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  1. Bye Bye New Line Cinema - R I P?
  2. Interesting Indy 4 Comments Regarding Blu-ray
  3. War is over! NOT A RUBING SALT THREAD!
  4. Netflix to triple Blu Ray Catalog
  5. Consumers still want HD DVD
  6. Philips and Lite-On push out external Blu-ray drive
  7. Rumor: Netflix/Microsoft Announcement: Net Rentals on HD DVD Players?
  8. New bundle for PS3 in Europe, now comes with 3 blu-ray movies.
  9. How will stores benefit from movie downloads?
  10. My A30 Vs. My PS3 80g Pros and Cons
  11. How HD DVD ruined my day off
  12. For those in Canada.....
  13. Warner, why are you using 25GB Blu-ray discs?
  14. Could this be the week that HDDVD beats Bluray?
  15. The Look and Sound of Perfect's Special Announcement
  16. 12 dollar hd dvd's!!!!!!
  17. Blu-ray for $17,000.00 dollars
  18. Top 11 Ways Sony Plans to Celebrate their victory
  19. Toshiba uses Cell Processor in TV's (vid)
  20. Top 4 reasons Blu Ray will succeed
  21. DVDEmpire's HD Wars charts un-linked
  22. NETFLIX full of it
  23. DreamWorks not yet ready to support Blu-ray
  24. Why the hate for Downloads
  25. Top four reasons blu ray will tank...
  26. Microsoft Fined 1.3 BILLION Dollars!!!!
  27. HD DVD ahead of Bluray in top ten...wow
  28. Walmart's SHD7000 HD DVD Player ????
  29. DVD Forum Steering Committee holds first meeting after HD DVD's death
  30. A complete list of Purple Films
  31. For those with a sense of humor - Comedic take on HD DVDs demise
  32. Fry's Electronics: $79 A3, $99 A30, $149 A35
  33. $50 xbox HDDVD add-on causing a spike in HDDVD sales?
  34. PS3 to get BD Live this summer
  35. Last Minute HD-DVD concellation?
  36. Got my last HD DVD rental today :(
  37. DreamWorks waiting for cue from Toshiba on Blu-ray (Reuters)
  38. Anyone worried about CH-DVD?
  39. How Far We've Come...
  40. Is it about to get wild?
  41. **** Hd Dvd
  42. Microsoft: No new titles coming to HD DVD
  43. Blu-ray has only 30 more titles than HDDVD
  44. Netflix doubles online spending
  45. the Consumer did pick
  46. Next Format War
  47. Hollywood: Where Are the Hi Def Titles???
  48. Why digital downloads will not take off
  49. Why HD DVD Should Have Won the Format War: Part II
  50. Toshiba to back PS3?
  51. There will be blood coming excluisvely to Blu-ray?
  52. comcast is better than fios
  53. Sony announces BDP-S350, BDP-S550: first new Blu-ray players since the fall of HD DVD
  54. Universal Japan cancles HD DVD May releases
  55. estimated bd player sales for 2008
  56. do any players do 1080p/24fps on DVDs?
  57. Will you partake in the HD-DVD fire sales?
  58. Did you pay your respects to HD-DVD?
  59. is Toshiba still planning on selling dvd players with cell super upconversion
  60. Hollywood needs to embrace the Internet
  61. Poll: for blu ray fans
  62. Microsoft discontinues 360 HD-DVD add-on
  63. Quite literally the funniest commercial in the world...
  64. Watching Daniel Day Lewis win....
  65. DVD Formats Expected To Remain Optical Storage Mainstream Over Next 3-5 Years
  66. VOD Service comparison
  67. universal combo disk= trash!!!!
  68. It is GREAT to be PURPLE!!!
  69. Goodbye HD Dvd Or What A Difference A Week Makes
  70. So when can we see Blu-ray vs. DVD figures?
  71. So this is Bluray?
  72. Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Gets The Axe
  73. Movies on a flash drive not apt to boom anytime soon!
  74. So lets suppose DD is right here right now...
  75. Is this guy serious?!?!?
  76. Interesting poll on Yahoo! front page:
  77. Futureshop follows brother company bestbuy.
  78. After HD DVD Drop, Toshiba Spends $835M to Back PS3
  79. AR Coummunication: BD has <>5y window of apportunity
  80. FOX Market Watch: Time To Buy a High-def DVD Player? Maybe Not
  81. CNet article: Digital downloads will be Blu-ray's downfall
  82. Paramount Blu-ray titles... back on Amazon
  83. Blu Skies: Home Media Magazine Feb 24
  84. Unofficial: Paramount Pictures to make film about 'The Format War'
  85. Why HD DVD Should Have Won the Format War: Part 2
  86. "Defecting" to a format--literally!
  87. Confirmation: Who sony paid off and how much!
  88. Beowulf commercial
  89. Why Sony might be killing their own format
  90. went purple with good deal.
  91. The format war was really about Microsoft, not Toshiba...
  92. JB Hi Fi Australia HD-DVD prices
  93. I joined the EVIL EMPIRE today.....
  94. Does 6.7 million units = $300 million.
  95. Top Ten Must Have Blu Ray Discs To Date
  96. HD DVD to Blu-ray exchange program
  97. How much will Blu-rays win help sales of the PS3?
  98. VB: Retailers Clearing out HD DVD
  99. HDScape Titles: 8 HD DVDs for $39!!!!!!!
  100. Dear Smack Down,
  101. official: Toshiba to make chips for the PS3
  102. 2008 sales estimate: DVD/hidef player 2.5tri YEN vs 7.1mil units of Hidef players
  103. Audio Question
  104. HD DVD's demise created two of optical HDM's greatest enemies: MS/Toshiba?
  105. Blu-Ray Win May Fail to Spur Sony Growth
  106. Matrix HD DVD Box Set On Sale at Best Buy
  107. Onkyo Officially Switches to Blu-ray
  108. article says sony paid warners $400 mil to go exclusive
  109. Universal: HD DVD Plans in Flux
  110. As the name implies...my stance on "HD"...
  111. To Those Who Keep Bitching About profile 1.0
  112. Next Format War, what's your strategy?
  113. Winter of our discontent made glorious summer... but what about next spring?
  114. Any good HD DVD deals up in Canada?
  115. Blu-Ray Critical Mass
  116. I knew the inclusion of Blu-ray in the PS3 was a good plan all along
  117. Downloads Are Not The Future Anytime Soon!!!!!
  118. American Gangster= Everything wrong with HD DVD
  119. Reg Hardware article - Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008
  120. The xbox hd-dvd add on still has potential
  121. Who settled the format war?
  122. DEATH-RAY: PS3 Fanboys Have the Last Laugh!
  123. Best Buy socks it to HD DVD while its down...
  124. How long till HD downloads will be the norm?
  125. Games Industry article: "No hollow victory"
  126. How many people went blu since the announcement.
  127. Will HD DVD products be worth holding on to?
  128. Why no poll on how many people went Blu since the announcement?
  129. Blu-ray player sales increase 7X, HD DVD players become DVD upscalers
  130. "There Will Be Blood" HD DVD May Have Been Cancelled!
  131. Blu-ray movies on sale at J&R
  132. HD in Oz
  133. Nielsen numbers for this week?
  134. Blu-ray Player Sales Soar in UK
  135. Post funny ads you have seen of people trying to dump their hd-dvd players
  136. CGI Team Creates Realistic Oscar For Michael Bay
  137. It may not take long to roll out Paramount Blu-Ray titles...
  138. Best Buy Puts Blu Ray PS3 Center Stage - Ads
  139. And It Begins. Blu-ray MI3 In Stock at Amazon.
  140. Lessons from the Death of HD-DVD
  141. How are you connecting your main HDM player to the Internet?
  142. Hollywood Video
  143. New Name For This Forum
  144. Do you care about profile 2.0
  145. PARAMOUNT = Heads will roll!!!
  146. Public Awareness
  147. Why BD is not competing with Downloads
  148. Blu-Ray add on for 360 a bad decision for Microsoft?
  149. MSNBC recommends to pause on your Blu-ray purchase
  150. Serious Question. Advice needed?
  151. Universal and Paramount Continue To Announce HD DVD Titles
  152. Shouldnt Toshiba to just repackage their HD-DVD players as DVD players?
  153. Did you notice the name change?
  154. Microsoft HD DVD player add-on going for $49
  155. some retailers selling hd-dvd as upscalers now
  156. Check Out All These Comparison Shots of All Formats
  157. Don't junk that 360 hd-dvd addon just yet!
  158. Digital Downloads Solution = BD-Digital
  159. Blu-ray player sales up 600% in the UK!
  160. Japan does it right: Edion Group exchanges HD DVD Players for BD Players
  161. So will the "flloodgates" be opened for blu or will it slow down???
  162. Takeaways..?
  163. What aout The Weinstein Company?
  164. Sony said the PS3 will last 10yrs.
  165. massive HD-DVD showing on Amazon
  166. The adoption cycle of technology
  167. Paramount officially Blu!!
  168. The Ultimate Format War Timeline
  169. OPPO to go Blu!
  170. New MSNBC Blu-Ray Article: The Enderle Strikes Back!
  171. Survivor (HDM-style) - Outspend, outsell
  172. Sony, Toshiba formally sign agreement on chip-making joint venture
  173. Why Toshiba quit
  174. Blu-ray Won the Battle, but Now Comes the War
  175. Blu-ray Doesn't Need HD DVD Diehards to Succeed, Microshiba Owes Them Bigtime However
  176. Time for the Smackdown Forum to Close
  177. Movie Gallery Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  178. "7 Reasons to Forget Blu-ray" blog. LOL
  179. Hd Scape Blows Out Inventory On Hd Dvd
  180. Is Universal Blu or Neutral?
  181. Lukewarm VOD Interest
  182. What Hurts the Most
  183. Does it bother you that people call blu-ray discs "Blu-ray DVD's"
  184. One last firesale; $50 add-on anyone?
  185. A Microserf's Diary of the Format Wars (an HDi developer at Microsoft)
  186. Im really surprised that...
  187. Is there going to be a Blu ray backlash???
  188. I chose Blu-Ray because of PS3 and PS3 because of Blu-Ray
  189. Universal advice for Blu people
  190. Why HD DVD Should Have Won the Format War: Part 1
  191. What do you use?
  192. You want to be taken seriously?
  193. Next move: Apple TV/Blu-Ray combo?
  194. BD's next war: Winning Diehard HD DVD fans & fence sitters.
  195. CBC News story - HD DVD buyers prepared to move on to Blu-ray once prices drop
  196. 1999 Victoria Secret Fashion Show
  197. Exit one format war, enter another
  198. Can we have a download smackdown forum?
  199. Think BD can't beat DVD? Think again!
  200. Circuit City Closeout of HD DVD A3 $99.99
  201. Downloads are the future!
  202. What a pure HD-DVD owner can experience that Blu-Ray owners can't...
  203. Yahoo.com: Today's Top Searches "Blu-ray Disc" #4
  204. All an April Fools joke?
  205. Will Blu-ray Be the Next UMD?
  206. Ways to Extend Xbox 360 HD DVD's Life
  207. HD-DVD Losss Equals Consumers Loss
  208. Any word on Blu-ray release dates from Uni
  209. MICROSOFT to release a Blu-Ray add-on for the XBOX 360.
  210. Possible reason why NO Blu Ray for 360
  211. porno still on hd dvd
  212. Borders to Expand Blu-ray Section
  213. Los Angeles Tiimes articles on Blu-ray winning
  214. Amazon Half-Off HD DVD titles
  215. Downloads - The UK As It Stands Now
  216. Best Buy Canada and Future Shop move to Blu-ray
  217. Amazon.com to Support Blu-ray as the Digital Format of Choice for Customers
  218. No surprise: Onkyo also drops HD DVD, picks up Blu-ray
  219. Toshiba says that Blu Ray can still lose to downloads
  220. I came up with a HDM War Poem (need help)
  221. Kind of feel bad for Weinstein
  222. Man, 10,000 B.C. is looking good and it will be Blu-ray exclusive!
  223. Thelookandsoundofperfect doesnt mention Tosh dropping HD DVD?
  224. Update: Universal Turns Blu; Spielberg on board?
  225. A thought occurred to me...
  226. I demand answers! Where is Ken?
  227. Hdm Now A Niche?
  228. How to fix HD DVD
  229. For what it's worth, I enjoy topics started by HD DVD fanboys.
  230. XBOX 360 Blu-ray coming in May?
  231. How to save HDDVD
  232. hitler was going crazy for hd dvd too! i swear!
  233. Why Blu Won & HD DVD Lost (Post Mature Reasons)
  234. Accurate Total Sales of HD DVD players (Euro, US, pc drive, and 360 drives)
  235. HD-D3 for $79 at Costco starting tomorrow
  236. BLU-RAY WILL *NOT* FAIL -- Here's why.
  237. HDDVD takes 3 of the top 10 spots on Amazon!
  238. triple/quadruple layer dvd disc?
  239. Is Blu-ray and the PS3 perfect technology?
  240. Things HD DVDs are good for
  241. Onkyo pulling the plug on future HD DVD development
  242. Why are there Smackdowns still?
  243. Major TV Networks video segments on the end of the format war
  244. Will Bluray become UMD?
  245. Just read that Paramount titles are showing up for pre-order under Blu
  246. Don't be a scab, don't go blu
  247. Worldwide LCD shipments surpass CRTS for the first time ever!
  248. Cinram to add 15 more Blu-ray lines to Olyphant PA production facility
  249. Hats off to Paramount and Warner !
  250. Do Disney's Recent Offers make for a better solution than the combo disc?