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  1. My petition to Toshiba ! please read no nonsense !
  2. price drops for blu plaers?
  3. breaking news. SONY TO DROP BLU RAY
  4. A Second Look at the Blockbuster and other Announcement
  5. Question on those that say Para/Uni to neutral.
  6. Is HD DVD Viable?
  7. HD DVD has the spirit of teh champion and will take over in 2008!
  8. NPD: HD DVD is "a format that's not going to be supported much longer"
  9. Toshiba set to release a Blu-Ray player?
  10. Can't WAIT...
  11. call it quits already?
  12. Best Buy statement...nothing new
  13. CNET said what.....?
  14. Checkmate
  15. NPD: Tepid Consumer Interest in Blu-ray
  16. Sweden:Hi-Fi Klubben Announces Exclusive Blu-ray Support
  17. Amazon Blu B2G1 Sale
  18. The industry may "force" adoption of Blu-Ray
  19. Podunk Goes Blu-Ray Exclusive!
  20. Was Sony in financial trouble? $1B middle east injection
  21. Tripictures Goes Blu-Ray Exclusive!
  22. Spain's Tripictures Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  23. Amazon no longer sells Planet Earth HD-DVD?
  24. Predict Paramount / Universal's move to Blu date.
  25. Ratatouille vs TMNT (AVC VS VC1?)
  26. What was the key to this HDM war?
  27. 'Don't fall for the BD hype,' says the HD DVD front man
  28. HD DVD Players Sell Out at Amazon, Down to $112 in Chicago
  29. Scandinavian Hifi Store Chain reluctantly going Blu.
  30. Is Blockbuster removing HD DVD from their B&M stores?
  31. Predict the future: what will be the last HD DVD released?
  32. What is your honest HD DVD stance?
  33. Blu-ray website video..
  34. Can Santa Bring Everybody an HD DVD player next Xmas?
  35. Lets Take a Break...Embarassing First Posts/Threads.
  36. Can Univ/Param. go combo only?
  37. What if BB only sold HD DVD through Dual players
  38. How HD DVD became America's sweet heart. (A true love story!)
  39. Glad this place has a smackdown forum
  40. HD-DVD PG response to today
  41. Estimating The Cost Of HD DVD Players
  42. Smackdown brings out the best/worst of all of us
  43. In other news FYE Supports Both
  44. How the bickering can end....an open letter to all posters.
  45. How HD DVD is going to take over the market in 2008, and why the Bluray fanboys w/cry
  46. Throw in the towel...
  47. could be the end for both formats
  48. Best Buy to Promote Blu-ray
  49. ATTN. Blu-ray supporters
  50. Blockbuster and HD DVD rentals
  51. Will Best Buy go under?
  52. Netflix email was sent out earlier today to HD DVD Members
  53. New Steering Committee Companies
  54. Will Netflix raise prices for hidef movies soon?
  55. Sony Postpones 'Godzilla' Blu-ray - Clear indication that Blu-Ray is in trouble!
  56. BD SA continues to outsell HD-DVD SA by more than 2:1
  57. I see a light....
  58. Toshiba...NOW what!?
  59. Isn't It Weird?
  60. Will Netflix raises prices on hidef rentals?
  61. It's official Sony chooses Blu-ray!!!!!!!
  62. I want a rematch!
  63. The war is over: BLU-RAY GETS ITS OWN MAKEUP LINE!
  64. GOD goes Blu-ray exclusive!!!
  65. Best Buy officially chooses Blu-ray!
  66. Still long way to go
  67. Netflix dropped HD DVD.. so what?
  68. How much did Sony pay Netflix?
  69. if blu-ray has "won" all this stuff, how come...
  70. universal going neutray
  71. NETFLIX shocker good or bad ? ...
  72. Who is looking for Blu-Ray Cosmetics?
  73. Are Universal and Parmount clearing out stock through Amazon?
  74. Imation drops HDVDEAD
  75. Software sales no longer important.
  76. See you all in six months or so...
  77. The Dead Pool
  78. Universal dropping HD DVD?
  79. Happy V-Day ...HDDVD?!?
  80. HD players sales declining across the board
  81. What about ET?
  82. Did you know HD DVD is ONLY a DVD???
  83. UK: Currys to stop selling HD-DVD
  84. HD-DVD players starting to be given away?
  85. Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  86. Hitler vs. Blu-Ray
  87. Two hundred millon blu ray discs in 2008
  88. HD dvd is not as profitable in Europe?
  89. Bizarre Theory(s) about Blu-Ray
  90. Does the HD DVD group still have to pay WB royalties?
  91. Curious American Gangster Ad
  92. Universal.. the man behind it all?
  93. Bizarre theory(s) about HD-DVD?
  94. HDDVDStats.com: In 4 months HD DVD will lose 34% of its CURRENT library.
  95. Hardware and software, profiles and firmware: Get educated
  96. After all HD DVD has been through
  97. LG BH200 $699.99 @ Best Buy & Circuit City
  98. Hawaii looks really good now..
  99. Sorry, but I'm going to need a reason why HD DVD Faulty Players was closed
  100. HD DVD is for HI DEF movies, blu ray is for hollywood fan boys
  101. Best Buy offers free HD DVD Player promo
  102. To help the format have a 3 week delay for DVD
  103. Buy.com has all Paramount OOP tiltles and 10.00 off
  104. As a Blu fan, I want to know what's happened to Blu advertising?
  105. a solution arrives
  106. Sue Blu baby I love red!!
  107. Re-JSP and HDM
  108. Hddvd's Secret "profiles"
  109. What HDM hardware do you own?
  110. Circuit City Phases Out the HD-A20 at $112.47
  111. PiP and internet features in HD DVD
  112. Just to clarify BD 1.1 - 2.0 profile discussions..
  113. HD DVD Rushed to Launch with Faulty Players!
  114. Hard Boiled: proof of Weinstein exclusitivity/non-exclusitivity?
  115. Is Old News the Only Good News for HD-DVD?
  116. Just something I noticed about Warner Bros commercials...
  117. Toshiba A3 sold out online at best buy
  118. Hollywood Batters Blu-Ray
  119. One month in "AW" (After Warner) what's changed?
  120. Universal and Weinstein will be doing Blu-ray (Unfounded post)
  121. Opinions: BB packaging the A30 with a Surround System package?
  122. Panasonic Goes Neutral!
  123. Who really cares who is better????
  124. What are you Blu or HD????
  125. Wal-mart declares HD DVD the winner
  126. The biggest profit makers from the HDM Format war are..
  127. Warner Extends HD DVD support
  128. Toshiba discontinued previous generation HD DVD players - Replacing with newer models
  129. Maybe its coming to a time to end the smackdown
  130. The price to make hd to blue
  131. Disney will be doing HD DVD
  132. Blu-ray player prices dropping...
  133. HD DVD discs...what to do...what to do?
  134. Netflix "Blu-ray has the advantage"
  135. Petition to end petitions
  136. Wow no region coding on HD DVD players just saved me some dough.
  137. Credence To Red's Equipment Return Rumor?
  138. Petition To HELP END THE HD WAR
  139. time warner woes 42% loss in Q4
  140. Intent to buy Blu-ray grows
  141. Is it possible.. what do you think?
  142. Your thoughts on BD+
  143. Beowulf preorder at Fry'[email protected]$24.99
  144. The Toshiba HD-A3 would make a great Valentine's Day gift...
  145. Will WB really only sell some HD DVD's for just a few weeks?
  146. Just read this:Samsung Sued Over Defective Blu-ray Players
  147. Theoretically, Flawless in its Design:
  148. HDDVD takes 4 of the top 10 spots on Amazon!
  149. Universal: only two releases coming out?
  150. Rumor: Currys dropping HD DVD!
  151. If HD DVD is a dead format, what is a format that only sells 3 times as many?
  152. Samsung Sued Over Defective Blu-ray Players
  153. that's right blame hd dvd
  154. Do people pay attention to the 5 free movie deal?
  155. Thank you Blu-ray!
  156. NPD player sales ending Jan 26: BD:HD DVD:Combo 65:26:9
  157. Walmart is selling out of HD DVD players in Houston.
  158. Is this sound reasoning?
  159. HD VMD targets parents with kids show in HD, targets 1/2mil sales in 2008
  160. NPD survey: HD DVD purchase intention continues to beat BD
  161. OMG...Jesse James....
  162. Rationale behind 50% off Uni and Para titles at Amazon
  163. The Xbox 360 is the ONLY HD DVD Standalone, This is a FACT!!!111!!one!
  164. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD @ Target
  165. Nielson WE 2/3 Shows HD DVD Improving In Sales
  166. Barnes and Noble 50% off HD DVD's
  167. Microsoft Related Website Recommends Selling HD DVD
  168. The 360 HD DVD add-on is a SA player, this is a fact!!!
  169. If HD DVD dies, what will everyone talk about?
  170. Price is overrated
  171. Although I am pro Blu Ray I find it odd...
  172. is HD DVD really dead?
  173. Nielsen VideoScan [Week ending 02.03.2008] 74% BD VS. 26% HD DVD
  174. Good move by HD DVD in the Super bowl
  175. "HD DVD: Buy, Sell or Hold?" Article on MSN.com
  176. Being Forced into Digital Downloading
  177. Star Trek TOS Season 1 under $100 at Amazon
  178. Finally some positive press for HD DVD
  179. "HD DVD winning in Europe"... or isn't it?
  180. Paramount HD DVD deals at amazon
  181. whoa! HDD has moved Dazed & Confused's reissue to the postponed section!
  182. PS3 - plenty in stock at Best Buy, Walmart, and Circuit City
  183. Blu-ray discs are environmentally safe!
  184. Wal-mart not restocking White Cheddar Popcorn
  185. The Chronicles of Blutopia
  186. of the hdm titles that currently have release dates, which do you plan on getting?
  187. New Line and LionsGate's latest DVD releases do not include BD version
  188. So what do you plan on doing with an extra $300-$600?
  189. Beowulf: 2-disks with 100% HD extra features
  190. Which high-def audio codec do you prefer?
  191. 2008 #1 box office movies
  192. Blu Ray Winning 80:20 Soon To Be A Thing of the Past?
  193. if Warner and Fox were to annonce HD DVD exclusive support ..
  194. Does anyone really know how much these movies take on a disc?
  195. Will BM (ie Wal-mart, Best Buy) restock A3 or A30?
  196. Warner Announces Matrix Trilogy, V for Vendetta and others! Blu-ray fans rejoice!
  197. Beowulf HD-DVD Only Dolby Digital Plus While The UK Blu-ray Import is TrueHD!
  198. Dirty Harry NOT coming to HD-DVD
  199. HD-A3 HD DVD Player sold out at Wal-Mart online
  200. HD DVD XBOX Add On - Now $119.99 at Best Buy
  201. HD-DVD BOGOF Sale - Best Buy 2/10-2/17
  202. PS3 Vs all other CE BD players
  203. Why are HD DVDs so cheap, while Blu rays never seem to be on sale.
  204. Filmax (Spain) drops HD DVD
  205. My thoughts on the Blue/Red fan wars
  206. Cell shrunk to 45 nm :)
  207. Sweden goes Blu-ray
  208. myarea best buy has a2 and a3 listed upscale player
  209. Know how HD DVD could have and would have won?
  210. Netflix: Higher prices for high-def a possibility
  211. At what point will BR fans go purple?
  212. These new Blu-ray & HD DVD icons are an eye sore
  213. Lets End the HD Format War II
  214. PS3 accounts for 95 per cent of all HD players sold to date in Australia
  215. Suggestion on new section: Rumors and Speculation
  216. The format war is good. GOOD! Why Blu's, why?
  217. Let's end the HD Format War
  218. And it begins. Blu-ray has 2008's first action blockbuster.
  219. Toshiba Sits Out Hardware War in China, Decision To Spur Chinese Made HD DVD Players?
  220. Anybody else think this should warrent an infraction and needs to stop
  221. Did Blu Ray Sales Affect Mouse House Profits? Disney Profits Drop
  222. Blu boys can keep your WB
  223. Fanboyism is out of control!
  224. I'm so sick of this price argument
  225. Warner 85 anniversary releases
  226. How long will the PS3 have to carry Blu-ray?
  227. BATMAN: The Blu-ray Advantage
  228. Prediction: Format War End Date
  229. Sore losers? WTF with Bitter Winners?!?
  230. Let's be honest shall we:)
  231. What do you purple people prefer?
  232. HD VOD to the rescue...
  233. What are you using?
  234. The Red little Engine?
  235. 360 Add-on dropped to $129.99
  236. 10 things I think the BDA should do!
  237. Olevia 42" LCD TV, Toshiba HD-A3 & 7 Free Movies - $899
  238. 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy A Blu-Ray Player!
  239. No Samsung BD-UP5000 combo player for Europe
  240. 5 Ways HD DVD Can Survive: TVPredictions!!!
  241. Offical Xbox HD DVD Add-on MSRP $129.99
  242. So how long before we see a $150 or below Blu player?
  243. So is MS buying WB out of the question?
  244. Proper venue for HD DVD marketing
  245. Happy WB 85th: HD DVD Player Returns Outnumber New Stock
  246. Hd A3 $118.49 at Amazon!!!!
  247. 80 dollar (X-Box 360) hd dvd player
  248. Thank you Warner
  249. Question for HD-DVD supporters
  250. HD DVD Add-on $79.99 Amazon.com + 6 free HD DVDs