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  1. Hard economy might help home entertainment
  2. How important are BDLive and PiP for mass market adoption?
  3. Wal-Mart Looks To Lure The Undecided To Blu-Ray
  4. Toshiba files patent June3rd to boost DVD storage alongside 960p.
  5. Official Movie of the Week thread!
  6. We Dodged a Bullitt folks, BDs are SPANKING their HD DVD Counterparts!
  7. How Much have you spent on your HD/Blu ray collection ?
  8. How important are these features to you?
  9. NetFlix: 20 More Years For Blu-ray & DVDs
  10. Warner Bros HD DVD Prices Back Up!
  11. Headline: US HDTV owners don't want Blu-ray
  12. Thread posting limits
  13. NPD: Six Percent of Americans to Buy Blu-ray
  14. Wal-Mart Father's Day Push Part II
  15. new lows for BR players.
  16. AP Business-Yahoo:Blu-ray DVD format may not dominate for years
  17. Time is slipping away, for downloads...
  18. Blu-ray sales through May have already surpassed sales for all of 2007.
  19. For all the Michael Bay lovers.......
  20. Samsung BD-P1400 (New) - $270
  21. 3D Blu-Ray, even on PS3 via a single firmware update ?
  22. Blu-ray movie demo disc included with new 40GB PS3s: "Welcome to the Playstation 3"
  23. "Blu-ray format expected to dominate, but when?" : AP article
  24. Universal Future Blu Ray DOOMED :(
  25. Which type of Lossless audio do you prefer?
  26. Universal Film Vault on Fire
  27. Digital downloads eliminating Blu - not if history has anything to say about it
  28. Studios: BD ($39.99) + DVD ($29.99) or DVD 2.0 at $33.99)?
  29. Brits should stop complaining about prices
  30. BR release dates kicking arse!
  31. Screw Netflix, The Toledo County Library Has You Covered!!
  32. Jealous of HD-DVD owners!!
  33. Blu-Ray's To Be Available At The Supermarket Kiosk Soon!!
  34. Toshiba unveils another Blu-ray 'killer'
  35. it's a bit worrying
  36. Toshiba CEO announces 960p before year's end!
  37. CE PRO Poll about HD DVD and Blu-ray
  38. DVDPlay kiosks to rent blurays
  39. Netflix conference: There's a big Blu wave coming at us
  40. Music on Blu-ray
  41. HD Movies on flash solid state drives (SSD) not anytime soon........
  42. Blu-ray's Birthday Blues
  43. Molog is the SHIZNIT!
  44. Blu "Top Gun" To Have BOTH TrueHD AND DTS-MA!!!!
  45. Good Costco Connections magazine article about Blu-ray
  46. Sony CEO Stringer: You can't afford our best TV
  47. Sony unveils new HD DVD player
  48. How to use the search function
  49. 1TB optical drive and disk, backwards compatible with Blu-ray
  50. Will BD-Live features possibly save HDi web featuers?
  51. Blu Transformers gets TrueHD!
  52. Peter Jackson confirms Blu-ray version of Lord of the Rings
  53. It's official: Transformers BD gets Lossless Audio!!!
  54. Blu-ray Recorders Taking Japan by Storm
  55. Best Buy's $349 Insignia NS-BRDVD Blu-ray deck: now with $100 in movie coupons.
  56. Amazon sales tracking "Blu-ray vs. Standard DVD Wars" (www.eproductwars.com/dvd)
  57. Threads we might see if the format war were still going on...
  58. Pulled HD DVDs probably will not show up in places like Big Lots
  59. 'Blu-Ray Bashing Blues'
  60. Transformers to get new encode on blu!
  61. Proof Blu-ray is Affordable
  62. Transformers is coming!
  63. Today, Warner turns out lights at HD DVD building and leaves
  64. About time! Transformers on Blu ray this September!
  65. $5.99 blu ray discs-where are they?
  66. Could Paramount end up being the studio that makes the biggest bluray splash in 2008?
  67. Retailers: Blu-ray Will Soon Top DVD Player Sales
  68. BD-Live to track player serials, for use with new "AACS Online" DRM!
  69. LOTR on Blu-ray!(?)
  70. BD disk shortage hinders BD development
  71. Best Buy unleashes Insignia NS-BRDVD Blu-ray player for $349
  72. Success doesn't always mean total marketshare...
  73. Wal-mart's new Blu-ray display
  74. Wal-Mart's Blu-Ray Fathers Day Push.. Take that doom and gloomers..
  75. 55.85% of ID4 sales May 5-11 were Blu-ray!!!!
  76. Borders, Target give Blu-ray a bigger footprint
  77. Electronics specialists expect Blu-ray to outpace DVD sales
  78. Chinese companies authorized to produce Blu-ray products
  79. Wow I guess Blu Ray prices will be coming down after all
  80. Time Warner and cable unit announce separation....downloads are NOT the future
  81. The Blu-ray PS3 demographic strikes again. Re: film grain
  82. Why are we defending the prices of BD??
  83. New Panasonic Chip Should Help Drive Costs Down
  84. No Funeral for Blu-ray
  85. sdvds are so cheap compared to Blu-rays.
  86. Report: Studiosí digital revenue will grow 15% a year
  87. Clearing up the BD-P1500 confusion
  88. Media flip-flop: from "HD DVD will trounce BD" to "dive in now into BD"
  89. PC: Sony Wins the Battle But Loses the War
  90. Hulu records 63 Million Streams in April
  91. HD DVD: Still made in China?
  92. Hi-Def IPTV? Verizon says NO! to you.
  93. No Paramount titles today...
  94. So I went to the theater last night...
  95. Time is slipping away, part 4.11, netflix box won't change the game
  96. Time is slipping away, part 4, for downloads to catch on
  97. Why Netflix Streaming Box won't kill Blu Ray
  98. First Netflix Streaming Box Review, $100 and Unlimited Downloads!
  99. Lite-On BD-ROM Drive - $119
  100. Famous LG Netflix box will play Blu-ray as well
  101. Time is slipping away, part 3.1416: The $100 Netflix Player (by Roku) has arrived
  102. just got the Onkyo s605!
  103. Two BD releases delayed for weeks behind DVD release!
  104. PS3 Sales Up 127% in April, Fueled by Blu-ray
  105. My famiy are officially d-bags.
  106. "Media Skimming the Surface on Blu-ray"
  107. PS3 sales down 27% in April 2008
  108. Wal-mart's $99 Toshiba vs $300 Magnavox, how will Magna do?
  109. Super Down Conversion - the next step?
  110. Official: Blu-ray is now mainstream!
  111. Time to Smackdown this forum?
  112. Why no petition for Universal trade ins?
  113. 20 million households are without Internet access
  114. Remember when HD-DVD died?
  115. Amazon has 40 Blu-Ray's at "2 For $30" Sale!
  116. Amazon.com #1 selling DVD is...
  117. Reds diggin up so many anti-Blu articles, it got me wondering...
  118. Will you support the winning format?
  119. Topics soars with Over Blu-ray sales
  120. Studios Want Hi-Def Movies on VoD Before Blu-Ray
  121. The (Reporting) of One dubious poll
  122. Consumers Cold To Blu-Ray Players article
  123. not a mention of BD in Sony 10-page earning report
  124. 2y for BD to take-off or taken out
  125. Sony will not cut PS3 price this year - says President of Sony Videogame Division
  126. Toshiba may make Blu-ray drives
  127. Blu-Ray is a multi-platform FORMAT
  128. Who's buying the new Universal blus?
  129. Sony Forecasts 7 million Global Sony Stand-alone BD Players for Fiscal '08
  130. Quell my fears: Will my PS3 die early from using as a BD player???
  131. More bad news for BD
  132. Blu-ray's victory over HD DVD was actually bad for HDM adoption. In fact...
  133. WalMart sells bluray player for $298
  134. Is there a chance that if Blu-Ray doesn't succeed that certain titles
  135. Funai's Players now at walmart - sub 300 dollars...
  136. Mummy on BD vs Mummy HD DVD
  137. We voted for it, before we voted against it
  138. Sony Posts FY Sales, Net Income Records
  139. br bootlegs in Germany
  140. Wal-Mart and HD DVD
  141. Libraries' video offerings on the rise but little interest for Blu-ray
  142. Is HDi Coming To SD DVDs?
  143. Chapek Says "Sleeping Beauty" Will Revolutionize The Way People Watch Movies At Home!
  144. Samsung, LG End Combo HD-DVD Lines
  145. Just got back from Wal-Mart... things looking up for Blu
  146. Would things have been different?
  147. Blu-ray Isn't Getting Much Traction
  148. Is Sony screwing the BDA?
  149. Is Day & Date Titles Enough?
  150. How much do you think Blu-ray and HD-dvd movies should be priced at?
  151. Blu ray sales tanking.
  152. HD-DVD vs BLURAY - the study -the results
  153. What Is Your Definition of "Niche?"
  154. The future is....
  155. Trouble In Blu Ray Land? Catalog titles Could Affect Adoption
  156. Toshiba Announces Super Resolution for their HDTV
  157. Warner returns to rev-sharing, limits used sales
  158. PiP...
  159. I Went to Circuit City Today.....
  160. So, have your favorite classics "held up" in High Def or not????
  161. Criterion Collection coming to Blu-ray in October
  162. Suddenly 1080 isnít looking so Hi Def.
  163. Comcast and Time Warner, capping internet usage
  164. Why should we believe any future high def predictions from HD DVD fan boys?
  165. Paramount Re-issues Entire Back Catalog on Blu :)
  166. Good News For Blu-Ray! - Managed Copy is On
  167. The BDA wants prices for Blu-ray players and movies to remain high
  168. Some Hd Dvd Fans Are Amazing
  169. The numbers of Blu-Ray discs and players speak for themselves!
  170. Microsoft get's clue - integrats Video service with Zune
  171. Neil Young to release archive on Blu-ray discs
  172. Nine Inch Nails Releases Free Album In High Definition Audio
  173. Sony CEO Stringer: To the victor goes the spoils
  174. Panasonic DMP-BD50 price announced!!!
  175. Viacom Earnings Report Confirms Paramount Payout from Toshiba
  176. Everything Fun About HD Movies Is Dead
  177. InfoSmart closes Blu-ray deal
  178. New Criticism Of Blu-Ray Coming Fast and Furious
  179. Blu-ray: The Resentment Factor
  180. Does Only Renting Hidef Titles Hurt?
  181. Rambo only $13??
  182. remember when
  183. HD-DVD addon - 10 euro ($15) new from Amazon.de
  184. isn't it great that Blu-ray won?!
  185. Apple sells movies at a loss
  186. BD State Of The Union from Video Business
  187. Is bluray going nowhere?
  188. Technical problems with site?
  189. PS3 Owners Watching More Blu-Ray Movies
  190. When do you think toshiba will announce their blu player/s?
  191. Why argue over imaginary technology?
  192. Time is NOT Slipping Away, Part One: Bluray ISNT in trouble.
  193. Whats wrong with Panasonics add Department
  194. Xbox 360 Blu-ray console shipping by September?
  195. BD player sales down due to lack of supply
  196. Why DTS MA HD is the shit!
  197. The future of home theater?
  198. Time is Slipping Away, Part Deux: Studios Move En Masse to Downloads
  199. Apple iTunes to compete "day-and-date" with DVD releases -- Wal-Mart weeps
  200. Rumour Mill: DVD 2.0 960p on HD DVD & Xbox.
  201. HD DVD demise didnít boost Blu-ray
  202. BD sales still craptastic, even after HD DVD's death
  203. Universal to make DTS-HD MA the standard for BD movies!
  204. NEW Paramount updated Blu-ray release plans
  205. Kevin Martin (FCC) being investigated - downloads in peril?
  206. Bluray standalone sales down despite format win...
  207. It's Official - Paramount Reveals It's Blu Ray Line Up!
  208. Possible Paramount Blu-ray releases
  209. OMG!!! Blu-Ray MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. PS3 40gig + Spiderman 3 + Remote + Transformers game + HDMI Cable + 12 free rentals
  211. 33.7 Million Blu-ray Disc's to be sold in 2008
  212. Metacritic
  213. Bandai damaging Blu-Ray's reputation!!
  214. ABI Analyst: Standalone/PC BD will only take off in 5y
  215. My two cents on BD.
  216. Sony upgraded, PS3 to break even by August.
  217. Samsung : Bullish forecast for Blu-ray
  218. Blu Ray Exclusive! Blockbuster Games, Downloads Could Disrupt BR HDM Sales
  219. IRONMAN to be first Blu Ray Blockbuster this Year?
  220. The future is here. InPhase to ship holographic storage solution in May
  221. Fustrated with Paramount!?
  222. Boycott DD+ Warner movies!
  223. Studios vary pricing for Blu-ray releases
  224. Toshiba's net profits plunge 95%...
  225. How many sold off their HD DVD Collection?
  226. Tax rebates to start arriving Monday
  227. weird question, list of dvd releases?
  228. Blu-ray player prices rise and now averagely at $400
  229. BD not so hot after all.
  230. Nextgen: PS3 a Crutch to the Blu-ray Market
  231. Warner now testing Blu-ray releases ahead of DVD?
  232. DVD Forum To Explore 3D Technology.
  233. Reuters report: BD player wont drop below $200 before end 2009
  234. How Do You Feel About Managed Copies?
  235. The time of reckoning
  236. Azureus: More than Comcast using TCP Reset
  237. i am going to start buying hd dvd because they are sooooooo cheap
  238. huge monetary gain for sony I had not thought of before
  239. Anti Blu-ray? Buy a PS3!
  240. Samsung CEO, Son and other resign amid fraud
  241. Sony Delays HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. Tartan US: "Oldboy" Blu-ray outselling entire DVD line!
  243. Indie Film Companies Set To Embrace Blu-Ray!!!!
  244. Netflix Plans To Charge A Premium On Blu-ray
  245. Cable TV Under Fire For Degrading HD Quality!!!! (MSNBC)
  246. J6P doesn't know HD? Tell Comcast.
  247. Blu is obsolete, the present should be SD.
  248. DVD mistakes you wont make with Bluray...
  249. LA Times: Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3
  250. Best-Buy Restocking HD DVD?