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  1. Incorrect Linkage
  2. can we have a B/S/T
  3. time to clean up
  4. Can we have a CES thread?
  5. HD DVD Reviews page not up to date
  6. Updating previous reviews with Star-rankings?
  7. What about non Feature Film reviews?
  8. Exclusives!
  9. Help with board... (How to use the multi-quote feature)
  10. Adventures of Robin Hood HD DVD review?
  11. Happy Holidays!!
  12. The search function for our forum is not working at all.
  13. Is High-Def Digest becoming a HD DVD Fanboy Site?
  14. HD DVD + Amazon
  15. Great site!
  16. Isn't Manilow Live in Dolby TrueHD
  17. Video Game Forums?
  18. Image and Link requirements
  19. Sort Reviews by Overall Rating
  20. Consolidation
  21. How about listing codecs next to releases on the reviews page?
  22. Perhaps I can help you edit your copy ....
  23. About Jed's picture
  24. Feedback for "Console Wars: PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-On"
  25. HD DVD Release dates?
  26. Update for FAQ
  27. Please Consider Folks Who Have Registered Within A 30 Day Start of the Forum
  28. Peter B - THANK YOU for having the GUTS...
  29. PeterB needs an avatar. Should we make him one? Ideas?
  30. Please keep this forum neutral
  31. A problem with a thread
  32. Downtime?
  33. Active posts
  34. We need mods
  35. Drool smilie?
  36. Suggestion: international software forum
  37. Star rating on reviews
  38. How long will 'Founding Member' status continue for?
  39. Looking good so far !
  40. Will avatars be enabled?
  41. Thanks for the forum!