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  1. Here are some FACTS about the HDM war. No opinions allowed!
  2. Celiene Dion embarresses HD DVD
  3. Why I wanted HD-DVD Toshiba to win
  4. Thelookandsoundofperfect loaded with new explosive page landing video
  5. Crave: Five Reasons you shouldn't buy a Blu-ray player YET
  6. Cnet: HD DVD--not dead yet
  7. New article in USA TODAY
  8. Anyone going back to SD DVD more now??
  9. ...Purple...no...your just purplephopic
  10. Warner drops pcm audio
  11. A Sign of Intent from Universal?
  12. Possibility blue majors going red ?
  13. So many childish threads......WOW!!!!!
  14. German Anime distributor OVA Films going Blu-Ray in Q4
  15. Comparing Amazon to B&M stores
  16. Blu-ray Consumer Spending to top $1 Billion in 2008
  17. At this point I think Toshiba is just trying to confuse the consumers
  18. Branding name recognition - no long HD-DVD Advantage?
  19. Cheap HD DVD players not all good
  20. Toshiba's HD DVD was doomed from the very beginning
  21. The first sign I noticed of the wars tide as a j6p
  22. Venturer HD-DVD counter poll.
  23. 2008 Theatrical Releases by format
  24. How to find relevant info in this forum
  25. Bluray winning studio war, but needs to sway consumers
  26. Give me your opinion......
  27. HD vs. Blu, 360 vs. PS 3
  28. DVD in HD
  29. When are the weekly sales numbers announced?
  30. Would it be better for mass adoption if warner switched back to neutral?
  31. Audioholics Article - Blu-ray: After the Format War Will there be Format Civil War?
  32. .58%?
  33. Onkyo "suspending" HDDVD support
  34. Who Do You Want?
  35. A format war brewing in 1975
  36. Disney Is Doing HD-DVD
  37. The quality of this forum
  38. A plot by Sony to make you buy more discs? :)
  39. why toshiba wont make a dual player
  40. Time for a new smackdown forum
  41. Another rumor from a Best Buy employee.
  42. HD DVD hardware continues to sell very well
  43. I'm going to make a prediction here, but i'm not just pulling this out of thin air
  44. I don't care if HD DVD is dead, I must get IRONMAN
  45. To those who saw the Super Bowl: did you see the HD DVD ad?
  46. Why I decided no HD DVD for me
  47. Charlie Wilson's War for HD DVD
  48. What is more funny? Red Fans or Blu Fans?
  49. ParamountUniversal support, when will we see it?
  50. ok, can someone direct me to find the catalogues/new releases of studios
  51. I witnessed the death of HD-DVD yesterday...
  52. Channel 4 goes HD
  53. another HDTV show getting LOSSLESS audio..
  54. French Distrobutor BAC Films goes Blu-ray!
  55. The time for HD DVD is NOW, the time for Blu-ray is 2+ years down the line
  56. Paramount ia NOT part of Amazon Sale
  57. German Distributor Highlight Video to Become Blu-ray Exclusive
  58. Manga Films Goes Blu-ray
  59. Good job Hidef Digest - the HD DVD/BD smiley is a good idea :)
  60. New studio support for Blu-ray
  61. HD DVD on verge of extinction
  62. If FOX did screwed up Toshiba's ad, how can they remedy the error?
  63. Warner tests day & date BD-DirectTV for The Brave One
  64. The Truth about Toshiba's Superbowl ad
  65. Manga Films (Spain) goes Blu-ray exclusive
  66. What markets DID the Toshiba ad appear in?
  67. Lies wont stop HD DVD
  68. Is HDM ahead of it's time?
  69. First piracy of HD DVD has come out in China
  70. What does $500 get you?
  71. Toshiba won't even recycle your players
  72. San Fransisco Chronicle: HD DVD on verge of extinction
  73. HD DVD sale
  74. Another studio goes Blu exclusive? Find out who inside
  75. I saw the Toshiba Superbowl Ad 3 times last night!
  76. The biggest reason why I've given up on HD DVD
  77. Will won the HD-DVD (China)?
  78. Is Onkyo planning to abandon HD DVD (because of Toshiba price drops)?
  79. Toshiba hopes to hurt Blu-ray by staying out of Chinese Market
  80. If you didn't see the SB Ad, then you are worthless anyway
  81. Feeling Blu in January
  82. How is HD-DVD still surviving?
  83. purple people help me with this sale
  84. What "other" studio's are there?
  85. Latest Amazon/Universal HD-DVD sale shows HD-DVD's growing weakness
  86. Blu-Ray Ad on NFL.COM, Better Exposure
  87. HD DVD fans, has the Super Bowl ad (or lack thereof) make you thnk of going Blu?
  88. Hi Def Release dates and especially Warner decision.
  89. oshiba's Super Bowl 2008 ad: the final act of desperation?
  90. Pats=Blu; Giants=HD
  91. What do you do when the game is over?
  92. What happened to the toshiba superbowl ad?
  93. HD DVD superbowl add.. what do you think?
  94. Terrible timing for Super Bowl Ad
  95. HD DVD vs Bluray Superbowl Movie Ads
  96. awesome commercials..
  97. Stop telling me to quit buying HD DVD!!!!
  98. Smackdown on Amazon
  99. Amazon 50% off 103 HD-DVD titles.
  100. Whats happening with the format war in the UK?
  101. Got curious after hearing about the Wal-Mart clearances...
  102. Hi-Def a passing phase.
  103. Purple People - Will you buy American Gangster HD DVD?
  104. Which was better for Blu?
  105. Insider's View of Sonic Solutions Announcement
  106. Why all the threads about HD DVD winning or blu losing?
  107. Effects of the format war based on studios...
  108. HD DVD survival comes down to one thing...
  109. More Movies Coming For Both Formats?
  110. why blu will lose
  111. New Line/DTS Marriage for Blu-ray?
  112. Here's a good question.....
  113. Toshbia 47" LCD with Free blu-ray 3-pack
  114. "Phase Hydra" makes a come back by HD DVD supporters on Amazon.
  115. Why hardware sales mean next to nothing
  116. THe War of the Formats and the Consumer
  117. Say it out loud: "HD DVD"
  118. Have you noticed that .....
  119. Ciruit City WILL DROP HD DVD....
  120. The reality of the HD format war
  121. TrueHD > 5.1
  122. The only thing that matters ...
  123. Just so you know, not all HD DVD fans think the Super Bowl ad...
  124. Living vicariously through a standard
  125. Budget Label Platinum Disc to Release Blu-ray Titles
  126. What happened to all you red supporters?
  127. Planet Earth - 14:1 in favor of Blu-ray -Nielsens
  128. Will Paramount jump ship into the blue in June?
  129. Do retailers in your area seem more blu, red, or neutral?
  130. no Universal announcement
  131. The DL.TV 'test' is BS...
  132. DL.TV says Blu-ray protective coating sucks, won't play after being scratched
  133. Digital Playground - No Red?
  134. Imation/TDK scraps HD DVD blank media production
  135. Will Woolworths going BD exclusive in the UK make an impact?
  136. HD DVD Hardware sales up 27% in one week !!
  137. Nielsen week ending 1/27 - 82 bbblu:18 hhhhdvd
  138. Pictures of your HD DVD or Blu-ray hardware setup.
  139. Paramount Makes Deal To Sell Virtual Goods
  140. 'Sweeney Todd' Coming to HD DVD in April
  141. New PS3 SKU practically confirmed by GameStop
  142. Another One Bites the Dust: ADV Goes Blu-ray for Its High Def Future
  143. German retailers gives credit on switching from HD-DVD to Blu
  144. The Economist Article: Sharper image - Who needs Blu-ray or HD DVD anyway?
  145. If we want to end the war, Let People know about Hi-Def
  146. Warner Bros Not Delaying HDDVD - Pic Inside
  147. Oerlikon Sells Blu-Ray Unit to Germany's Singulus
  148. Sony should drop UMD and focus on Blu-ray
  149. Best Buy and Circuit City SB ads Hmm...
  150. The biggest threat to HDM is us debating it...
  151. Universal on Blu-ray in Denmark ?
  152. As of Feb 1st the difference in price between a BLU-RAY and HD-DVD player is $135.05
  153. FYE full page ad in USA TODAY for both formats
  154. hh
  155. Do you care about Trailers on movies you buy?
  156. Future Shop Consumers Rate HD DVD Players Higher than Blu-ray
  157. 2/1/08 - Sony stock fell to the lowest in more than a year after Sony cuts forecast
  158. Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull Plot Revealed
  159. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray (Apple Parody)
  160. HD DVD Is Nowhere Near Dead (Potential For Better Movies)
  161. Blu-ray promotions
  162. "Blu-ray And HD DVD Support Demystified"
  163. Predictions: What will Toshibots come up with next?
  164. Alienware produces HD Media Server with Blu-Ray!
  165. CyberLink Patent Included in HD DVD Essential Patent Portfolio
  166. When is Superbowl?
  167. What is HD-DVD trying to accomplish ?
  168. Its only a 30 sec advert!
  169. Wow... New Smileys
  170. why doesnt everybody
  171. Circuit City Rep Confirms Clearance Error/ Says HD DVD Doing Great!!
  172. National Geographic Drop HD-DVD
  173. A Poll for the Red Holdouts
  174. Do you think HD-DVD Superbowl Ad Will....
  175. Another Poll! From Home Media Magazine
  176. Are Polls Useless?
  177. HD DVD content continue to surpass blu-ray...
  178. We need better nicknames
  179. HD DVD & Toshiba Dodges Some Major Daggers This Week
  180. (PUBLIC POLL) If you went blu to purple...
  181. (Public Poll) If you went red to purple...
  182. For those who went red to purple...
  183. For those who went blu to purple...
  184. Vizio & A3 Deal at Tiger Direct
  185. HD DVD loses exclusivity on another one!
  186. Do i really love HDM that much?
  187. BDA very quiet since POTC 3
  188. Either HD DVD wins or HDM looses
  189. Sony Refuses Comment on Large Warner Payoffs to Go Blu-Ray Exclusive
  190. Continuing supporters of HD-DVD. Why? (Solid arguments please)
  191. CDFreaks hosts Community Q&A with BDA chairman Frank Simonis
  192. Sony's game division finally turns a profit -- sells 4.9M PS3s in Q3
  193. Survey: worst arguments
  194. can MPEG4/VC-1 be used for STANDARD definition?
  195. PS3 blu-ray players. . .
  196. If one format wins, will the quality drop at all?
  197. Region Free Blu-Ray
  198. The Press will kill HD-DVD soon.
  199. Amazons list of WB HD DVD movies 150+
  200. Do the piecharts intrude on others aspects of red versus blu?
  201. Toshiba's 3Q profit rose 11 percent. Sony's outlook murky due to PS3 sales.
  202. Circuit City: HD DVD is NOT on clearance
  203. An Opportunity to 'Fess Up!
  204. When will we become the majority?
  205. What differences do you like or dislike about each format?
  206. Blu-Ray vs hd-dvd
  207. Are most Bluray fans dems?
  208. Why would any retailer continue to sell HD-DVD players?
  209. NEW YORK TIMES Article: IT would be better if HD DVD were DEAD!!!!!!
  210. Toshiba suffers 11.1% drop in Digital Products
  211. This war is not over.
  212. Reuters: Toshiba profit drops
  213. $150 rebate? Would you take it
  214. Where did Microsoft go?
  215. Has the Warner decision pushed you into buying Blu-ray?
  216. Let's Grow up.
  217. JUST END THE WAR and Be Glad!!
  218. Gateway Launches First Dual HD DVD/Blu-ray PCs
  219. It's easy to realize that us HD DVD supporters are right and have been right all....
  220. We are going to end up with Combo players
  221. Gateway goes neutral
  222. All New: WHat format are you on?
  223. Is HDM in danger of becoming SACD and DVD Audio?
  224. Sam's Club removed HD DVDs from its shelves
  225. HD-DVD the comeback kid!
  226. Blue Ray commercial
  227. Flesh Wound ?
  228. 3 Good Reasons To Stick With HD DVD
  229. The HDDVD's future
  230. Rumor: Sonic to Exclusively Support Blu-ray Encoding
  231. Let down and betrayed by Warner
  232. WARNER goes PURPLE **With Proof**
  233. Consumers choose HD-DVD?????
  234. Advertising for both formats is atrocious.
  235. The BDA's strategy ahead in Europe? PS3 Role?
  236. Toshiba Wal-mart clearance photos... fake!
  237. Blu-Ray 1.0 players obsolete, so what?
  238. Is this war about PS3s after all?
  239. Warner Bros site - makes my heart sink
  240. NPD sales numbers do NOT include Amazon
  241. Proof of Blu-ray's superior PIP technology!
  242. why not add HDi to BD?
  243. Near HD? PFFFT
  244. Co-Exsistance
  245. For those people saying PS3 is a blu-ray player
  246. Sonic Solutions dropping HD-DVD support from disk authoring software
  247. HD DVD.COM "Blu-ray should throw in the towel!"
  248. An Open Letter to Toshiba, Paramount, and Universal
  249. If this is the Super Bowl Ad, pretty sad
  250. Is Paramount sneaking blu releases back to retailers?