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  1. 'Killshot'-- When will it be released??? *includes trailer*
  2. New "The Dark Knight" Teaser Posters
  3. Dark Knight 2nd Trailer (bootleg)
  4. First Details: Barker's Dread Coming to the Screen(a short story from Books of Blood)
  5. Universal options 'Resurrection' (based on the comic book written by "Eli Stone")
  6. The Dark knight 6 minute preview.
  7. Who is the most annoying TV/Movie character and why?
  8. Favreau and Howard Talk 'Iron Man' Sequels
  9. Killer Dark Knight Poster
  10. ‘Quantum of Solace’ Filming Suspended!(after 3 accidents hit the production in 5 days
  11. The Great Debaters--a great movie that many didn't see in theatres
  12. Guillermo Del Toro Confirmed for 'The Hobbit' Movies
  13. Rambo: First Blood, BACK IN THEATERS!!!
  14. Blockbuster films this May... Your take!
  15. Crank 2, Transporter 3, and Brazillian Job being made.
  16. Galleries > 2008 New York Comic Con
  17. The Strangers (2008) Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman.
  18. Question about Dark Knight.
  19. Pineapple Express
  20. I'm absolutely crushed to hear this news...
  21. Fido!
  22. 'The Visitor' perhaps ought to be named 'The Visitors', but...
  23. Your top twelve Sci-Fi/Fantasy films
  24. Best/Acceptable upconverted SD-DVD's
  25. Boll is at it...AGAIN!!
  27. Would you replace all your DVDs for High Def versions?
  28. Forbidden Kingdom was pretty good
  29. Autographed "Dark Knight" Poster and others!!
  30. what film observations/generalities do you believe?
  31. What movie franchise would you reboot? and Why?
  32. 'Fast and The Furious 4' Gets a Title and Official Plot!
  33. First 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Trailer!
  34. New Ben Stein movie should cause a stir
  35. (Harry) 'Potter' Author Seeks to Block Fan Book
  36. WB video premiere Batman: Gotham Knight DVD Trailer (Insane)
  37. Ice Age 3 in 2009
  38. Sexy Beast
  39. What do you guys think of this??
  40. 10 must-see summer movies (most-anticipated films of 2008)
  41. Disney Announces Slate of 10 Animated Pics. Cars2, Toy Story 3 and much more....
  42. Frank Darabont's Genius work
  43. 1,000,000 Signatures to End Uwe Boll's Directing of Horrible Movies
  44. Clooney's New Movie a Box Office Bomb?
  45. We have lost Charlton Heston...
  46. Zombie Strippers - Trailer
  47. Dimension Films is remaking Short Circuit.
  48. Street Kings (2008) Trailer
  49. Ironman 2008
  50. Lindsay Lohan Going Nude on Film????
  51. New 'Hellboy II' Trailer
  52. Brendan Fraser and The Rock Join 'G.I. Joe?'
  53. "phantoms"
  54. Which movies have you purchased on Both DVD and Blu-ray?
  55. Stuart Beattie Writes Spec Screenplay for Halo Movie
  56. My Kid Could Paint That
  57. Friday the 13th Remake: Jason Voorhees (2009)
  58. Son of Rambow (2008)
  59. Pathology (2008)
  60. Mongol (2008) Life of Genghis Khan.
  61. NEWS: Michael Bay To Remake Freddy, Jason, The Birds and Rosemary's Baby!
  62. Is Hayden Christensen the New Superman?
  63. Movies you used to like, but now hate?
  64. The Darjeeling Limited/ Wes Anderson titles
  65. How much will Dark Knight earn opening weekend???
  66. Goriest Movies
  67. best or worst trancefer/adaptation
  68. is it the writers or actorts fault this move stinks?
  69. We lost another great one, Richard Widmark
  70. The Lost Boys: the Tribe
  71. Abstract or Strange Movies
  72. The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection deal on Amazon
  73. The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection deal on Amazon
  74. Rambo 5 Details
  75. G.I Joe ( 2009 )
  76. Stop-Loss
  77. Red Alert! Star Trek Season 2 announced!
  78. 1980's Gems.
  79. 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies.
  80. Doomsday!!!
  81. southland tales: pure genius or snore worthy?
  82. Am I the only person that finds Peter M. Bracke's reviews annoying?
  83. Arthur C. Clarke Dies
  84. 'English Patient' Director Anthony Minghella Dies of Hemorrhage at 54
  85. Is this how Warner handles their films?
  86. Ninja Assassin Trailer
  87. Warner Bros. has acquired film rights to the Alexis Nolent graphic novel "Cyclops"
  88. Shine a Light (2008). Directed by Martin Scorsese
  89. Nim's Island 2008 (Fiction/Fantasy)
  90. 21 (Wide) Based on a true story
  91. Most Wanted Blu-Ray
  92. Hitchcock: In HD
  93. Best Picture Quality Films you've seen in HD
  94. Your viewing habits.
  95. Outlaw
  96. Movies like Blade Runner?
  97. Best Non-Mainstream Flicks
  98. For Star War Fans
  99. Anyone going to see Funny Games???
  100. Snow Angels.........i cant find a damn theater to see it lol
  101. Movies that people will not believe that you haven't seen
  102. Singer Confirms Superman Sequel
  103. Best Movie: By Decade
  104. Anyone half excited for Fast and Furious 4?
  105. Worst Movie Title of All Time?
  106. David Hasselhoff's best starring franchise?.
  107. Is 'Zoolander 2' Still Simmering?
  108. Fight Footage Released for 'The Red Baron'
  109. SAS guard Harry Potter(Daniel Radcliffe) after death threat
  110. Patrick Swayze- possibly soon departing this world
  111. Favorite Alternate Endings
  112. Final Destination 4
  113. Great Movie Scenes to Test Your Home Theater
  114. Do we have an Anime thread anywhere here?
  115. 'The Last Starfighter' is Getting a Sequel?!?
  116. Who do you think played Batman the best?
  117. *MoViEs WiTh BeSt RepLaY vALuE OnLy*
  118. Fourth Bourne Movie a go!
  119. Movies: Love, Hate, and Never Seen
  120. IRON MAN Trailer 2 in High Definiton - HERE!!
  121. Never Back Down (2008) Starring Djimon Hounsou
  122. Fast and The Furious 4 pics ad video of cars
  123. Terminator 4 has a release date
  124. "The Signal": brainwashing people to go stabby-stabby since 2008
  125. Your favourite TV seires? (poll)
  126. More Bourne, Damon, director reportedly sign for another
  127. Colin Ferrell to take Ledger's role of Dr. Parnassus
  128. Anyone seen Chain of Fools?
  129. Hot Fuzz not funny...
  130. WB to make 'Akira' into two live action feature films
  131. New Scene Added to Harry Potter 6 (not in the book)
  132. Iron Man Trailer Debut's Tonight Feb 21
  133. Space 1999 Fans: Barry Morse (Died Feb.2 2008)
  134. Monopoly the Movie?
  135. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
  136. Best Non-USA releases on BluRay or HD-DVD
  137. The Nines: Can Anybody Find It Cheaper Than $20?
  138. Quantum of Solace (2008) James Bond (007) is back
  139. Lockdown!!!!
  140. The Oscars
  141. 'Justice League' Moves Forward Without Batman and Superman?
  142. Indiana Jones 4 Teaser
  143. First Look: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine!'
  144. New 'Kung Fu Panda' Trailer!
  145. First Look: Anakin Skywalker from 'Star Wars' Animated Series!
  146. Attn: Anime fans (cheap dvd boxed sets!)
  147. Sleepwalking (2008) starring Charlize Theron
  148. Wanted (2008)
  149. Tolkien Estate Sues New Line Cinema
  150. 'Vantage Point'...anyone going to see this??
  151. 'The Incredible Hulk' Trailer
  152. Troy vs. Troy the Director's Cut
  153. Roy Scheider dead at 75.
  154. George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead
  155. movie oopsconsisntancy error /mistakes in actual facts.
  156. Taxi Driver
  157. Forbidden Kingdom
  158. Hottie and Nottie a total bust for Hilton
  159. 'The Incredible Hulk' Villain Revealed kinda
  160. Anyone seen the Nines?
  161. homage or burn?
  162. What David Lynch Movie Are You? Quiz!
  163. Does the Matrix hold up?
  164. $6 Million Kipnis Home Theater Seats 3, Might Be Worth the Money
  165. Hancock(Will Smith super hero movie)
  166. There Will Be Blood or No Country For Old Men?
  167. New or origional movie
  168. Any must-see foreign films?
  169. Blue Max in HD on MOJO
  170. Lack of Good Movies ??
  171. Move Over Spider-Man, Venom Is Getting His Own Movie!
  172. M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening trailer
  173. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actress
  174. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actor
  175. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Actress
  176. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Actor
  177. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Director
  178. 2008 Academy Awards - Best Picture
  179. 'Iron Man,' 'Wall-E' and 'Leatherheads' Superbowl Trailers
  180. pirates 2 could hit theaters
  181. WTF?? Not smackdown but.....
  182. Wanted "based on a graphic novel"?!?!
  183. Delete
  184. Hannah Montana beats Jessica Alba Box Office Weekend
  185. 300 opinions revisited
  186. Telefon (1977)
  187. Superbowl Trailers for 'Wanted' and 'Prince Caspian' Now Online
  188. Childhood movies.
  189. The Bank Job
  190. Your Favourite Movie Poster
  191. Freddy Kreugers back...
  192. Question to all Star Wars fans..
  193. 88 Minutes (2008) Starring Al Pacino.
  194. The Cottage Trailer
  195. Director Says 'Cloverfield' Monster Just a Baby
  196. Top 5 Unannounced HDM wants.
  197. Guillermo del Toro for 'The Hobbit'
  198. Clip of Cloverfield Monster SPOILER
  199. Johnny Depp could be stepping in for Heath Ledger...
  200. First Pics of Will Smith in Costume for 'Hancock'
  201. Channing Tatum Joins 'G.I. Joe' as Duke!
  202. Serenity vs. Star Wars
  203. Meet the Spartans not off to such a great start critically
  204. The Rambo Thread
  205. Toy Story Trio Goes 3-D!
  206. Saw V and Saw VI being shot simulataneously?
  207. Marvel Studios and WGA Sign Interim Agreement
  208. Would You Want a Remake of 'The Crow'? ...with Jason Statham?
  209. Concert film recommendation: Dresden Dolls
  210. Jessica Alba Updates Fan Four 3 and Dark Angel
  211. Myriad and Studio 407 Team Up for Hybrid
  212. Bay on Prepping Transformers 2 (strike or no strike)
  213. Live Action Film based on the animated movie: Blood the Last Vampire (2008)
  214. What impact do you think will cause the death of Heath Ledger to the Dark Night film?
  215. Heath ledger Dead!!!
  216. Razzie Nominations
  217. Official 2007 Academy Awards Thread
  218. 2007 Razzie Awards!
  219. Must-see movie for sure!!
  220. Star Trek (2008)
  221. Rambo Marathon
  222. just saw cloverfield
  223. tallentless actress-should of went into porn/ porn actress who actually has tallent.
  224. Master Chief to be supporting actor in Halo movie?
  225. best actress [roll was made for her]
  226. best (or worst) T&A movie [scene]
  227. Everybody must get ... STONED
  228. Would you recommend any of the Masters of Horror Films? A must see in your opinion?
  229. Mpaa#
  230. Do You Sit And Watch The End Credits?
  231. Actor Brad Renfo Dead at 25
  232. Child Actor BRAD RENFRO passes away.
  233. The end for Ewe Boll?? Say it ain't so!
  234. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' To Be Two Films?
  235. Am I a potential axe murderer?
  236. Best Robert De Niro performance...
  237. I'm anal and therefore I alphabetize my movies...but...
  238. Hollywood'isms and truths
  239. Lionsgate Making New "Conan" Films
  240. Anybody See Freak Out (2004)
  241. Teeth
  242. The Worst Movie of All Time
  243. trying to fins an older movie
  244. Repo! The Genetic Opera!
  245. The Hottie And The Nottie
  246. 10,000 B.c.
  247. Golden Globe Winners to be Announced Via Press Conference only.
  248. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (2010)
  249. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2008)
  250. Spider-Man 4 (2010 estimate)