't care who wins ...
  134. Reality Check! - HDTV / Blu Ray Player Bundles Goes Over Big, Moving HDM
  135. Will the waiting ever stop??? American Gangster this time..
  136. Panasonic PCM track LFE problems?
  137. Fox stops promoting Blu-ray?
  138. Paramount/DW stops promoting HD DVD?
  139. Blu-ray players are not Free!!!
  140. Best Buy Sold out of 3:10
  141. Do you think we'll see a million seller Blu-ray in 2008?
  142. Amazon gets it
  143. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Marketing
  144. HD DVD gets a SUPERBOWL ad
  145. 83% BD VS 17% HD DVD week ending 01.20.2008
  146. New Nielsen numbers are up HD DVD got smacked
  147. High Def Stuff On Ebay (Interesting Find)
  148. The HDM "War" From A Non-Combatant's Perspective
  149. Petition to end the High Def Format War
  150. Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles not selling well?
  151. Blu-ray and HD-DVD up to 53% on amazon
  152. F.Y.E backs Blu-ray!
  153. Sony Reduces Blu-ray Lasers' Size and Cost.
  154. Blu-ray crowned the winner in Australia...
  155. Report says - Almost no one is buying HD-DVD now.
  156. Help the economy and help make HDM the success you want it to be :)
  157. Is it possible that just 9 movies may land the knockout blow to HD-DVD?
  158. More and More, The Blu Ray's BDA Tactics Look Suspicious
  159. Jodi Sally comment on HD DVD "out of context" to seem as though NPD on Dailygame
  160. Do you have a 1080i HDTV?
  161. Steven Spielberg.
  162. Why Toshiba was always going to lose.
  163. NPD: Toshiba's New Marketing Campaign Is "Proving Effective"
  164. betanews' Nate Mook: J'accuse!
  165. Blockbuster Anecdote in IL - Changing stores around to highlight Blu-Ray
  166. to be honest, im happy warner decided to go blu..
  167. Blu Ray dominating Hardware? Not True. The facts revealed
  168. Almost no one is buying HD-DVD now
  169. NPD: Free Blu-ray player deals led to boosted sales this month
  170. NPD: Free Blu-ray player deals led to boosted sales this month
  171. It's not over until one format gets 100% studio Support!
  172. Sony feels $400 is too low for Blu-Ray player price. Need to go back to $500 and up
  173. Paramount fixes Jack Ryan Set by removing extras
  174. Revisiting Toshiba Super Upconversion : It is really a super resolution 960p native
  175. Hitman to include 2nd SD Digital Copy Disc
  176. Poll: War ratios for week ending 1/19
  177. Please stop complaining the consumer has not spoken.
  178. Upset About Warner's HD DVD Title Release Delay?
  179. 20% Off HD DVD / Blu Ray Players At Best Buy
  180. Who needs Blu-Ray
  181. Toshiba Tech Confirms: TL51 GB Discs WILL Work On Current HD DVD Players
  182. HD DVD Drives 50% off at hp.com
  183. The Downfall of HD DVD video.
  184. T3-Better on HD DVD
  185. Frustrated by HD-DVD: UK cosumers POV
  186. Netflix: Blu-ray has advantage, but format war is not over
  187. Extras worth a second look...
  188. What the freaking HD DVD??
  189. Electronics Salesperson
  190. Has anyone noticed Best Buy or Circuit City...
  191. Seriously why the heck does Blu use the same artwork on discs?
  192. Paramount BD titles on Amazon US?
  193. History, will it have an impact?
  194. A new "What Do You Have" Poll! (Post-Warner)
  195. Today's BD?HDVD movie news
  196. Hd Dvd Bogo @ Bby 1/27
  197. Online petitions can make impact!Hd dvd spread the word.
  198. whio want's deadmeat back
  199. a question for blu-ray supporters..
  200. "Toshiba 'leads standalone Blu-ray market" Really??
  201. 'I Am Legend' BD gets exclusice extra content!
  202. A great article from DVDFile.com
  203. News from France (Sales Data)
  204. Toshiba 'leads standalone Blu-ray market'
  205. NPD Attributes HD DVD Sales Drop To Blu Ray Promotions , HD DVD vs BR 50/50 for 2007
  206. NPD: Blu-ray generates much higher revenue in 2007, Combos beat HD DVD last week
  207. Samsung dropping 5000 & 5500 combo players (Incorrect report)
  208. What is the most important feature in Blu-ray and HD DVD players?
  209. Purple people
  210. Warner extends HD DVD support (by three weeks)
  211. Front Page: Blu-ray Commands 93 Percent of Weekly Hardware Sales Post-Warner Announ.
  212. Online Petitions do Nothing!
  213. blu-ray has caught anti-trust attention?
  214. Blu-ray standalones outselling HD-DVD standalones by 12x
  215. A problem with High Def
  216. Universal & Paramount's HUGE Catalogs!
  217. German HD DVD Publisher "Senator" NOT Going Blu-ray Exclusive After All
  218. WTF? I thought it was supposed to be about "high" bitrates...
  219. Warner's "Invasion" TV Spots Offer A New Twist In Warner Decision
  220. Why do you love that thing so much?
  221. A Poll for the diehard reds who have recently gone purple
  222. Yet another studio gone Blu-ray exclusive?
  223. Save HD DVD petition has gone over 15,000
  224. Let HD DVD die petition reaches over 6,000 signatures
  225. Actor Heath Ledger Dead!
  226. Warners first Blu-Ray exclusive title....
  227. Batman Begins, V for Vendetta ect Blu rays announced for Germany
  228. The retailer dominoes start small, but...
  229. HD standalone unit sales numbers. 92.5% Blu-ray.
  230. Blu-ray Dominates HD DVD in Japan
  231. MSNBC Article: With hi-def war, it's 1975 all over again.
  232. Full IR Control Of PS3 w/Power...
  233. Comparison of player price history
  234. Heath Ledger Is Dead :( :( :(
  235. I find it very hypocritical...
  236. Does Quality Count ???
  237. Is the CH-DVD relevant for HD DVD?
  238. Is This Toshiba's Way "In" ? Standalone Market Is Still Wide Open
  239. What is the confusion of High Definition Media
  240. Universal EVP Ken Graffeo says "I think anything is possible"
  241. Format War Hurt Overall Sales
  242. DisplaySearch: "Toshiba Accounts for 64% of Standalone Market in Q1-Q307"
  243. Warner delays catalog titles on HD DVD too now...
  244. Paramount Germany: Amazon's Blu-ray announcements are hoax
  245. Blu-ray Shifts Promo Plans
  246. I think I speak for many red fan boys when I say...
  247. Even if MS is more interested in DD, why didn't they fight to keep Sony from winning?
  248. Toshiba pricing: Strategy or Stock clearance?
  249. Sony Controls 97% of the Blu-Ray Market
  250. xbox360 Blu-Ray add-on petition