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  1. Poll: When will we see the first Toshiba Blu-ray player?
  2. New name for the smackdown section
  3. what will happen to 'web enabled features' once toshiba quits
  4. Toshiba refuses to fight any longer...reds put away your swords!
  5. If Paramount and Universal switched to BD tomorrow will they release new catelouge...
  6. I enjoyed HD DVD alot but I finally went Blu
  7. Post smilies to describe the feelings of the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD camps right now
  8. HD-DVD dream'n
  9. It would be funny if this was Toshiba's Press Release on Monday...
  10. Meet J6P
  11. CH-DVD and lack of region locks/copyprotection probably did Toshiba in.
  12. When will the first Universal/Paramount titles be released on Blu? What will they be?
  13. Now that it's OFFICIAL, what HD DVDs do you want on BD?
  14. If the 360 would've had built in HD-DVD...
  15. POLL: Should Ken Graffeo commit Seppuku in order to regain his honour?
  16. Paramount's Transformers showing up in Blu-ray attire?
  17. Enough!
  18. Reuters: Toshiba source confirms HD DVD reports
  19. Digital Delivery Model
  20. Collections as they stand at the end of the war?
  21. HD DVD's demise is far, far worse than Betamax's
  22. As long as ISPs continue to use download caps, BD will become the next standard
  23. Blu-Ray May have Won the HD War...
  24. What will Tranformers Sell on BD?
  25. Who started this war?
  26. More from Bill Hunt...
  27. MSRP of Walk Hard $44!?!?!?
  28. Tl51
  29. Toshiba Quits! Its Over!
  30. The Five Stages Of Grief
  31. Is it in Microsoft's best interest to release a bluray add-on
  32. HD-DVD may be dead, but that doesn't mean it's obsolete, right?
  33. If you thought hd dvd had a chance in this pillow fight
  34. For those jumping ship to Blu.
  35. Aint it Cool News agrees... HD-DVD is dead
  36. Are we SCREWED??
  37. Jodi's repsonse?
  38. Blu-Ray you have Beta Max to thank! Blu ray has the soul of Beta Max
  39. I am done with this stupid war!
  40. Misconceptions that irk you about both formats.
  41. Whats HighDef Digest going to do???
  42. Toshiba if said to stop production for HD-DVD.. where does this leave us?
  43. What's your exit strategy?
  44. What happens to HD DVD in general?
  45. Is this really the end??
  46. Blu-Ray fanatics and J6P-you've been manipulated...
  47. Toshiba to give up on HDDVD, end format war
  48. When will the last HD DVD ship?
  49. What ashame
  50. How ironic it will be if Toshiba markets first 2.0 BD player
  51. Do you think Toshiba will now try to spoil HDM and push DVD?
  52. Old HD-DVD -> Blu-ray editions.
  53. HD-DVD closing, HDi server? when it will be shutdown.
  54. A3 and 42 olivia lcd package on snbc
  55. Reuters Reports That Toshiba Has Surrendered!!!
  56. Universal to drop HD DVD confirmed*
  57. NHK NEWS: Toshiba has stopped producing HD DVD
  58. Digital Playground Officially Goes Blu Exclusive.
  59. DVD = movie version of CD: wont go anyway :)
  60. Reuters quoting NHK: Toshiba to exit HD DVD, end format war
  61. They may kill our format, but they will NEVER take our freedom!
  62. Digital Playgound Officially goes Blu
  63. Money Well Spent
  64. HD-DVD now joins an exclusive club
  65. 2.0 standard price drop?
  66. Toshiba is now preparing to halt HD DVD production
  67. Acceleration of HDM Adoption has led to unrealistic price expectations?
  68. a word of advise for BD fanbois: help BD to grow not attacking the defeated HD DVD
  69. Your final (formerly known as) format war rant!
  70. Digital Playground Switches to Blu
  71. XrentDVD.com (the netflix of porn ) goes blu
  72. How will Paramount Respond (And Universal too)
  73. You are all welcome to attend HD DVDs wake
  74. Last topic here
  75. I wonder how much the BDA payed off Walmart.
  76. "and the ny times said god is dead"
  77. Regrets: Should've back the winner
  78. Celine Dion>American Gangster
  79. New York Times Declares Hd Dvd Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. some idiot is posting using my name
  81. Niveus goes Blu, Drops HD-DVD
  82. I'm about to dish out enough money for hundreds of HD-DVDs
  83. Transformers BD
  84. Toshiba Welching on Free Movies
  85. Anybody?
  86. Will the Q2 Indiana Jones HD DVDs have lossless?
  87. OMG! You HAVE To See This
  88. another sign that Toshiba is going to pull the plug?
  89. OMG! You HAVE To See This
  90. Will A Novelty or Classic Market Be Created for HD DVD?
  91. Warning: Do not buy a Blu-ray player right now
  92. This sums up the war
  93. Who is still buying HD DVD stuff anyway?
  94. Toshiba Admits that HD-DVD made the interests of Movie Studios secondary.
  95. What is your break even point?
  96. Elvis is alive!
  97. So Who's Next
  98. www.hd-dvd.com points to Amazon
  99. Wal mart didnt sell anything anyway
  100. Does anyone STILL think Sony made a mistake by putting a Blu-Ray drive in the PS3?
  101. Warner backs LP!
  102. The Unfinished Format Wins - Microsoft The Big Loser - Sony Wins On Two Fronts
  103. Format war is effectively over. Time to rally together and help Blu-ray.
  104. Why I don't regret my HD DVD purchase, and never will....
  105. Don't blame Toshiba for the format war
  106. HD DVD still lives if you want it too! You have the power!!
  107. Salespeople Like Blu-ray
  108. Hollywood reaction is interesting...
  109. Will the HD-DVD Side make a statement today?
  110. How long until Toshiba makes concession announcement?
  111. Paramount probably feels pretty bad right now
  112. At least EVERYONE can admit it's over now.. right?
  113. I HONESTLY do NOT understand all this hatred
  114. Easiest way for HD-DVD to still have a one shot smackdown
  115. The Downfall of HD DVD....some observations
  116. If Toshiba drops HD-DVD.....
  117. Is HD DVD officially dead? (POLL)
  118. HD DVDers get what they deserve
  119. Grand Scheme or Domino Effect... the one month war.
  120. What did Tosh know & when did they know it?
  121. What should I do?
  122. Smackdown Haiku
  123. Toshiba licenses Blu-ray Technology
  124. Warning: Do NOT Purchase HD-DVD Products
  125. It's time to change name of site:
  126. Interesting turn of events
  127. So... How Long Before High-Def Digest
  128. I call it--THE WAR IS OVER
  129. Questions for PURPLE owners
  130. Walmart Chooses Blu-Ray...will phase out HD-DVD!!!
  131. Apple TV HD vs. Blu-Ray
  132. CNN: Walmart goes Blu-Ray
  133. Confused, Was I Fed Bad Information.
  134. Wal-Mart puts stake through HD DVD's heart
  135. Wal-Mart puts stake through HD DVD's heart
  136. HD-A3 back in stock at Walmart
  137. Is the tug of war over high-def DVD format over? (Article)
  138. Possible reason for poor DVD upconversion of BD players?
  139. Breaking news!!!!!!!!
  140. Warner clarifies/confirms possible new HD DVD titles after May.
  141. Touche, Blu-Ray...
  142. J&R Blu ray sale
  143. What type of Purple are you?
  144. HD DVD is (nearly) dead - is HVD the next step?
  145. Hardware future If studios stop producing HD DVDs
  146. Where is Toshiba Hiding?
  147. SO... If HD DVD's finality now means squat...
  148. HD DVD Still Equally Represented at Canadian Retail and Rental
  149. Another Failed Sony Format
  150. What will happen to this site now.
  151. Ready for the HD-DVD clearence sales.
  152. How did Blu-ray do it?
  153. 700 dollars for an unfinished product
  154. Toshiba to build Blu-ray
  155. For HD-DVD owners only...
  156. Nielsen VideoScan week ending Feb 10 Blu-ray 81% HD DVD 19%
  157. 81% BD VS. 19% HD DVD [week ending Feb. 10, 2008]
  158. BestBuy Canada & ZIP.ca to treat HD DVD and Blu-ray equally.
  159. BREAKING NEWS.. maybe not for some!
  160. WB gone from HD-DVD? Not so fast my friend
  161. Toshiba to drop HD DVD, sources say
  162. Blu Ray's On Sale At Best Buy 2/17 Ad scan
  163. No HD DVD Players In Next Weeks Best Buy Ads
  164. Paramount delays more Star Trek!
  165. A reason why blu ray is the favorite
  166. Warner Bros. Talks About HD DVD Releases After Mid-2008.
  167. Do you still buy SD-DVDs
  168. pnveting rocks
  169. Something else for the reds to sweat about
  170. HD DVD Still Equally Represented at Canadian Retail and Rental
  171. Help HD Newbie
  172. HD DVD and Blu-Ray only cared for by enthusiasts
  173. It's a price thing
  174. So whats gonna happen if Blu ray becomes the norm?
  175. Why the Blu fanboys are so eager to see HD DVD fade away!
  176. It's a pride thing
  177. Price, not format war fears, holds back Blu-ray, says survey
  178. Michael Bay singlehandedly wins the HD format war
  179. Netflix Statement on its Community Blog
  180. Star Trek Delayed
  181. Don't Expect $150 Blu-Ray Players Anytime Soon
  182. Blu-ray Disc Ass'n London Press Conference
  183. Sony/Philips charging $30 per every BD drive
  184. Cameo Media (Spain) drops HD DVD
  185. Horrible HD DVD experience last night
  186. Here's a smackdown for you. Fanboys get a grip!
  187. Indiana Jones 4 Coming to Blu Ray, Thanks Spielberg
  188. HD DVD sales rebound but still trail Blu-ray
  189. Universal and Paramount: stop the lunacy!
  190. My Opion
  191. TG Daily: "More movie studios and retailers" going Blu-ray Q1/Q2
  192. Will Warner Bros. re-stock old HD DVDs? We asked them
  193. HD-DVD Sale at Deep Discount DVD (Unviersal Titles Only up to 59% OFF)
  194. Just like in VHS vs Beta Max: You're overlooking something...
  195. Problems with American Gangster HD-dvd/ Wal-Mart phasing out HD players
  196. Should I buy an HD DVD player later, when it's truly a fire sale?
  197. HD DVD Selling Loads of HDM?
  198. Why I think you should keep your HD DVD player. (I am a blu-ray supporter)
  199. Canadian Update on Best Buy 'favouring' blu ray
  200. The WB effect
  201. BestBuy Decision made before 2/11?
  202. "Sorry" The HD vs BR song (parody)
  203. Just Bought HD DVD
  204. Why I chose Blu-ray over HD-Dvd.
  205. Calm down about Paramount
  206. WOW Blu Ray has all top 10 spots on Amazon
  207. Lionsgate Singing Blu Praise
  208. HD DVD Is Still Standing, The Format War Not Over Yet Says HD DVD Promo Group.
  209. My co workers uncle's brother
  210. What's wrong with these numbers?
  211. The DRM thread
  212. HD DVD fans- look at the bright side...
  213. And it begins. The first complaint thread on "and it begins" begins
  214. if Blu-ray profile 2.0 players were comparable in price to HD DVD...
  215. Toshiba and their delusions of Grandeur....
  216. Paramount delays ST:TOS Season 2, is this a sign?
  217. And it ends. HD DVD!
  218. And it Begins. I've had it with "And it begins"
  219. Harman Kardon to back Blu-ray
  220. Any HD-DVD diehards still think it can win?
  221. No more HD-A3 on Walmart.com
  222. If you were the BDA, would you say yes to a Para/Uni offer to go neutral,or Blu only?
  223. HD DVD's death by a thousand cuts
  224. My HD DVD hasn't vanished yet, has yours?
  225. Poll: Would you replace HD DVD versions for Blu-ray? (PURPLE owners only, please)
  226. MSNBC - The high-definition format war is over
  227. Universal's lackluster American Gangster release
  228. Will Amazon be the first to implement a trade in offer?
  229. so what have you won?
  230. Lionsgate Singing Blu Praise
  231. HD DVD is dead
  232. When Blu ray delivers the final death blow.....
  233. which side has the Wes Anderson films?
  234. Recordable mini bluray discs to compete in Japan?
  235. Universal going blu?
  236. American Gangster ad, Universal battles on.
  237. thedigitalbits: Universal not switching yet
  238. Michael Bay Relishes Blu-rays Victories
  239. If HD DVD is about to die, what about TV on HDM?
  240. RUMOR: Toshiba to be releasing a Blu-Ray Player
  241. Warner to release Star Wars Clone Wars in theaters Aug 15th
  242. Toshiba's stock soars upward!
  243. Breaking News!!! This Just In......
  244. Now that HD is Falling...
  245. Format War story on CNBC now (3:51pm EST)
  246. What do you guys think of my new icon?
  247. Amazon B2G1
  248. Anybody Else Feel like something has happened we don't know yet.
  249. Spoils of War go to Fox and Sony it Appears
  250. Interesting Article about ps3/blu ray and HD DVD