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  1. X-Men origins: Wolverine thoughts and reviews
  2. Which movie will have the better opening weekend for May??
  3. Summer Box Office Predictions:
  4. Kelly McGillis is....
  5. 'Wall Street' sequel on the way
  6. Generation Kill
  7. First Professional Reviews for Star Trek Say It is 'Da Bomb'!!!!!
  8. H2 Trailer
  9. Rob Zombie's Halloween: which version?
  10. The Soloist (2009)
  11. Earth
  12. Hannibal movies question?
  13. The Hurt Locker (trailer)
  14. New TF footage....
  15. Anyone seen The Hammer with Adam Carolla?
  16. "State of Play" is SOOOOO much better than "The International"
  17. X-Men to get pseudo re-boot through first class?
  18. Final HP: HBP trailer!
  19. The Condemned vs Battle Royale vs Running Man vs Death Race
  20. Two mob movies I have never seen..any good?
  21. Check out "Splinter"
  22. Questions for those who have seen 'Revolver'
  23. Observe and Report
  24. Fearless vs. Ip Man-Best Martial Arts epic
  25. Mike Judge's 'Extract' trailer
  26. Battle for Terra in 3D!!! we need more 3D on HD
  27. "Star Trek" Screened in Texas; Reviews Fantastic!!!!!
  28. New Film: Randomocity
  29. Mike Patton set for Transformers sequel
  30. Question about open-matte movies
  31. Fox Tells Distributors to Pay for Their Own 3-D Glasses, Regal said NO
  32. Avatar: The Last Airbender from M. Night Shyamalan
  33. Jackie Earle Haley signs on to be Freddy Krueger
  34. Anybody see Fast and Furious yet??
  35. Sam Raimi returns to horror with 'Drag Me to Hell'
  36. What will Fox do now that Wolverine has leaked out???
  37. Global boxoffice up 5.2% in 2008
  38. David Cronenberg Planning a Sequel to 'Eastern Promises'
  39. The Hobbit
  40. Anyone see Monsters vs Aliens yet??
  41. Controversial Houdini bio lands at Summit
  42. Call For Entries
  43. Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro are The Three Stooges!?!
  44. Where the Wild Things Are--New Trailer!
  45. Favourite court scenes?
  46. Banned from TV Family Guy Clip
  47. DVDs to order from Warner Bros.
  48. DC Superheroes Go PG-13
  49. Duplicity
  50. Name That Horror Movie!!
  51. Knowing
  52. 7 Hilarious Cinematic Gimmicks
  53. How is this possible...
  54. Catherine Hardwicke Takes 'Maximum Ride'
  55. Original STAR WARS - Non-Anamorphic?
  56. The Illusionist vs Prestige
  57. Natasha Richardson had died....
  58. Canada Day, 2011.....yesss.....
  59. 'Bodyguard' Remake with Rihanna and Channing Tatum?
  60. MacGyver to hit the big screen
  61. Actor Ron Silver Dies
  62. Latest Recession Victim: "Monsters vs. Aliens" 3D
  63. New Dates for Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers
  64. The Last House On The Left ( 2009 )
  65. Stephen King's IT...
  66. Drag Me to Hell--Trailer
  67. Short Film Competition: Call for entries
  68. 'Fantastic Four' To Get the Reboot?
  69. Movies either loved or hated
  70. President Obama's gift: 25 movies on..... DVD
  71. LOST Series on Blu-Ray
  72. Aw YEAH! MGM and WWE to Remake 'Missing in Action'! That ROCKS!
  73. Fourth Mad Max Movie is an Anime…
  74. Blood: The Last Vampire trailer
  75. So WATCHMEN is pretty much the best film of ALL TIME!
  76. Poll: Which credit most dictates your decision to see a movie?
  77. Latest Star Trek Trailer
  78. New HBP Trailer:
  79. Reviews of "Watchmen" Decidedly Mixed
  80. The Return of the Gangster Film! Public Enemies
  81. NEW Terminator: Salvation FULL trailer
  82. Buy Xbox Live product, get two movie tickets to Watchmen free
  83. Do you think 3D in movies will prove to be successful??
  84. Next Narnia movie gets a new writer...
  85. WATCHMEN Advanced Screening codes
  86. 'Total Recall' ready for revival
  87. "The best tracking shots in cinema"
  88. Jackson's Fury in flurry of Marvel films
  89. 50 Cent talks Saint's Row movie
  90. Michel Gondry to Direct 'Green Hornet'
  91. Will Ledger's last role get U.S. play?
  92. "Dark Knight" passes $1 billion at box office
  93. Rumor-Original BSG movie planned
  94. God of War movie shelved
  95. Any predictions for Watchmen??
  96. Short Film Contests - Call for Entries
  97. Listen: 'Watchmen' Screenwriter Compares Fox to Satan
  98. 'Watchmen' Director's Cut to Hit Theaters in July?!
  99. 10 Essential Facts About 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'
  100. No Rourke for Iron Man 2???
  101. On The Set: Fast & Furious 4
  102. Sarvam Trailer
  103. Marty
  104. Ridley Scott films
  105. The Rock is Race Bannon and Zac Efron is Jonny Quest?!
  106. I love you Beth Cooper trailer
  107. Blu-ray-Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas
  108. Rhona Mitra.
  109. Which was worse: Miami Vice or Wanted?
  110. Disney hires new scribe for '20,000 Leagues'
  111. Inglourious Basterds
  112. Tom Cruise spies 'Matarese Circle'
  113. 9
  114. Disney to distribute Dreamworks films
  115. Favorite Fight Scene(s)
  116. Watchmen!
  117. Arnie in T4?
  118. Why...?
  119. Actor James Whitmore (Shawshank Redemption) dies
  120. Red Band Trailer for Observe & Report
  121. How do you feel about subs and dubbed speech in films?
  122. Anyone else seeing Office Space in Austin?
  123. Regal Entertainment Group Presents Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
  124. 'Casino Royale' Helmer to Take On 'Green Lantern'
  125. Will Superhero Movies Soon Leave General Audiences in the Dust?
  126. Coolest movie title
  127. Academy chief promises 'truly different' Oscars
  128. 2009 Summer movies....
  129. Teaser for Transformers 2
  130. New Transformers 2 Teaser
  131. The Dark Knight or Quantum of Solace?
  132. Knowing is half the battle..
  133. Predator REBOOT!
  134. Rambo goes where?
  135. Does anyone here know about UltimateDisney.com?
  136. Ghost Rider 2 in the works (Nicolas Cage is back)
  137. Who directs He-Man?...
  138. If you could only have one: THE GAME vs FALLING DOWN?
  139. Fox picks up Narnia Series
  140. Underworld 4 & TV Series?
  141. Bonnie and Clyde on the Big Screen Again
  142. 2012
  143. Outlander?
  144. The secret history of why Disney dumped 'Narnia'
  145. The Sixth Sense - best thriller since 1999?
  146. My Bloody Valentine 3D seen six times more in 3D than 2D
  147. ACE VENTURA vs DUMB & DUMBER - which is funnier?
  148. Gears Of War Trilogy Of Movies! A Darker Lord Of The Rings
  149. JP: HBP trailer
  150. Underworld: Rise of The Lycans
  151. David Krauss on The Globes vs. The Oscars
  152. Standard Operating Procedure and Pineapple Express Blu Reviews
  153. Small bit of Hobbit news...
  154. 'Tom & Jerry' Head Back to the Big Screen
  155. Megan Fox has emerged as a replacement of Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Tomb Raider?
  156. Guess the winner: Make your Oscar Prediction.
  157. Academy Award Nominations Begin Now
  158. Whole Bloody Affair--developments
  159. Taken
  160. Rob Thomas Confirms 'Veronica Mars' Movie
  161. Movies that Need to be Made?
  162. My Bloody Valentine actually GOOD?!
  163. Notorious
  164. "Heath Ledger: The Inside Story": Entertainment Weekly
  165. Fox hunts down 'Cowboy Bebop'
  166. New Theatrical Trailer for 'Fast & Furious'
  167. The Informers Movie Trailer (Unrated NSFW)
  168. What were your fav movies of 2008?
  169. Scarlett Johansson To Be Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2'
  170. Your 'must-see' tv shows
  171. The Best Drama of Television
  172. No more Nick Fury???
  173. "9" the movie
  174. Focus Features Announces 2009 Slate
  175. Eckhart Teases Two Face Return
  176. Vanessa Hudgens Joining 'Twilight' Sequel?
  177. Last House on the Left (2009)
  178. Golden Globes Are Tonight!
  179. Oscars update: 'B.Button' &'Dark Knight" make latest cut-offs for best visual effects
  180. Fighting Trailer (Channing Tatum andTerrence Howard)
  181. Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell to Play 'Iron Man 2' Villain(s)!
  182. Watch American Carol DVD
  183. Most Anticipated Films of 2009
  184. Slammin' Salmon Trailer
  185. Villu stills
  186. Shazam! is dead, officially.
  187. I met Mickey Rourke last night!!1
  188. Valkyrie Review
  189. Disturbia: Most underrated thriller in the past 5 years
  190. Harsh words from Simon Pegg
  191. Black Dynamite trailer!
  192. Top 50 movie special effects shots
  193. Crank 2 trailer
  194. More Transformers 2 Pictures
  195. "9" the movie
  196. Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer
  197. International teaser for From Paris with Love
  198. WB not releasing Batman flick in China due to 'prerelease conditions,' 'sensitivities
  199. Disney says no to next Narnia film
  200. Your Top Ten Christmas Movies:
  201. My Benjamin Button Review
  202. Wow, I didn't even know they were making this!
  203. Ahhhh - the Golden Age of Hollywood . . .
  204. new Judge Dredd film green lit
  205. Your Worst Films of 2008
  206. I still feel cheated....
  207. Che
  208. Subtle Knife In Develpment At Warners
  209. Tron 2.0
  210. Knowing trailer - May 20th release
  211. Dance Flick
  212. The Spirit: New Worst Movie Ever?
  213. 'Twilight' sequel to be released Nov. 20, 2009
  214. Biggest flop ever
  215. Wolverine Trailer up on Myspace
  216. Gran Torino
  217. Punisher War Zone: How Do They Keep F**king Up This Character!?
  218. Hollywood meets Bollywood meets Kung-Fu.
  219. OMG!! Hugh Jackman to host Oscars!
  220. "Day The Earth Stood Still" Being Mercilessly Panned!
  221. Batman 3 news
  222. Golden Globes don't shine on Dark Knight...
  223. Dragonball Evolution trailer
  224. Terminator Salvation (Theatrical Trailer)
  225. 'Powder Blue' Trailer (aka Jessica Biel Stripper Flick)
  226. WOW!!! The LA Film Critics' Best Picture of the YEAR is....
  227. Slumdog Millionaire
  228. Good Nature Docs?
  229. Friday the 13th (full Theatrical Trailer)
  230. Dragonball: EVOLVED!
  231. Have you seen Legend of the Black Scorpion? Post your personal review of the film
  232. Best Picture Nomination buzz building for TDK!
  233. Michael Mann's Public Enemies for 2009
  234. Brownlow to script 'Captain Blood' ( WB Remake)
  235. Johnny Depp to Star in Hand of Dante
  236. BBC Narnia's
  237. WB Drops The Dark Knight Rerelease Plans
  238. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2
  239. Noble Son
  240. Forbidden Planet remake is comming !
  241. Thanksgiving Film Festival
  242. "Star Trek" Movie To Start With A Comic Book Series!!
  243. Top Ten Walt Disney/Pixar Films of All-Time
  244. The oscar campaign begins
  245. The Saw series vs the Hostel series
  246. Cheez Avenger's Top Ten Films of 2008.
  247. Criterion Coll. Salo, 120 Days of Sodom
  248. 20 Years Ago Today
  249. Seven Pounds Thread
  250. Splinter (2008)