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  1. PlayStation Issues Immediate Patch for Vita Bugs and Freezes
  2. The Steam Holiday Sale is Live - PC Gamers Rejoice
  3. Early 3DS Adopters Get 10 Free GBA Games
  4. PlayStation Vita Launches in Japan
  5. PSV frestricted to one PSN account after all.
  6. Child's Play Charity Hits $1.95 Million in Donations
  7. CD/DVD Storage and Care....
  8. Club Nintendo Points Can Now Be Exchanged for Games
  9. 'Skyrim' Ships 10 Million Copies - Dominates PC Sales
  10. Drake's Journal
  11. Cancelled: Top 10 Video-Games That Could Have Been
  12. Microsoft Replaces Don Conyer as Project Lead for Xbox 720
  13. The Last of Us- Naughty Dog
  14. Redbox Top Game Rentals of 2011 May Surprise
  15. What titles do you regret not getting to play this year?
  16. NYU Adds a Masters in game Design for Fall 2012
  17. 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Early Access Program is Now Live
  18. Humble Indie Bundle 4 Includes 'Cave Story,' 'Super Meat Boy,' 'Bit.Trip Runner' and
  19. Child's Play Charity Drive Hits $1.5 Million in 2011 - $10 Mil Total
  20. 'Modern Warfare 3' Hits $1 Billion in Sales Faster than 'Avatar'
  21. Capcom Plans to Rebuild Bridges with Disappointed 'Mega Man' Fans
  22. Epic games' Fortnite
  23. C and C Generals 2.....!
  24. Spike VGAs
  25. Metal Gear Rising trailer; developed by Platinum
  26. Last Story gets European Release Date.
  27. Tim Sweeny of Epic Games Will be Inducted to the AIAS Hall of Fame
  28. 'Chrono Trigger' Comes to the iPhone
  29. Nintendo offering game downloads through Club Nintendo.
  30. Blizzard Offers Massive Discounts on 'World of Warcraft' and Expansions
  31. OnLive Comes to iOS and Android Devices
  32. Miyamoto retiring as Nintendo head designer to work on small projects.
  33. Xbox Live Patch Issues....
  34. Major League Gaming Brings in 3.5 Million Unique Viewers - Dominates the 18-24 Demogr
  35. 'Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand' DLC Available Now for PS3 - Xbox Next Week
  36. Trine 2 out now!
  37. Vudu, Verizon, HBO Go and Xfinity On Demand to Launch on Xbox 360
  38. Epic revealing new IP at the VGAs
  39. Electronic Frontier Foundation Seeks to Protect Jailbreaking and Modding
  40. Two Million Players Participate in 'Old Republic' Beta
  41. PlayStation Vita Games Will be Cheaper to Download than at Retail
  42. Your top 10 for 2011
  43. Xenoblade Chronicles coming to NA
  44. New 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Trailer Reveals Improved Combat System
  45. 'Indie Game: The Movie' is Going to Sundance
  46. South Park: The RPG Coming in DECEMBER 2013
  47. Best Buy Bundle Includes a $100 PS3 with the Purchase of a PlayStation 3D TV
  48. GamePro is Shutting its Doors for Good
  49. Team ICO Lead Reportedly Leaves Sony - Still Working on 'Last Guardian'
  50. EverQuest 2 Going Free-To-Play in Early December
  51. HDD Star Wars: The Old Republic poll
  52. Question about piracy
  53. WWE '12 Question, for the PS3
  54. What would you like for the next gen systems?
  55. Dragon Age goes Multiplayer [rumor]
  56. 'World of Warcraft' Patch 4.3 is Live
  57. PS3 Software Version 4.0 Releases This Week
  58. Robomodo wants us/you/them to fund their next game.
  59. Sony Rumored to be Working on a 'Smash Bros.' Style Fighter with Sony Game Stars
  60. Sony's Vita Memory Cards are Insanely Expensive
  61. 'Angry Birds' Developers Reportedly Turn Down $2.25 Billion Buyout Offer
  62. Microsoft Rumored to be Teaming with Sony and Vizio for a Kinect TV
  63. The Indie Music Bundle - 17 Albums for $10
  64. Microsoft Building New Version of Kinect For Windows PC
  65. One Million Paying for Call of Duty Elite - Four Million Signed up for Free Version
  66. Xbox 360 Update December 6th Includes Cloud Save Storage
  67. 'StarCraft II' is Half Off Directly Through Blizzard until Monday
  68. 'Final Fantasy' Producer Aims for Quicker Development Cycles
  69. Hori's 'Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3' Fight Stick Arrives December 8th
  70. PSN Sale Gives You 30% Off - 50% if You're a PlayStation Plus Subscriber
  71. PlayStation Introduces Crackle Movie Sharing and Ustream to PS3
  72. Super Mario 3D Land
  73. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Missing 'Battlefield 1943' Copies With 'Battlefield 3
  74. Namco Bandai is Dissolving the Tales Studio
  75. 1,600 Cheaters Banned from 'Modern Warfare 3'
  76. MechWarrior Reboot Using CryEngine 3, Free-to-Play
  77. Call of Duty Elite Won't be Functional for a Few More Weeks
  78. GameStop Sales Go Up as Profits Go Down
  79. Metal Gear Solid 5 (Kojima Developing)
  80. Lineage Eternal - Korea's Take on Diablo 3
  81. Vivendi Sells Off $427 Million of Activision Blizzard Stock
  82. Studios Working on Next-Gen Xbox Games for 2012 Console Release
  83. PS3 Users Get a Free Copy of 'Saint's Row 2' with 'Saint's Row: The Third'
  84. PSN Down tomorrow For Routine Scheduled Maintenance
  85. SOPA/PIPA. Internet screwed?
  86. OnLive Offers a Free Console with an 'Assassin's Creed Revelations' Pre-order
  87. Amazon Offers Buy One, Get One Half Off on New Games
  88. Mega Ran 10 'Mega Man' Hip-Hop CD is Out Now
  89. New Wii Model Loses GameCube Software and Controller Support
  90. Minecraft Beta Ends - Version 1.0 Released
  91. Over Half of U.S. Homes Have Game Consoles
  92. IGN: It's a bad time to be an FPS fan
  93. Sony Announces UMD Solution for PS Vita
  94. 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Collector's Edition Includes a Four Disc Soundtrack and More
  95. 'XCOM' Gets Pushed Back a Few Months
  96. Steam Hacked, Valve Investigating Possible Credit Card Theft
  97. Call of Duty Elite Subscribers Get a Free Month Due to Outage
  98. Walmart Gives Up 'Arkham City,' 'Battlefield 3,' 'Gears of War 3' and More for $28
  99. This Is Actually Happening!!! GOTY, Right Here Folks!
  100. Jak & Daxter collection confirmed
  101. Simpsons arcade gaming coming to XBL/PSN.
  102. Sony Will Introduce a Special Move Peripheral for 'BioShock Infinite'
  103. ThinkGeek Will Sell a Talking Cave Johnson 'Portal 2' Portrait
  104. 'MineCraft' Sells 4 Million Copies Before Leaving Beta
  105. Xbox "Loop" (Codename for the 720)
  106. The Sega Dreamcast Fanclub
  107. New Bioware game reveal at VGAs.
  108. G== Gearbox Honors Fan Who Passed Away by Making him an NPC in Borderlands 2
  109. Ubisoft Gets Full Creative Control of 'Assassin's Creed' Movie
  110. HDD entering games reporting?
  111. PS3 limiting game sharing to 2 consoles...
  112. A Trio of 'Silent Hill' Titles are Coming in 2012
  113. 'Chrono Cross,' 'Final Fantasy V' and 'Final Fantasy VI' are Coming to PSN
  114. 'DC Universe Online' Gets 120,000 New Users on Free-to-Play Model
  115. Joe Danger on XBLA
  116. Playstation Home *re-design*
  117. Coming back to gaming after almost a year off. Suggestions please.
  118. RIP Radant128
  119. Rocksmith anyone?
  120. Played both Gears of war 3 and Resistance 3 today....
  121. GTA V Announced
  122. Grand Theft Auto 5
  123. SSX Gets a release date!!!! New videos as well........
  124. Did anyone else get an Xbox software update today?
  125. Watch your XBL accounts
  126. Free-to-play Shadowrun Online announced
  127. Square Enix's new "Luminous Engine"...
  128. Tim Caine joins Obsidian! Fallout party!
  129. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
  130. To Michael!!!
  131. Chrono Trigger on PSN
  132. Sony Pushes PSN Exclusives, Including PS2 Emulation
  133. PS Vita 3G capped at 20 mb downloads.
  134. Lord of The Rings: War In The North
  135. Ico + Shadow of the Colossus collection
  136. Dead Space 3: First details?
  137. Gordon Freeman returns!!!
  138. What is the most surprising and the most disappointing game this year so far?
  139. No sequal for Enslaved
  140. Chrono Cross for PSN rtated by ESRB
  141. NCIS.....the game.
  142. THQ collaborating with Crytek UK for Homefront 2
  143. Netflix DVD service becomes Qwikster and has game rental upgrade option
  144. BF2: The Pwned Life.... (NSFW)...
  145. TGS: New Suikoden Announced!!!!
  146. Xbox TV is Coming for Christmas
  147. Cracked: 5 ways to tell if you're getting too old for videogames
  148. Daytona USA Headed to PSN/XBLA?!?!
  149. Project Draco Details (Panzer Dragoon Successor)
  150. PS Vita Reality Fighters Demo
  151. MAME & Other Emulators
  152. Dead or Alive 5 Coming in 2012
  153. Final Fantasy X HD remake for PS3/Vita!!!!
  154. Gamestop launching branded Android gaming tablet next year
  155. Max Payne 3: May 2012
  156. *RUMOR* Xbox 360 Finally Opening Up to Steamworks
  157. Crysis Confirmed for PS3/360
  158. New Mechwarrior Game Still Lives!
  159. Dragon Quest X
  160. L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi is shut down
  161. 3DS Ambassador Program now live!
  162. Raspberry Pi playing Quake III!
  163. Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena for Xbox 360 and PS3
  164. Bayonetta 2?
  165. Hello Numen....
  166. Zelda: Skyward Sword *INFO on Game Breaking Glitch Inside*
  167. Tekken X DOA?
  168. The "Seriously, where is the next .... Game?" thread
  169. Microsoft teases quad core tablet, Windows 8 could be inside
  170. Portal live action vid...
  171. Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - September 6th (demo out now!)
  172. Metro: Last Light (2034) 12 minute gameplay
  173. Origin EULA looks pretty bad
  174. CryEngine 3 SDK downloaded 100,000 times in 5 days...
  175. Interesting Carmack interview...
  176. Sonic CD Coming to Xbox Live
  177. Recording PS3 and XBox360 Gaming Sessions to PC ?
  178. Dragons with jetpacks?
  179. Gamescom 2011 Trailers/Gameplay Video Feed
  180. Sometimes I think Valve is just a bunch of gamers...
  181. Why most people don't finish video games (CNN Article)
  182. More on Possible Diablo 3 Console Port...
  183. Silent Hill HD Collection
  184. Xenoblade Chronicles: allegedly the best JRPG of this generation; is on Wii.
  185. Epic Developing 5 new games
  186. Why did this get moved again?
  187. Counter-Strike: Clobal Saturation
  188. Driver: San Francisco
  189. And it Begins... Champion Jockey to launch on all consoles
  190. New side-scroller "Limbo"...
  191. Hey, Bethesda...Don't start acting like a dick.
  192. I'd say Japanese CEO's are a LITTLE different than NA CEO's....
  193. USA Today: EA could lose over $1B in NCAA athlete suit
  194. HBO Go coming to game consoles, bringing all-you-can-eat HBO to the TV
  195. Borderlands 2, not named Borderworlds, coming.
  196. Amazing complete mods for STALKER
  197. Nintendo cutting the price of the 3DS to $169.99
  198. Is Piracy Good?
  199. ps3 problem help!!
  200. Good game for 9 year old?
  201. Bulletstorm didn't make Epic any money...
  202. Tekken Bowl (iOS)
  203. Resident Evil 6
  204. Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 with Kinect
  205. World of Tanks got a better review than I thought.....
  206. BFBC2 explosion fun,,,,
  207. Anyone ever play Altitude??
  208. Grasshopper Manufacturing 'Lollipop Chainsaw' for PS3 and 360
  209. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 additions leaked:
  210. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Guides in OP)
  211. XBL/PSN are forming into Voltron this October!
  212. $458 Budget Gaming PC
  213. New PC Exclusive FPS: Hard Reset
  214. Army of Two going offline....
  215. Yoo Star 2??? anyone have it?
  216. New Hack-N-Slash ("action RPG) from Grinding Gear Games....
  217. Paradox sales are 90% digital, “we don’t really need retailers any more” says CEO
  218. Sony introduces "PSN Pass" program...
  219. Valve making a strategy game?
  220. Sony quietly tests PlayStation Network revamp
  221. Ms. Splosion Man Coming tomorrow!
  222. GTA IV HD mod.....super cool!
  223. Top 100 Modern Video Games
  224. Trine 2 announced!
  225. Xbox 360 to get PS3 style MLAA
  226. Crysis 1 Now Headed to Xbox360/PS3??
  227. Steam Summer Camp Sale
  228. Do you invert your controls?
  229. Beyond Good And Evil HD
  230. Blacklight: Retribution. F2P beta....
  231. Game Critics Awards E3 2011 Winners
  232. PC Gamings savior arrives: STREET CLEANER SIM IS HERE!!!
  233. Looking for savegame descriptions
  234. Team Fortress 2 now free.....forever!
  235. Arma 2: Free......now live!
  236. Sonic Generations (PS3, XBOX360, PC, 3DS)
  237. NSFW British firm advertises for naked female web coders
  238. Redbox
  239. Crysis 2 DX11....!!
  240. FEAR 3 Reactions?
  241. Help! My PS3 is broken!
  242. Massive Team Fortress 2 update this Thursday,,,,
  243. Red Box now rents video games, starting today.
  244. Devil May Cry Series HD - PS3 - Oh yeah!
  245. The Wii U Will Not Play Blu-ray or DVDs
  246. Steam now supporting free-to-play games!
  247. Tropico 4!
  248. Wizardy rebooted.........as an MMO?
  249. Best Buy trade in program
  250. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters