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  26. Planet Earth made me do it
  27. Ease of content creation
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  37. Go Red or be dead (lol)
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  44. Oh God I think Im going neutral... ALL CAUSE OF A BUNCH O DUMB ROBOTS!
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  46. I joined Team HD-DVD on September 24th and since then...
  47. Converted to Neutral
  48. own both formats, if so which one do u prefer
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  50. Officialy Neutral
  51. Why I went HD instead of Blu Ray
  52. I am officially a convert!
  53. doin a u turn on goin neutral....
  54. Going back to HD DVD ONLY
  55. Planet Earth and Price made me take the plunge
  56. simple really
  57. The choice was easy
  58. Serenity NOW (actually later)
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  60. I work at Best Buy. Nuff said.
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  67. Why I went Red
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  70. Why I went HD.
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  77. Simple
  78. Why I chose HD DVD
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