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  1. Why
  2. Supplying discs for review?
  3. Are the reviews fair on this site? I don't think so!
  4. samsung dual player review?
  5. Questions for reviewers
  6. The Fly: why no review on this site?
  7. When will Peter revisit Robocop?
  8. Great news on the DTS-HD MA review gear upgrade
  9. buy/sell trade score issues
  10. Hairspray overall score doesn't add up
  11. Review links not working
  12. Release date links not orking.
  13. I'm sick of these eBay threads.
  14. Capitalization?
  15. Podcast?
  16. This site is getting out of hand.. look at this
  17. Forum Time Stamp
  18. Ratatouille easter egg
  19. The Stealth Specs are gone?
  20. New Rule Suggestion
  21. Firmware Update? Question for Josh?
  22. What happened to the list of "active users?"
  23. Highdefdigest Chat room?
  24. Video reviews
  25. Please Mods - Clean up smackdown
  26. Smackdown vs Mayhem forum?
  27. Subscribing to threads
  28. Kmart VP's denial - did he actually say that? is the claim even true?
  29. Hey Mods!!
  30. Thank you for the Price Wars
  31. Just wanted to say.....
  32. Suggestion for a feature
  33. Bottom line
  34. One Problem with moving threads around
  35. The Search Function
  36. How do you create a poll?
  37. Im leaving this site
  38. Does High Def Digest favor HD DVD?
  39. Galaxina Discussion Link
  41. adult hd forum?
  42. News about the Samsung BD-P2400?
  43. Error in Flightplan Review
  44. Anybody else having trouble loading site?
  45. Nature's Journey Reviews?
  46. Blu-ray region-free info in Reviews.
  47. 2008 Release dates?????
  48. Joshau Zyber and Grain on films
  49. screen shots of dvd vs hd!?
  50. MODERATORs/WebMaster of HDD - Please Read (Lockdown ALL stupid AQ/PQ threads).
  51. Why was the FOX Thread moved????
  52. Mods/Powers that be: What does this mean when I click on a thread?
  53. Hardware reviews on this website?
  54. Happy Birthday to the Forums!!
  55. What's the deal with the clock?
  56. blu ray adds on hd dvd announcements?
  57. verify red dawn release date/ amazon has nov 20th?
  58. Error on BD "Night at the Museum"
  59. When are the rest of the starz reviews going up?
  60. When Will The Review System Get DTS-HD-MA?
  61. Podcast Thread Last Updated in June!
  62. Info About Subtitles
  63. Screwy RSS feed
  64. Are the moderators here biased towards PS3/Bluray?
  65. Error in Top Gun review...
  66. Wrong link for 'Lost'
  67. PMs
  68. Navigation suggestion
  69. Ocean's Eleven and Twelve has release date
  70. Smackdown Suggestion....
  71. Are we going to have a new review for Troy Extended Edition?
  72. Bram Stoker's Dracula Review contains big errors!!!
  73. New Buy/Feedback Score
  74. Bill Hunt bashing
  75. Can we have a new sub board, in the Game Smackdown forums...
  76. What's missing from High Def Digest reviews
  77. Amazon preorder RSS is broken..
  78. Quick Reply Window Has Shrunk
  79. rateing (0)
  80. How Bout All Box Office Related Threads in Sales Sub Forum
  81. Posting Pix
  82. Forum Features
  83. Always Switching Avatars?
  84. Review list sort options
  85. Forum Time
  86. Robocop - Both postponed and re-issued...
  87. negative comments in disc exchange forums
  88. Ip Ban Fraud Users!
  89. Spam???
  90. New rule about "news stories"
  91. For Trade / For Sale
  92. Get rid of smackdown forums.
  93. Avatar uploading
  94. Tmnt Hd-dvd
  95. This site is suddenly locking up Safari
  96. Minimum number of posts for the for sale forum
  97. CEDIA EXPO 2007 Thead
  98. Did someone just recently spam message the entire forum
  99. reviews
  100. PLEASE- Have a minimum number of posts requirement before a thread can be started
  101. Can we have a more organized good traders list?
  102. Add Warner's Best Of series to the release dates section
  103. Thank You!
  104. This forum sucks
  105. Should deliberately lying be moderation-worthy?
  106. Shaun of the dead review
  107. Lossless codecs on BD-P1000?
  108. IMAX: Blue Planet (HD DVD)
  109. Just curious....
  110. How the hell do y'all rate movies BEFORE they come out?!!?
  111. missing Full Metal Jacket Deluxe edition 10/23
  112. Having some issues
  113. Can we raise the limit of private message size?
  114. Administrator's Please
  115. Reporting News?
  116. Blades of Glory specs not actually updated!
  117. Missing some news
  118. Link question
  119. Rating system for threads
  120. Shooter review
  121. Sort Options, Sort by Movie Codec!
  122. Nature's Journey specs
  123. Shame on you Highdefdigest
  124. purple rain error / question?
  125. Review Neutrality Suggestion
  126. Biased reviews for HDDVD titles from High-Def Digest?
  127. Add Region Coding for BD in Specs?
  128. Releases for September 18
  129. Errors in the Wild Things review
  130. Can We Get An 'E3: 2007' Subforum?
  131. Signatures getting out of control
  132. Imax: Blue Planet release date
  133. "my personal store experience" subforum?
  134. What He Said
  135. New Microsoft Article error.
  136. User Reviews under selling sections?
  137. ? about NIN HD DVD audio review
  138. Trustworthy traders
  139. 2 titles missing from the HD DVD list of available and review
  140. The Untouchables Review contains wrong info
  141. Smackdown being flooded with "I switched/went blu/went hd" threads
  142. thread titles
  143. Calendar Glitch
  144. I have a problem on the Everything Else section.
  145. Special Recognition
  146. "hd Extras"
  147. Review suggestion
  148. Blu Ray giveaway question
  149. Toshiba HD-A2 Giveaway
  150. upping 5 star system
  151. Forum acting funny
  152. Could you guys do a review of the Onkyo 805?
  153. Another forum request: HD content production
  154. THX certified high-def discs story
  155. PLEASE give Web Sellers their own Forum
  156. Purple rain story
  157. Update for Matrix Vs Pirate News
  158. Dual-Format Releases Reviews
  159. Information section on High-Def Digest?
  160. the reviews
  161. Spot light review spot..mostly blu
  162. Badder Santa error
  163. Error
  164. TMNT news error
  165. Can we have a HD TV Forum
  166. Some forums slowing down?
  167. Letters From Iwo Jima review
  168. User pages with user collection/most wanted
  169. Can we get a video games for sale thread?
  170. Can there just be one exchange forum?
  171. Xbox 360 Elite Review
  172. King Arthur Review Subtitles ?
  173. HighDefDigest paid off by Toshiba for advertising?
  174. The Onkyo recievers
  175. review request?
  176. Aren't Moderators supposed to Moderate and be impartial?
  177. New video game section.
  178. Ads in Threads
  179. Time to put an end to new users creating threads
  180. Hellboy - Blu-Ray. Avaiable in the UK.
  181. Auto subscribe ????
  182. How long will take to review The Ultimate Matrix Collection [HD DVD]
  183. Repetitive threads in the smackdown forum
  184. Just wondering
  185. Terribly misleading and fanboyish thread on the front page here
  186. It's time to lock the CES 07 Forum.
  187. is it possible to region code blu-ray reviews
  188. no High-Def Digest on PS3 browser
  189. Please Fix Incorrect HDD Article
  190. Dukes Of Hazzard Review Mistake.
  191. Planet Earth on HD DVD Sets New Milestone - # 4 On Amazon.com
  192. Rating system for trades?
  193. High-Def Digest T-Shirts?
  194. High Def Digest on IMDB
  195. I think is time for a Computer/Software and Hardware Forum.
  196. Clicking noise while on this site
  197. Members Page 33-45
  198. U control high def feature missing from YOu, Me Dupree Review
  199. Thanks Hi Def Digest
  200. what is buddy list for?
  201. New Posts list
  202. collection list
  203. User Feedback System?
  204. What happened to "HIGHLY RECOMMEND"?
  205. Wrong Infos in reviews regarding resolution of Special Features
  206. What are we doing for HighdefDigest 1st Anniversary?
  207. HighDefDigest.com is a huge letdown
  208. Only one issue with the site...
  209. You can change the Flow. Read this.
  210. Wrong name
  211. Mods arent Modding
  212. our review methodology
  213. specificclick . net ?
  214. Top button
  215. Rumor Forum
  216. 20 posts per page?
  217. Magnolia HD DVD reviews??
  218. Changing User name?
  219. Jed, what going on with this place???
  220. High Def Digest's Insiders Thread a complete joke
  221. Turn off sigs for a specific user
  222. Pictures in sigs...
  223. View single post annoyance.
  224. Why is the Blu-ray Tab bigger then the HD DVD tab?
  225. Improved Ordering (finding the best Video and Audio ratings)
  226. 'Founding Member' badge?
  227. HD DVD News
  228. Where is the LUCKY#SLEVIN review
  229. Arguments are deteriorating
  230. Alphabetical list of HD Movies
  231. why no discover atlas titles?
  232. "It's not the bias, it's the inconsistency" thread
  233. hi-jacking opposing formats thread in opposing areas
  234. A suggestion about languages
  235. Minor problem in reviewed movies
  236. Where is the review of The Departed?
  237. Reviews and Blu-ray Disc Region Coding
  238. If you think this is an idle threat... TEST ME! From JU1CYFRU1T
  239. Quoting of posts
  240. HD DVD Reviews Vs BD reviews. Why?
  241. What can I get outside US of A???
  242. Avatars
  243. Format bashing in signatures
  244. please consider removing your 10 post limit for urls
  245. Lucky Number Slevin Review
  246. ??? Mentok, you just closed my thread?
  247. Extremely Slow Ads?
  248. Blu-ray SAWIII only in MPEG2 Video Codec
  249. HD DVDs should be reviewed on the HD-XA2
  250. Where are all the new Blu-ray reviews?