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  1. Blu-Ray Disc Association to Microsoft: 'Join us.'
  2. End of war hope
  3. Universal on Blu-ray or HD-dvd. Whats the difference?
  4. Paramount movie deal?
  5. Toshiba sez it wouldn't change a thing, still thinks HD DVD is better
  6. All Eyes on Paramount
  7. Toshiba deserves credit for bowing out quickly and decisively
  8. Lock!!!
  9. Was Toshiba really pushed or did it jump?
  10. Your surprised how quickly the death of HD DVD happened since Warner announcement?
  11. Comparing Slogans
  12. Is it possible that HD DVD's can be played on Blu-ray players via firmware update?
  13. Universal officaially switches.
  14. Extreme Tech writeup
  15. How Blu can Beat SD-DVD
  16. So when will Jodi Sally come on and tell us how HD-DVD...
  17. The winner is... Blu-Ray on MSN front page
  18. Are Legal agreements Paramount made in the deal with Toshiba keeping them quiet?
  19. Toshiba reveals HD DVD market penetration
  20. Will you rebuy your Universal and Paramount HD DVDS
  21. Warner will continue releasing in HD-DVD until May, regardless of Toshiba pulling out
  22. Bluray win = royalties
  23. What I plan to do with my Toshiba HD-A2 (seriously)
  24. Being a PS3 owner feels pretty good right now.
  25. 5 Free BD Movies w/ player over for good?
  26. A plea to Paramount: Keep HD DVD alive!!
  27. Sony says 11 million Blu-Ray players by the end of March
  28. Paramount announces new HD DVD releases ?!
  29. At what price do you buy an A3 upconverter?
  30. Economics
  31. I just wanted to say thanks to the High-Def Digest team
  32. Paramount to Announce Blu-Ray support "Very Soon"
  33. Cases
  34. The only reason to own a dual format player now is if one owns many HD-DVD discs.
  35. The major gripe I have with Broadcast HD Programming.
  36. Can we get rid of this smackdown
  37. Do you feel bad/pity/compassion for HD DVD owners?
  38. HDD - Get another server!!!!
  39. POLL: Combo Blu/SDVD discs
  40. Microsoft Failed HD DVD Not Toshiba, Gaming Decided This Battle
  41. Next Threat to HDM (Blu-ray) About to Be Revelaed?
  42. Here is some smacketh material
  43. It's official Universal is going Blu per Home Media
  44. Microsoft / Netflix Marriage in the Works?
  45. How you like my new avatar?
  46. THE HDDVD FUD will never End on BetaNews.com (Must Read This New Article!)
  47. LG continues Dual-format support
  48. New benchmark for Obsolete?
  49. How long before.....
  50. *** It is offical BLU-RAY has won the war, totally awesome news today ****
  51. Shocked!
  52. Top ten things to do with your now-defunct HD DVD player
  53. Question: Can sony say no to BD in Xbox360?
  54. Yeah...blu-ray wins does anyone(other than us) care???
  55. War over? LOL
  56. Sony to see 10% boost in PS3 sales
  57. It's Official: Uni goes Blu
  58. Paramount and Universal to publish films on Blu-ray
  59. Engadget: Paramount/Universal to Go Blu
  60. When should the Smakdown Forum be closed?
  61. How Long until the Firesale of movies and players
  62. HD DVD player sales.... The real numbers???
  63. Whats with all the Toshiba Brand loyalty here?
  64. CRISIS ADVERTED! Braveheart will now be on Blu-ray!
  65. Why HD DVD SAs were better than Blu-ray SAs...
  66. I'm Still Standing
  67. Toshiba Goes Digital!!!!
  68. TL51 = Total Lie 51? Was it real or vaporware?
  69. With HD-DVD gone, will the new Blu-ray profiles come out?
  70. Will Bluray now become mainstream?
  71. 4-1 and 4-8 Paramount releases Sweeney Todd and There will be Blood......
  72. What kind of HD DVD movie deals will we see?
  73. What we learned from the format war...
  74. Is it time to close the smackdown forum?
  75. Nuts!!! I guess I am stuck with an overpriced upconverter
  76. Will HD-DVD now become a collector's item?
  77. Does anyone trust Toshiba now?
  78. how long before Paramount and Universal start producing blu-ray movies?
  79. Maybe we all can join together and have a voice to studios
  80. Im a little disgruntled in how Toshiba gave up so soon
  81. Blu-ray Challenge Begins!!
  82. And It Continues.. some hardcore reds still say hd dvd to live on!
  83. And it ends. HD DVD is DEAD!
  84. now that we have one...
  85. Toshiba: No plans to adopt Blu-ray
  86. The difference between HD DVD and VHS......
  87. Toshiba already planning for Blu-Ray's successor?
  88. Thank You Toshiba
  89. How long to go Blu
  90. All eyes are now on Blu-ray
  91. So Will Paramount have to Return $$
  92. Jodi Sally LIED!
  93. The end of HD-DVD, I feel sorry for Toshiba!
  94. Willing to buy HD DVD's
  95. Star Wars, LOTR trilogy, & Spielberg titles, OH MY!!!!
  96. Users browsing Smackdown Forum: 1778 and counting!
  97. Bill Hunt: Toshiba considered suing Warner!?
  98. Will this sales section continue to be neccessary?
  99. Here's a toast to the new real beginning of high def discs
  100. Sales spin ends: total HD DVD standalones sold in US = 600K
  101. High-Def Digest becomes more important than ever....
  102. Last HD DVD released and first Universal Blu-ray?
  103. A brand new day for Universal and Paramount?
  104. Next 12-48 hours will be interesting....
  105. Victory!!!!!!..all Hail Blu-ray!!!!
  106. Toshiba's official concession release
  107. And It Ends. HD DVD: Time of Death 12AM PST February 19,2008
  108. Breaking News: Fidel Castro resigns; Toshiba to make similar announcement re: HD-DVD
  109. Engadget: IT'S OVER
  110. 30 minutes.. it's almost over..
  111. The problem w/ renting.
  112. Toshiba will come back strong with HD DVD tonight and win it in the end
  113. Toshiba tonight can shock the world.
  114. some old fashioned smackdown (enjoy it in while you still can)
  115. Microsoft and Paramount digital downloads
  116. Its Official: Toshiba To Continue the War
  117. Something funny that everyone should enjoy..
  118. Should Ken Graffeo be asked to step down or resign?
  119. May not be over?
  120. Is anyone planning on staying up?
  121. Swanni Smackdown
  122. Lockdown!!!!
  123. The BDA won and angels rained down from Heaven!
  124. What I've noticed about fans
  125. Report: GameStop To Stop Accepting HD DVD Trade-Ins Tomorrow
  126. It'll be a week long remembered......
  127. My heartfealt offering to those diehard HDDVD fans
  128. eproductwars: "The War Ends"
  129. BDA, you've clearly won. How about giving us what we've been waiting for!
  130. We're finally getting...
  131. Will Paramount and Universal issue press releases tomorrow?
  132. Even computer geeks don't care about Blu-ray
  133. Deathwatch: Last Hours of HD-DVD
  134. Dear Warner,Netflix,Best Buy,& Walmart:
  135. Walmart getting rid of Blu-ray in its store
  136. Official English Translations - Nikkei
  137. Officially over @ 5pm Japan time
  138. March Releases?
  139. Theory: Paramount, Universal, and Toshiba's Strange Contradictions
  140. Microsoft PR Release about HD DVD:
  141. guess we'll become like the avs forum now
  142. Toshiba Dropping HD DVD Article From CNN
  143. Dear Sirs
  144. Star Trek Season 2 = CANCELLED!
  145. HD-DVD Owners/Supporters can at least admit this...
  146. HD-DVD Owners/Supporters can at least admit this...
  147. My Letter to Toshiba
  148. Wall Street Journal - Rumored Toshiba decision would free all studios from HD DVD
  149. My Letter to Toshiba
  150. Robot parody of HDM format war.
  151. Samsung to "Focus more on Blu-Ray Format"
  152. HD-DVD - 5 rree by mail - Are we screwed?
  153. Apple's Special Event: To include Blu-ray?
  154. What if Toshiba doesn't give in this time?
  155. IGN.COM - HD-DVD 2006-2008: The Rise and Fall of HD-DVD
  156. The truth to the lies by Blu-bots about HD-DVD hurting HDM adoption....
  157. Transformers on BD = TrueHD/PCM?
  158. Engadget - Toshiba expected to announce death of HD DVD tomorrow
  159. Toshiba's Blu-Ray Player Christmas 08
  160. BBC News Video (Updated)
  161. Nikkei: Toshiba announcement tomorrow - Sales halted by March
  162. Where the hell are Paramount and Universal in all of this?
  163. Email alerts?
  164. Toshiba loses face but saves money in DVD defeat
  165. Forget HD DVD and Blu-Ray, Netflix plan to stream to PS3 and Xbox 360
  166. BRT: shutting down HD DVD disc manufacturing lines
  167. HDM War Reports from the Water Cooler
  168. Paramount/Universal to be free if Toshiba drops HD DVD
  169. When will the HD-DVD Super Clearance Sales Start!??
  170. In honor of our lady in red, Jodi Sally from Toshiba
  171. Would Digital Distriubtion kill HD-DVD
  172. Xbox live lists Warner & Paramount HD titles ;)
  173. Wall Street Journal articla about Toshiba and HD DVD
  174. I have never seen so many meltdowns in one place on the web
  175. But...HD DVD is the pro-consumer format!
  176. CNN/Fox News: A Decision As Early As Tuesday?
  177. So I saw an American Gangster commercial last night...
  178. what is BB up to?
  179. PS3 review from an HD-DVD owner for others thinking about taking the plunge
  180. A reason why does Toshiba need to fallback
  181. Why HD-DVD played it well but had no shot
  182. BRT pressing plant to halt HD-DVD prodution
  183. Toshiba statement: 'no decision has been made'
  184. Your typical Smackdown thread.
  185. What will WWE's first high-def release be?
  186. Toshiba quiting=Warner no longer releasing on HD-DVD?
  187. Final announcement from Toshiba might be out tomorrow.
  188. not many HD DVDs had PiP, let alone web features...
  189. Late to the Party: Do most Blu fans have aright to gloat?
  190. Blu disc sales tanking despite 'win'.
  191. What is Wrong With People? Why are they Continuing to Buy HD DVD?
  192. The red carpet looks better in blu
  193. How long does it take for Paramount to make BD?
  194. For Blu-ray and Hd dvd FANBOYS!!!!
  195. Announcement of HD DVD's death expected in short order (duh)
  196. Investors cheer as Toshiba nears HD DVD surrender
  197. VoD Downloads on BD?
  198. This is what Michael Bay is doing to HD DVD right now.
  199. Was this whole thing really necessary?
  200. The BDA needs to promote all of Blu'a abilities
  201. Holy crap, front page of Yahoo! tonight.....
  202. Outta here
  203. Blu-ray Xbox 360 Planned By Microsoft as Early as May?
  204. Themanroom.com says Universal BD Might Not Come Till September!!
  205. Who thinks that Toshiba will sell off the HD-DVD name and technology rights?
  206. Amazon list "I am Legend" as not being produced ?
  207. Toshiba Officially Mulls HD DVD Future
  208. Toshiba = HD DVD = Universal = General Electric
  209. HD DVD backers shouldn't be Allowed access to BD
  210. Toshiba's BD Player Price
  211. a real sign of the time
  212. Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures to be released from HD DVD agreement if...
  213. Toshiba shares up on reports to quit HD DVD
  214. We should applaud Toshiba for pulling out.
  215. It's Michael Bay's Birthday!!!
  216. walmart allready getting ready of hddvd movies
  217. Blu-ray owners, u have to admit, HD DVD was better.
  218. Tesco mulls Bluray move
  219. Thank you Walmart, Netflix, Best Buy
  220. Conspiracy theory: MS were planning a hd-dvd 360?
  221. quick question about blu ray numbers...
  222. Profile 2.0? Wifi?
  223. Ars Technica: Official HD DVD obituary a matter of days, not weeks
  224. Toshiba BD player
  225. If Toshiba does indeed pull the plug...
  226. What are you doing to celebrate?
  227. Dear WalMart:
  228. The curse of Red expanded...
  229. Resign from the smackdown forum.
  230. Hmm, what to do?
  231. Why are the Blu-ray companies still selling DVDs?
  232. the better format?
  233. And It Begins.. ign presents the rise and fall of hd dvd
  234. Which would have been a better competitor against DVD?
  235. What's the DVD Forum's stance?
  236. WGN 9 Chicago! The War is over Feature is coming Tuesday 2/19/08
  237. I, for one, welcome our new BDA Overlords --- Ken Graffeo
  238. China?
  239. Samsung to strengthen Blu-Ray since Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD
  240. To HD DVD owers. What did you expect ?
  241. Life after smackdown
  242. high-def disc sales trails DVD sales by half in its first two years on the market
  243. Now the Ball is in the BDA's court!!
  244. They Are Just Movies
  245. Do you want blu ray to remain a niche?
  246. Article: Toshiba set to give up on HD-DVD and the Consumers Lose Again!
  247. End of the smackdown, likely imminent, new age to begin
  248. Give it up, HD DVD guys. Blu has won.
  249. Maybe if Wal-Mart is going blu-exclusive....
  250. War over? so when can we expect LOTR & Star Wars?