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  1. 'Tales of Xillia' May Be Heading to the States!
  2. New 'Sim City' Features an Incredibly In-Depth Experience
  3. PSO Sequel for PC Will Be F2P, Coming to iOS, Android
  4. Zipper Interactive rumored to be shutting down.
  5. GameStop Will End GameCube Trade-Ins Starting April 2nd
  6. WWE WrestleFest coming to a console near you
  7. An 'Adventure Time' DS Game is On the Way
  8. Game Deals: Week of March 25th
  9. Mass Effect 3 and overall story arc spoiler thread (unmarked spoilers allowed)
  10. Nvidia's New GTX 680 is the New King of Single GPU Graphics Cards
  11. World of Warcraft 'Mists of Pandaria' Beta Test is Live
  12. Rumor: Next Gen Systems to Match Kepler Level of Performance?
  13. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy coming to NA this Summer
  14. Video Game Companies Will Get Tax Relief in the UK
  15. A 'Dark Souls' Announcement is On the Way
  16. XBLA Shooter 'Hybrid' Beta Signups Open Now
  17. NECA's Portal Gun Replica Available May 18th
  18. Atlus Reveals the 'Game of Thrones' Combat System
  19. Soul Reaver reboot rumored to be in the works
  20. Meet the Latest 'BioShock Infinite' Heavy-Hitter: Boys of Silence
  21. Blizzard Reveals New 'Mists of Pandaria' Info and Trailers
  22. Baldur's Gate 3? Kickstarter likely involved....
  23. Online Services End for 'Burnout Revenge,' 'MMA' and More EA Titles on April 13th
  24. New 'Mortal Kombat' Trailer Shows Off Vita Touch Screen Controls
  25. Valve launches Steam Collections: hand-picked mod packs for Skyrim and Team Fortress.
  26. Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters to cost $20.
  27. GiantBomb bought by GameSpot, Jeff Gerstmann explains firing from GameSpot
  28. Elder Scroll MMO announcement rumored for May
  29. Microsoft Says No New Xbox at E3 2012
  30. The New NeoGeo Handheld is Real Coming Out This Spring
  31. Fans Raise $45,000 for Charity to Change 'Mass Effect 3' Ending BioWare Responds to
  32. The Baldur's Gate Teaser Site Gets a Countdown Clock Something Will be Revealed Tod
  33. Diablo 3 - May 15th!
  34. DirectCompute: Disappointing...but promising.
  35. Tales of Graces F
  36. Video Games Plus Selling a Special 'Ninja Gaiden3 ' Move Bundle
  37. Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue headed to PSN/XBLA??
  38. 'Mass Effect' Anime Coming This Fall 'Dragon Age' Due Out May 29th
  39. 'GTA V' Likely Coming in Early 2013 for 360, PS3 and Wii U
  40. Ex-Sony executive, Phil Harrison, joining Microsoft...
  41. 'The Walking Dead' Game is Nearly Complete
  42. Double Fine Will Broadcast the Final Hours of its Kickstarter Campaign Live Tonight
  43. 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' is Free This Weekend
  44. NCsoft Reveals 'Guild Wars 2' Preorder Bonuses and $150 Collector's Edition
  45. TF2 Bomberman mod...
  46. 'Alan Wake' for PC Gets a Boxed Release on April 3rd
  47. 'Onimusha Soul' will be Capcom's First Browser Based Game
  48. PvP Dropped From 'Diablo III' to Make Launch Window
  49. 'Metal Gear Solid HD Collection' is Coming to the Vita this Summer
  50. Tim Schafer Does Awful Things with Your Kickstarter Money
  51. 'Dirt 3: Complete Edition' Comes Out March 20th
  52. Epic Demos Samaritan on Nvidia's Next-Gen Kepler GPU
  53. Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut *Mistranslated as a sequel*
  54. 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter' is Coming October 23rd
  55. 'BioShock Infinite' Pits You Against a Mini-Gun Wielding Robot George Washington
  56. 'Assassin's Creed III' Confirmed for Wii U
  57. Three 'Battlefield 3' Expansions Coming This Year - So are Custom Servers
  58. Former 'World of Warcraft' Players Can Get Boosted to Level 80 Upon Return
  59. Molyneux leaving Lionhead
  60. Akira Yuki from 'Virtua Fighter' Will be Playable in 'Dead or Alive 5'
  61. EA Opens a Gothenburg Studio to Focus on the Frostbite 2 Engine
  62. 'Halo 4' Beta Test is Unlikely, Says Game Director
  63. THQ Announces the 'Darksiders II' Special Edition
  64. Lulzsec leader was a mole for US government, group arrested.
  65. Defenders of Ardania
  66. Hitman: Absolution will support crowds of 1200 people.
  67. Dust 514 Now Free to Play on PS3
  68. Rumor: Capcom is Working on 'Darkstalkers 4'
  69. 'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor' Comes out June 19th
  70. 'Ridge Racer' Hits the Vita on March 13th with Free DLC
  71. 'Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time' Coming Out This Fall
  72. Fable Heroes coming to XBLA
  73. Doom 4?
  74. 'Minecraft' Creator Notch Persson Distributes $3 Million in Dividends Among Employees
  75. 'God of War II' Director Joins 'Tomb Raider' Developers
  76. Sony's Vita Event Streams Live on March 9th
  77. Sony is Shutting Down Four MMOs in March
  78. COD: Black ops 2 listed by french website
  79. Blizzard to lay off 600 employees
  80. Facebook Being Investigated Over Forced Use of Credits to Pay for Games
  81. Looks like a new Baldur's Gate is coming.
  82. 'Sniper Elite V2' Preorder Bonus is a Chance to Kill Hitler
  83. European Retailer GAME Won't be Selling 'Mass Effect 3' or Future EA Titles
  84. Insomniac CEO Ted Price Says Creating New IPs is Scary but Refreshing
  85. HBO Go Comes to the Xbox 360 on April 1st
  86. Now Posting Additional Gaming News in the Games Section
  87. Bethesda is Hiring for Next-Gen Consoles - Direct X 11 Experience a Plus
  88. 'Soulcalibur V,' 'Saints Row: The Third' and More $39 at Amazon and Best Buy
  89. Amazon Lightning Deals for Today Include 'Final Fantasy XII-2' and 'The Darkness 2'
  90. PlayStation Gamers' Choice Awards 2012 Start Today
  91. A 'Boondock Saints' Videogame is on the Way
  92. Valve Opens up 'Counter-Stike: Global Offensive' Beta - Fill Out a Survey and Hope
  93. 'Game of Thrones' Pre-Order Art Book Revealed
  94. Killzone 3 MP Free (kinda)
  95. gamestop sold me a used dfgt as new!
  96. Jet Set Radio coming to PSN and XBLA
  97. You Can Pre-Order Mass Effect 3 Now Via PSN
  98. 'Mass Effect 3' Ships with Reversible Cover for Female Shepards
  99. 'Guild Wars 2' Beta Signups Open for 48 Hours
  100. EA Pulls its 'Battlefield 3' iOS Game for Lack of Quality
  101. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  102. Syndicate
  103. Capcom, Namco and Sega Teaming for... Something.
  104. 'Madden NFL 13' Will Feature a Revamped Defense
  105. The Last Story coming to NA later this year
  106. Whos getting a Vita?
  107. Sony patents Kinect-like device
  108. Vox games now Live
  109. Speaking of Tribes....
  110. The Official 'Skyrim' iOS App is Out and Free, Sort Of
  111. The Legend of Zelda Symphony is Coming to a Town Near You
  112. Buy Two Get One Free Vita Games on Amazon - Larger Selection than Target and GameStop
  113. Orion: Dino Beatdown....
  114. Alan Wake PC recoups costs within 48 hours
  115. Retro City Rampage coming this May.
  116. Buy Two Get One Free on Select Vita Games at GameStop
  117. Bethesda Not Allowed to Release 'Fallout 3' and 'Oblivion' Bundle on PS3
  118. 'Call of Duty' for Vita is Coming This Fall
  119. Sony Store Vita Launch Events Will Have Developers On Hand, Vitas to Play in Line
  120. 'SSX' Demo Drops on Xbox 360 and PS3 Tomorrow
  121. Dragon Ball Z Kinect
  122. Live action COD
  123. BioWare Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn Leaves the Company and the Industry
  124. NCsoft is Working on a Console Version of 'Guild Wars 2'
  125. 'Ni no Kuni' Will Come to the US This Winter
  126. Double Fine's Adventure Game will Come to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  127. Journey out March 13th
  128. Vita's Super Groovy Thread (now with more rainbows)
  129. Dear Esther
  130. Assassin's Creed III
  131. Team Ninja Will Tame 'Dead or Alive 5' - Possible Crossover with 'Virtua Fighter'
  132. 'Far Cry 3' Slated for September 4th Release
  133. More Shipments of 'Radiant Historia' are on the Way
  134. 70% of GameStop DLC Sales are Paid in Cash, Gift Cards or Credit
  135. 'Resistance: Burning Skies' Announced for PlayStation Vita
  136. xbox 360 vga cable question
  137. 'Mass Effect 3' Demo is Out Today - Game is Finished Ahead of Schedule
  138. Epic Revealing Unreal Engine 4 Later This Year
  139. Blizzard Opposes Valve's Use of DOTA Trademark
  140. Over Half of Homes Have an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii - PS3 and 360 Play Time Up Significan
  141. Namco Bandai is Forming a Studio Focused Solely on Game Development
  142. Activision Blizzard Says 'Diablo III' Coming This Spring - New 'Call of Duty' Out Thi
  143. 'MLB 2K12' and 'NBA 2K12' $69.99 Combo Pack Coming to Xbox 360
  144. 'World of Warcraft' Being Recreated in Minecraft
  145. Double Fine Making a New Adventure Game Funded by Kickstarter
  146. 'Starhawk' First Printing Will Have Free DLC, Soundtrack and Warhawk - GameStop Only
  147. 'Skyrim' Creation Kit and High Resolution Texture Pack Available - 'Skyrim' 33% Off t
  148. Resident Evil: Revelations (discussion and Raid Mode meet up thread)
  149. Notch interested in Psyconauts 2.
  150. 'Microsoft Flight' Launches for Free on February 29th
  151. Apple Removes 59 Clone Games from the App Store
  152. Eat Sleep Play Switching Focus to Mobile Games - Jaffe Leaving Company to do the Same
  153. Study Shows XBLA Games are Getting More Expensive while Review Scores are Dropping
  154. BioWare Apologizes for Errors in 'Mass Effect' Novel - Will Correct for Next Printing
  155. "PlayStation Network" Becomes "Sony Entertainment Network" on Wednesday
  156. Oklahoma State Rep Wants to Tax Violent Videogames
  157. 'Mass Effect 3' Demo Bumps Silver Members to Gold - Facebook App Gives Away Prizes
  158. Things not going well for THQ
  159. 'The Simpsons Arcade Game' is Coming to the Xbox 360 Tomorrow
  160. PSN Down Today - "Most Online Play" Unaffected
  161. Skyrim 1.4 is Out on Steam Now - Console Updates on the Way
  162. Time to end the "cutscene"?
  163. Kaz Hirai Replaces Stringer as Sony CEO
  164. Select GameStop Stores Will Host 'Amalur' Game Creators at Midnight Launches
  165. The Phoenix Wright Movie Will Come to the US
  166. PlayStation Plus Members Get 'The Simpsons Arcade Game' Free on February 7th
  167. 'EverQuest' Will go Free-to-Play in March
  168. 'SSX' Will Use Online Pass to Unlock Content
  169. Final Fantasy XIII-X2 or My Hands Part Deux.
  170. Random Gaming Posts: Straight Outta Members!
  171. The Vita 3G Launch Bundle Packs an 8GB Card, a Free Game and 250MB of Free 3G
  172. Korea May Restrict Minors From Gaming Over Three Hours
  173. 'Indie Game: The Movie' Wins Best Editing at Sundance
  174. Assassin's Creed heads to American Revolution - Rumour
  175. New Wii U info
  176. The 'Twisted Metal' Demo is Coming January 31st
  177. California Must Pay $950,000 to ESA Over Unconstitutional Law
  178. Some new Warface screenshots
  179. Side Scrolling Mario Game Coming to the 3DS
  180. Nintendo Expects to Lose $575,000,000 for 2011
  181. Netflix Drops Plans to Rent Videogames - "Looking Into" 3D
  182. Insomniac is Done with the 'Resistance' Franchise
  183. BlizzCon Cancelled This Year Due to "Jam Packed Schedule"
  184. Official 'Minecraft' LEGOs are On the Way
  185. Sources Say the Next Xbox Will Pack Six Times More GPU Power
  186. 'Tetris' is the Best Selling PSN Game of 2011
  187. Rumor: Microsoft is Ditching Microsoft Points
  188. 'Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock' Hits PC, PS3 and Vita in March
  189. Rocksteady's new game?
  190. GTA 3, Vice City coming to PSN as PS2 classics
  191. David Jaffe Talks 'Twisted Metal' Demo, Day One Patch, Online Pass and More
  192. The ESA Pulls SOPA Support Now that the Bill is Dead
  193. 'Guild Wars 2' Coming in 2012, Beta Testing Starts in Spring
  194. 'Skyrim' Patch 1.4 Announced 'Creation Kit' for PC Mods Coming Soon
  195. Resident Evil 6 (11/20/12)
  196. 'Mortal Kombat' is Coming to the Vita at 60fps
  197. 'Starhawk' Coming May 8th, Beta for PlayStation Plus Members is Live
  198. Zynga's Newest Games Flop - Analysts Grow Concerned
  199. 'World of Warcraft' is Coming to Facebook : [Update: No it Isn't]
  200. Super Mario. Bros Crossover 2.0 Introduces New Characters and an SNES Look
  201. PSN's "12 for '12" Game Sale Gives you 30% Off Hot Downloadable Titles
  202. Bungie, Razer, Good Old Games, Riot, Runic and Obama Admin Speak Out Against SOPA
  203. 'Limbo' is Now Available on Mac
  204. THQ Wipes Out Games Planned for 2014 to Ready Itself for Sale (rumor)
  205. Razer project fiona
  206. Retail Gaming Sales Drop 21% in December
  207. Playing EA Demos Will Unlock Items in Other EA Games
  208. Namco Bandai Says Your Cries for a 'Dark Souls' PC Port Have Been Heard
  209. Microsoft Puts Streaming TV Service on Hold
  210. Rumor: Sony May Be Done With Videogame Consoles
  211. OnLive is Coming to Google TV
  212. Kinect for Windows Runs $100 More Than Xbox Version
  213. MadCatz Unveils 'Street Fighter X Tekken' Arcade Sticks and Fight Pads
  214. Survey Finds that Backwards Compatibility is Most Important for New Hardware
  215. Major League Gaming Moves Over 100 Domains from GoDaddy to Oppose SOPA
  216. Want Dark Souls on PC? Namco Bandai Employee Says Petition
  217. Best Buy Predicts 'Diablo III' Release Date - Blizzard Says No
  218. Seen any Singstar styled titles for the Japanese audience?
  219. New Xbox AND PS4 to debut at E3?
  220. Game Developers Choice Awards Nominees Announced
  221. Vita Sales Continue to Sink - Still Well Under PSP Sales
  222. The Tester Season 3
  223. Firaxis Working On X-Com Strategy Game
  224. Xbox Live Indie Games Get Bigger, Price Minimums Get Smaller
  225. Steam Hits 5 Million Simultaneous Users on January 2nd
  226. Evo Announces Fighting Game Lineup for 2012 Tournament Season
  227. The 2012 Year in Games
  228. Real Life Wipeout...possible?
  229. 3DS Beats the Wii in First Year Sales in U.S.
  230. Indie Games 'Super Meat Boy' and 'Bastion' Hit Huge Sales Milestones
  231. RIP Kotaku
  232. Epic Mickey 2 coming Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
  233. Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and EA Pull SOPA Support
  234. Digital Distribution Helps Make up for Declining Retail Sales
  235. Child's Play Raises $2,960,000 for Children's Hospitals
  236. 'Fez' Rated for XBLA - One Step Closer to Release
  237. Valve Says Any 'Half-Life 3' Rumors and Leaks are Community Created
  238. The New 'Twisted Metal' Comes with 'Twisted Metal: Black' for Free
  239. Shacknews editorial on the XBL FIFA scamming.
  240. Try These Six Game Themed Cocktails at your New Year's Party
  241. 2012 is the Last CES for Microsoft
  242. Paid DLC is Coming to the 3DS with 'Fire Emblem'
  243. PS3 HDMI issue
  244. 'Skyward Sword' Downloadable Fix is in the Works
  245. 'SSX' Pushed Back Two Weeks to February 28th
  246. BioWare says the Next 'Dragon Age' Will Take Cues From 'Skyrim'
  247. Witness the End of 'Star Wars Galaxies' From a Player's Point of View
  248. 'Devil May Cry' HD Collection Hits April 3rd, 2012
  249. Capcom Releases Free 'Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3' DLC and Reveals 'MvC 3' Vita Info
  250. PlayStation Issues Immediate Patch for Vita Bugs and Freezes