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  1. Lots of $19.99 Blu-Rays at Circuit City and Online!
  2. Don't buy movies with compressed audio from WB.
  3. Demystifying D-Box: Blu-Ray's Secret Weapon
  4. Jurassic Park on TNT HD looks AWFUL!!
  5. Forget HD,new Ultra-HD lets viewers see every droplet fall when awater balloon bursts
  6. Studios: Blu-ray helped offset drops in consumer spending
  7. BD Experts Please Explain: Samsung to Release Blu-ray/HD DVD Combo Drive in Sept. '08
  8. AT&T Executive says the Intertubes filling up
  9. Annoyances
  10. Juno - BD Digital Copy Problem (Canada)
  11. Blu-ray sales 1st Qtr 2008 up 351% over 1st Qtr 2007
  12. Can HDM do 48fps???
  13. I need to vent about PEOPLE, and yes, this is related.
  14. Heroes seasons 1 and 2 on Blu!
  15. XBOX AO is actually USB hub with integrated HD DVD Drive
  16. Universal
  17. March electronics sales drop
  18. Bd $$
  19. On the brink
  20. Format War Veteran
  21. Lee Stewart in New Documentary
  22. Samsung to launch Blu-ray/HDDVD drives for PCs
  23. PS3 Vs. A30, which is the better upscaler??
  24. Where Lossless doesn't matter....DUBS!
  25. Finally: DTS ES Disc 6.1 support with PS3 and Blu-ray
  26. Where the hell is Paramount/Universal???
  27. HD DVD MIGHT come back
  28. 40GB Playstation 3 $366
  29. Blu-ray Moody Blues vs HD version
  30. 2.3 Available for download now!
  31. In Blu profile v3.0; integrate HD DVD HDi to save high def.
  32. Blu Ray Cracked
  33. Blockbuster trys to buy Circuit City
  34. GunMetal PS3 Edition coming June 12!
  35. So, are you still buying HD-DVDs?
  36. FCC Fines Retailers for Violating DTV Rules
  37. I Am Legend... Blu or HD
  38. When will Blu-Ray supporters get rewarded!?
  39. Has the format war put you off of being an early adopter again?
  40. Blockbuster rolls out Blu-ray nationwide
  41. HD DVD Sale
  42. Why Would Cyberlink Stop Support Of HD DVD?
  43. Blu-ray In Australia
  44. Digital Download Versus a Disc
  45. Trying to be neutral but...
  46. Dell pushing Blu-ray
  47. Wal-Mart Issueing FULL REFUNDS for HD DVD players!
  48. Go to first new post Blu-ray vs DVD sales week ended 4/6 Blu-ray down to 4% DVD 96%
  49. Inside Net Neutrality: Is Your ISP Filtering Content? HD donwloads will cost?
  50. First thoughts on HD-DVD/Blu-ray..New to HD
  51. PS3 Gets DTS-HD-MA Decoding. Now the most complete BD Player
  52. Univ. of Colorado on Comcast "Traffic Shaping"
  53. BD and Apple TV...together in harmony.
  54. Sony to Integrate Blu-ray into LCD HDTVs
  55. I need a sale
  56. HD DVD fan with problems....
  57. Video downloads are the future ... sooner than you think!!!
  58. BR vs HD DVD... Same damn thing!
  59. DL.TV says BD-J menus are slow as doggy poop on Blu-ray Players
  60. I'm trying to be a good Blu Fanboy but....
  61. HDDVD owners don't need to be pissed at toshiba or blu...
  62. Why is there still a smackdown section?
  63. Blu-ray now a plus feature in homes for sale
  64. Prices: Films> players
  65. When will you stop purchasing SD-DVDs?
  66. To all hd-dvd lovers !i was 1.
  67. Blu-ray vs DVD sales week ended 3/30 Blu-ray 8% DVD 92%
  68. Amazon promoting upconvert
  69. Is HDM Really 6X Greater Than DVD?
  70. The End of the Format War
  71. Bell Canada lobbying to remove third Party ISP's and Phone Carriers
  72. Why is the cost of Blu ray players rising?
  73. LA's ABC affiliate does a story on digital downloads
  74. I thought HDM was all about the boost in QUALITY?
  75. Poll: Who would digital download?
  76. Some Lionsgate sales data
  77. Excellent Article On Blu Ray..great Read
  78. Does anybody still think Microsoft wanted HD-DVD to win?
  79. Nano Discs - 20,000x larger than BD50 disc
  80. High Speed HD Downloads Years and Years Away? Think Again.
  81. 7.1 Surround Sound - Who Cares???
  82. Sabic Develops New Blu-ray Materials
  83. Blu-ray Awareness Hits 60%...Hooray?
  84. The Ironic Thing About WB
  85. Majority of US Households were aware of blu-ray in January
  86. Paramount moves on to include selling High Def Movies on hard Drives.
  87. Apple #1 music retailer in the US, 70% of music still bought on physical support
  88. Blu-ray Awareness Up; HD Players Hit 10M
  89. Blu-ray 2.0 Not Going Well At The Start
  90. Has anybody seen this??
  91. Why hd dvd really died
  92. amazon/samsung promotion: free upconversion dvd player?
  93. There can only be 1
  94. Blu-ray or HD DVD Transfers that make you want to SCREAM!
  95. OK....who's ready to get sued here??
  96. Moderator Appreciation Thread.
  97. Discs too big?
  98. Fox leaves BDA?
  99. Time Keeps Slipping Away...
  100. Uni and Para Waiting For The BDA To Come To Its Senses
  101. Running out already?
  102. When will the first Uni BD title be released in the US?
  103. Para/Uni's Blu Silence
  104. Betamax to HD DVD converter
  105. Will The Studios Offer "Zoomed" 2.40 AR Movies?
  106. Of the titles currently announced w/ release dates, how many do you plan on buying?
  107. Microsoft Buys HD DVD Patent: Will relaunch Q4.
  108. Let's stop all the April Fool's Day threads
  109. Loaded Blu-ray notebook under $1,000!
  110. lg-bh200 and divx
  111. Sony and Toshiba bury the hatchet. Betamax to HD DVD Converter
  112. Blu-ray Adoption Rising Fast, Thanks to PS3
  113. June 24th, 2008
  114. HD DVD+ (2nd generation HD DVD?)
  115. Does anyone else find it ironic that HD-DVD Combo discs...
  116. Nothing came good out of this war!
  117. Who Wants HD-DvD To Stop Blu-Ray Hating
  118. Buy 10 Blu's get a free A2????
  119. Upconverted DVD is just as good as Blu Ray, Here's the Proof!
  120. Shouldn't all Highdef movies look crystal clear?
  121. Reasoning Behind DVD Succeeding
  122. Interest in hidef media goes south after death of HDDVD
  123. 12.6% of Hitman sales are for the Blu-ray version. Sounds good?
  124. Blu-ray isn't doing so bad
  125. Insane Best Buy Universal HD DVD Sale!
  126. CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets
  127. Will Blu-Ray Be As Successful As DvD
  128. Digital Playground: Consumers accepting Blu-ray faster than DVD
  129. We've Past a Milestone!!
  130. I asked this before...
  131. What would Fox do?
  132. Why We All Wish HD-DVD Fans Will Shut Up
  133. This Site is Getting to be a Joke
  134. LP-Cassette Tape-CD-Flash?
  135. Who needs blu-ray when you have HD glasses?
  136. What happened to the Funai?
  137. Blu-ray has 12.6% of DVD market ALREADY!
  138. Is Bluray in Trouble ? Poll
  139. How long will denialists keep claiming High-def is less than 1% of the market?
  140. Blu Ray Might Be In Trouble
  141. BD adoption and the quality of modern hollywood movies
  142. You Guys Crack Me Up
  143. Maybe this will help No Country sales...
  144. Recent news changing anyones minds about the future of Blu Ray!
  145. V for Vendetta announced for Blu Ray!!!!!!!!!
  146. Purple Owners: How do you categorize your movies?
  147. Video business: BD ads drop 50%-100% after the war
  148. Best Buy Replaces HD DVD Displays With...
  149. Replicators Are Experiencing Growing Pains in Going Blu
  150. Mass Adoption milestones...affordable laptops...
  151. HD DVD Promotion Group dissolves
  152. Blu Ray sales % up up and away!!!!
  153. Sony Top CE Brand Name
  154. With HD DVD out, Blu-ray sales on the rise
  155. Help me smackdown a coworker...HD ratio bet.
  156. "Hardware Profiles Needlessly Confusing" Says J. Zyber on MSNBC!!!!
  157. Industry Support: Dell releaseas sub $1000 bluray Inspiron
  158. Japan: Blu-ray gets 18.2% share in total video market sales
  159. What's with all the anti-Blu PR?
  160. Do you want to continue this format war even though it is over?
  161. Niche my Buttocks! "[projected] 29.4M homes in 2008"
  162. why we all wish HD DVD won
  163. Think Blu-Ray is doomed? DVD is the one that's doomed.
  164. anyone settle for sdtv in other rooms of their house?
  165. Are we in trouble with our beloved HDM...?
  166. HDTV Owners Not Getting HD Content, Survey Finds
  167. Nat'l Treasure 2 Director: Blu-ray Probably Gone in a Few Years
  168. Blu-ray is not dead, says THX
  169. BD-R's now being made on CD-R/DVD-R lines, PS3 supports playback
  170. WANTED: VP of BD Marketing at Universal...
  171. The futue is Flash
  172. Blu-ray percentage of total sales
  173. How Long Till Blu-Ray Overtakes DvD
  174. THX Declares Death of Blu-Ray
  175. Strategy Analytics: 29 million Blu-ray homes worldwide expected this year
  176. Best Buy Is A Complete Joke...
  177. Batman Original movie MSRP $39.95????
  178. Interacive Blu-ray Disc Games
  179. why do you pre order?
  180. 9 mil. Blu discs sold to date; 3 million already this year
  181. HD DVD Vanishes From Best Buy Today?
  182. Will Warner Bros drop rest of HD DVD releases now that Best Buy is sending them back?
  183. Smackdown phrases that amuse you!
  184. Did Toshiba quitting HD DVD brick you're future hd dvd movie purchases?
  185. overnight 90% of BD players are 2.0 compatible
  186. Got my call from Best Buy today (HD DVD $50 consolation prize)
  187. Smackdown phrases that annoy you...
  188. HD DVD T2 get's lossless audio and domestic BD doesn't!
  189. New Xbox Pricing ?? OUCH
  190. Did Sony's profile 2.0 brick your PS3?
  191. I love My PS3 2.0 Blu Ray Player
  192. PS3 update 2.20 (BD Live) is up
  193. For those that magically think the last mile is easy...
  194. Blu-ray Sees Boost in Consumer Adoption
  195. High Def versus Standard Def? Where to find comparison pics?
  196. HD DVD Still dominating
  197. Superbad Bluray or SD DVD
  198. Eproduct wars is Blu-ray vs SD-DVD now
  199. DVD VS Blu-Ray-Eproduct wars
  200. Samsung, LG Still Hesitant Toward Blu-Ray Business
  201. AAA members save big at Circuit City
  202. Interesting lookback article from 2005 at start of format war
  203. Irony - Disney - Shark's Fin soup - Sharkwater
  204. Unlike HD-DVD, Blu-ray says NO to piracy.
  205. Sony plans what HD DVD had done
  206. Amazon's HD-DVD sale...not goign that well?
  207. No Country Blu-ray sales on the rise
  208. Making a Toshiba HD-DVD player Region Free for SD-DVD?
  209. One month after
  210. Major Canadian video store officially ends HD-DVD support
  211. Threat to Hi-Def players? (and other items?)
  212. Web functionality, what did it mean for HD DVD?
  213. Walmart goes Blu and they SUCK!!!
  214. I want to know where all the MUST HAVE BLU RAY titles are
  215. You might be a redtard if........
  216. PS3 Going "live" before the end of March
  217. Q2 day-and-date titles: what we're getting, what we aren't
  218. LG dual HD/Blu player now $169 CANADIAN!!
  219. Two high profile ps3 games using BD-50s, shortage my ass...
  220. BD+ Cracked
  221. What was the point of DD+
  222. Do you think eventually Most titles will make it to High Def?
  223. Best Buy offers HD DVD owners $10 million in gift cards, trade in, shoulder to cry on
  224. Wow, cool Futureshop commercial...
  225. Whats going to happen to un-relased HD-DVD titles?
  226. funny stuff on youtube re hd dvd and blu ray
  227. why some of you want so badly for blu-ray to fail ?
  228. Do you really care about Digital Downloads???
  229. Weinstein Blu-ray? I don't think so.
  230. I think X will replace Blu-ray
  231. The new Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo systems won't be using digital downloads...
  232. BD is still not catching on like promised.
  233. After Winning the Format War, Blu-ray’s Future Looks Bright
  234. The shape of things to come?
  235. Blu-ray player prices are NOT rising.
  236. Cool email from zip.ca!
  237. Lack Of older titles
  238. Hi Def Extras....
  239. Why theaters will never look as good as HDM
  240. Do You Want Blu-Ray to Fail?
  241. Blu-ray featured more in movie ads
  242. Will Paramount/Universal give hoot? Ref. #of releases
  243. I don't want hd 1.1 or 1.2
  244. I guess Broadcast Engineering was right
  245. Rumour: Ken Graffeo leaves Uni
  246. I Am Legend BD #1 on Amazon
  247. Predicted
  248. Futureshop Exclusive I Am Legend Blu-ray Steel Case
  249. Don't forget 1st BOGO STARTS TODAY!!!!!
  250. For diehard HD DVDers - what title would make you switch to Blu?