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  1. Why No One Should Fear S.U.C.
  2. whoa! did MORE HD-dvd titles get cancelled?
  3. Bee Movie On Dvd
  4. Would the Star Wars, or LOTR trilogies make a huge impact...
  5. Reds that refuse to switch will mis out!
  6. Has everyone noticed a trend here?
  7. Charter cable vs. DirecTV
  8. Isn't Blu-ray being adopted at the same rate, or even more so than DVD was...
  9. 20% of US households will spend stimulus funds on consumer electronics
  10. Anybody buying No Country for HD DVD
  11. Possibly Most Informative Article Post-HD DVD's Exit
  12. Studios do not give a damn about BD nor HD DVD
  13. If JSP can't see the difference...
  14. what perceived "choice" did you have?
  15. Philips raises launch price of BDP7200 BD player
  16. Do you miss HD-DVD?
  17. Rumor: BD50 Shortage?
  18. Article on non-threat to DVD/BD from DD any time soon
  20. "Space Ace" for HD-DVD cancelled
  21. Physical Media or Digital Download IF...
  22. Adams Media Research: Blu-ray spending to outpace DVD in 2012
  23. At Long last.....Batman Begins on Blu-ray
  24. Is the BDA taking this seriously or not?
  25. Scattered: A Response to all of the Digital Downloads posts
  26. Microsoft dismisses Blu-ray as "historic phenomenon"
  27. p4p: digital downloads' silver bullet?
  28. Just Bought 1st Blu Title (No Country For Old Men) Confused Though...
  29. NBC-Universal, Fox Debut Online Video Service Hulu
  30. Lossless Audio or Truckload of Bonus Features?
  31. Why aren't blu-ray sales going up?
  32. Philips: MSRP $349 Blu-ray Player Going to $399
  33. Is Microsoft Responsible For HD DVD's Demise? (Opiniated Discussion)
  34. Bee Movie HD DVD goes for $400
  35. What is it going to take?
  36. HDD Spreads FUD by saying there is a sale on FOX BDs!
  37. Microsoft says no Blu Ray talks
  38. Blu-ray Player Prices Hit 2008 Highs As Competition Dwindles
  39. Rising oil prices impact bluray discs
  40. NY Times Chimes In
  41. NPD: Sony was right... again!
  42. Toshiba faces 986 million dollar loss on HD-DVDs
  43. Studios: Digital Downloads Not Ready!
  44. Studio Canal becomes Blu-Ray exclusive
  45. Super Upconverted Blu-ray = near 4096p?
  46. Toshiba & Microsoft working on Specifications for DVD 2.0
  47. Blu Ray Prices on the rise still ?
  48. Anyone seen HD VMD in stores?
  49. DREAMWORKS..thanks for nothing
  50. Am I the only one mad at them?
  51. Will Internet Video Replace Blu-Ray? --- HDTV Magazine
  52. Makers of best upconverting DVD player say no more DVD
  53. Hi-def interlaced vs progressive debate answer declared by Broadcast industry!
  54. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc - Longevity
  55. Let's all chat while we watch Ratatouille? Thanks BD-J
  56. Just out of curiosity I compared Blu-ray against VHS.
  57. Bee Movie for HD DVD?
  58. "Downloads Likely Won't Kill the Disc"
  59. HD DVD Fire Sale in Slow Burn
  60. Return of the...BOGOF on Blu Ray's ! at....
  61. Great Deal! $10 Off - No Country For Old Men Coupon
  62. What's next? HDi on DVD says Microsoft and Toshiba.
  63. Sony - "Upscale DVD players have gotten better and better"
  65. Record Labels Ignore Blu-ray Format To Replace The Ailing CD
  66. Is it worth buying a HD-DVD player as a DVD upscaler ???....
  67. Samsung BD-UP5000 for $400.32+15.69 shipping @ Amazon marketplace.
  68. Amazon - Save Up To 55% Off Select Blu-ray titles
  69. Blu-ray titles should be selling for $100+
  70. HD-DVD and the Early Adopter Premium
  71. The Hype of Doom and Gloom
  72. WOW - Planet Earth HD DVD Amazing Clearance Price!!
  73. When will we start to see hard sales numbers?
  74. Time to kick it into overdrive!
  75. And it begins
  76. The fears I had about Blu-ray and how that has now changed as well
  77. former HD DVD exclusives - now what?
  78. Blu-Ray is Doomed-cnet blog
  79. Blu-ray Blue vs HD DVD Red
  80. 2012...........
  81. 9.95 HD DVDs on Amazon?
  82. HD-DVD Funeral
  83. Went To Target....
  84. Amazon getting rid of HD DVD stock?
  85. Lions Gate Prez says Digital Distribution to go from < 1% to 10% -15% or more by 2010
  86. I agree: Blu-ray is superior to HD DVD!
  87. Interesting advertising for Blu and HD DVD
  88. Why DLC has lost to Blu-ray (for now)
  89. (Video) Why downloads won't take over SD-DVD/Blu-ray.
  90. Could HD-DVD "trade ins" be bad for HDM?
  91. Which Blu-ray player if price was no issue?
  92. Amazon 9.95 HD DVD's
  93. Things getting very dull
  94. Long Live HD DVD - in the UK on CH4 that is.
  95. Look out the prices are going up again !!!
  96. Why aren't blu software sales taking off?
  97. Can any displays...
  98. FutureShop offers HD DVD Player Trade-in
  99. what happened to the 2000 indie HD DVD/amazon project?
  100. Microsoft's Ballmer: We Support Blu-ray!!
  101. SUC its for the best...
  102. Bill Hunt wants cheaper Blu-ray Players too (by Q4 2008)
  103. Since The War Has Ended
  104. Image Entertainment Cancels HD DVD Releases
  105. Good Read - Profile 2.0 Features
  106. Proof: Why BD-J is Better Than HDi (Vids)...
  107. Any insight into why Toshiba is very anti-BD?
  108. 7. Things Toshiba Won't Tell You About SUC
  109. Sony, Microsoft discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360
  110. Video interview with Toshiba: DVD Super Multi (not SUC)?
  111. High Def Not Fun Anymore!
  112. BD2.0 Players w/Removable Memory Better!
  113. Toshiba is Insane 2 think i will buy into Suc
  114. Warner going to stop HD DVD releases in March?
  115. Cheaper Bluray prices?
  116. HD DVD owners: how much did you use PiP and Web-enabled extras?
  117. Give your SUC DVD player the finger - literally
  118. Fox lowering BD prices
  119. Samsung BD-UP5500 unfortunately canceled
  120. BD-ROM to become mainstream of BD in 2008, say Taiwan makers
  121. Video Downloads coming to BluRay players
  122. '30 Days of Night' Blu-ray Tops VideoScan Chart, week ending 3/1
  123. Living proof of non finalized profile Blu ray players and their effects
  124. All this fighting about Super U
  125. I had a good laugh this morning at Blockbuster...
  126. another 25gb blu disc..Ice Age
  127. Free 360 HD-DVD Emulator
  128. Longevity of Web Extras on either format?
  129. monster cable slammed
  130. Did Sony said no more PCM audio?
  131. Battle of the Downloads...
  132. Sony price roadmap for BR - 2008 $300, 2009 $200
  133. Site to slow down
  134. Thoughts on dual-format players...
  135. Why Suc?
  136. HD DVDs demise push Blu-ray prices up new data shows
  137. [Rumor] Circuit City offering Trade-in for HD DVD Players
  138. Does SUC belong in the High Def Forum?
  139. Who needs SUC ..VHS is the comeback kid
  140. So Where's the Universal Price Cuts ?
  141. What do you use.. mp3s or CDs?
  142. Why the big fuss over SUC?
  143. Question to the "Ex" hddvd supporters.
  144. Possible Blu-ray slogans in light of SUC
  145. No need to worry about SUC
  146. Paramount/Dreamworks/Universal
  147. Paramount is CONFIRMED to be developing BLU-RAY titles...
  148. Best Buy Blu-Ray Deals for Week of March 9th
  149. BR CE manufacturers must discontinue DVD players NOW!
  150. Why no BLU BOGO's right now?
  151. Sony Switzerland offer trade in for HD-DVD
  152. All hype and No substance - Paramount fails to make bluray announcement.
  153. There Will Be Blood - HD DVD or Blu Ray Announced Today ??
  154. Sony gives ~190$ for your HD DVD SAs! (in Switzerland)
  155. Toshiba Super Up-Conversion Promotional Video
  156. Wow - The HD DVD Firesale Has Begun! Bargains Galore
  157. Do you Yahoo?
  158. Fold this forum into the video game forum.
  159. The future is SUPER
  160. The Future of High-Def Digest...
  161. toshiba ceo speaks
  162. Why Toshiba's Super Upconversion Should Not Be Here
  163. Hey, Penton-Man, where's your apology to David Vaughn?
  164. Home Media Magazine Report: Movie Downloads a Tough Sell
  165. DVD Upconverter first, HD DVD Second???
  166. Sony to provide Blu-ray drive for Apple?
  167. Warner cancels Dirty Harry HD DVD's
  168. How much would you pay for VOD/Download?
  169. Blu-ray Lagging All Around
  170. Will S.U.C. be better than Blu-ray?
  171. Two things.....
  172. Toshiba to perfect 960p super DVD
  173. Help Solve the Toshiba HD DVD mystery
  174. when are stores like Best Buy going to expand their Blu-ray selection ??
  175. High Def Digest... finally remove postponed and pending HD DVDs?
  176. Circuit City in Clearance HD DVD Mode
  177. 100 new BD titles
  178. Current state of things: Why is there smackdown?
  179. Will WB modify their HD DVD release plans now?
  180. If you can't beat them... join them.
  181. Why Blu-ray will be the next DVD!!
  182. Toshiba CEO on life after HD DVD
  183. grindhouse Starz HD exclusive
  184. Warner Brothers dropped the biggest bomb.
  185. Universal announces end of HDDVD support with Atonment
  186. HD-DVD supporters remind me of the housing market...
  187. Which company has been the most gracious in wake of the HD DVD defeat?
  188. Update: Dreamworks Drops HD DVD
  189. Sony sells European HQ for over $1 Billion
  190. Bestbuy has completely removed HD DVD players as an option
  191. Is This a Possiblity?
  192. 3/2/08 - HDDVD takes 6 of the top 10 hidef titles on Amazon
  193. Some recent observations.....
  194. Studios should slowly stop releasing DVD titles?
  195. Futureshop HD DVD Prices Slashed
  196. WB Blu exlusive == Blu are excluded from whv.warnerbros.com
  197. Anyone know if Wallmart will be stocking this BD player?
  198. Don't Hold Your Breath for iTunes to Kill Blu-ray
  199. Blu-ray Report Card
  200. Paramount to Resume Blu-ray Releases Soon
  201. Into the Wild HD-DVD
  202. Reminder: This Forum Has Rules!
  203. The Deals Of All Deals on HD-DVDs!!!!
  204. I'm getting tired of the "what if's, and would've, could've, should've" threads
  205. For once and for all, both HD DVD and Blu-Ray use blue lasers
  206. How Best Buy can achieve faster Blu-ray adoption.
  207. Why HD DVD AG #1 Means Eveything!!!!
  208. Bluray not the winner this past week.
  209. Blu-ray In Movie Menus???
  210. Well show them!
  211. Now I understand why HP and ACER went originally with HD DVD not blu-ray
  212. Why AG Being #1 Means Nothing!!!!!!!!
  213. WHAT IF Toshiba's 19 Feb announcement was a industrian SCAM!
  214. 10 days after!
  215. Sony To Open Blu Ray Flood Gates in 2008 - Plans 50% Increase In Titles
  216. 5 Years From Now HD-DVD will
  217. No Paramount titles for Blu-ray until Summer?
  218. "I'm the idiot that bought an HD DVD player."
  219. Will 16.4 Tbps be good enough for HD downloads?
  220. IBM Promises 1-Second Movie Downloads
  221. Will you buy Transformers on Blu if?
  222. What AG being Number 1 Means to blu-ray
  223. Its funny..
  224. My MAN
  225. Universal To Slash HD DVD Prices March 4th - Fire Sale Set To Begin?
  226. Consumers continue to speak
  227. Good article on Blu-ray and how it won the war
  228. 'American Gangster' HD DVD Tops VideoScan Chart, week ending 2/24
  229. You guys remember this site?
  230. $9.99 HD-DVD's at Fry's "Your choice"
  231. Are you happy?
  232. What started the HD DVD/Blu-ray War?
  233. Samsung announces new BD Player :) thats 1.1 :(
  234. What's Amazon playing at ??
  235. The HD media "war" / what a joke / how stoopid are we???
  236. Two new PS3 bundles revealed for europe
  237. HD DVD fans, follow the 5 step program
  238. Paramount: Bait and switch?
  239. i watch Blu-ray to get the most movie-like experience possible... (SUBTITLE related)
  240. $200 Blu-ray players this year expected says Sigma Designs VP of Strategic Marketing
  241. Warner, please turn out the lights when you leave
  242. Why the wrong format won the HD war.
  243. Anyone else notice this?
  244. Paramount & Dreamworks HD DVD support ends March 4
  245. Dreamworks cancels Bee Movie HD-DVD release!
  246. The Death of HD DVD and the Art of Backroom Deal Making
  247. Stop! Why it still isn't safe to buy Blu-ray
  248. If I were a Bluboy I would be going PURPLE!!!
  249. Paramount cancels HDDVD titles
  250. Don't complain about Blu-Ray prices