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  1. The Sony Movie Channel Launches on DISH, DirecTV and U-verse
  2. Verizon's Moble FiOS Apps Spread to More Devices
  3. NewsCorp Pull Fox Channels From Cablevision
  4. AT&T U-verse Hits the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7
  5. Logitech Revue Just $179 for DISH Subscribers
  6. DVR/PVR without subscription
  7. Can anyone list the advantages of having a Tivo box over my regular FiOS Home DVR?
  8. Fed UP with Time Warner Cable!!
  9. The Event
  10. "Boardwalk Empire"
  11. Text Comcast for TV Listings and More
  12. The Walking Dead
  13. Dish Network Intros an Online Portal for Content
  14. 'Weeds Season 6' Discussion Thread
  15. The UK’s ITV Isn’t Happy About Apple’s iTV
  16. Movies Could Hit Premium VOD While Still In Theaters
  17. The Glades- Sundays on A&E
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen – It's Shark Week
  19. Sezmi is Expanding its Markets – It's Available in 15 New Cities
  20. Dexter Season 5 Trailer
  21. Chuck Season 4 info
  22. The FCC in the future will require low-power stations to cease analog broadcasting
  23. Verizon Adds WealthTV In 3D
  24. GREAT NEWS! Beavis and Butt-Head are coming back!
  25. Cable Companies Considering Packages With Fewer Channels and Lower Price
  26. Television Fall 2010
  27. CNET: DIRECTV's 3D Almost Made Us Sick
  28. Steve Carell confirms that Season 7 of The Office will be his last
  29. Entourage Season 7
  30. DISH Loses HD Disney Channels Including ESPNews
  31. SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Launches Today
  32. Verizon Drops Contract Requirements for FiOS
  33. Turner Classic Movies
  34. Covert Affairs
  35. AT&T May Cut U-Verse Spending
  36. The Good Guys
  37. Cablevision Expands West – Acquires Bresnan Communications
  38. Satellite Services Adding "Free HD For Life"
  39. Royal Pains: Season 2
  40. Burn Notice: Season 4 starts June 4th
  41. fed up
  42. Thoughts on Time Warner Cable
  43. Directv New HD channel lineup???
  44. ABC HD - Audio Sync Problem (Comcast)
  45. DirecTV Launches Whole-Home DVR
  46. Fox Sports HDTV quality
  47. FINALLY!!! Heroes has been cancelled!
  48. Dish Network faces DVR shutdown
  49. True Blood: Season 3 Premieres June 13th
  50. More Customers Consider Cutting Back on Cable
  51. Over Fifty Percent of Homes Have HDTVs, Less Than Fifty Percent Have an HD Signal
  52. Love 'Mad Men' & 'Breaking Bad?' Please Help!
  53. Breaking Bad
  54. Cops shut down 'Steven Seagal Lawman'
  55. New satellite service claims to provide 1080P movies with 7.1 DTS-HD Master audio
  56. Anyone watch King of Queens??
  57. Castle- Series discussion
  58. Discovery unveils 2010-11 season
  59. 'Modern Family'
  60. Verizon FiOS Expansion Comes to an End
  61. Google TV – Open Source Software – Set-Tops Are in the Works
  62. TiVo Premiere Hits Best Buy on March 28th
  63. Justified - Season 1 discussion
  64. "American Idol" 2010 Top 12 Official Thread
  65. Feds are Planning a Tough Review of the Comcast/NBC-Universal Deal
  66. Southland- any watchers here?
  67. 'The Pacific' - From the creators of 'Band of Brothers'
  68. ABC pulls plug
  69. Analyst: Dish May Have To Shut Down 8M DVRs After TiVo Legal Loss
  70. Comcast Joins in with a DVR Scheduling iPhone App
  71. DirecTV TiVo Won’t Be Premiere
  72. "American Idol" 2010 Official Thread
  73. Fios HDTV DVR to DVD transfer?
  74. HD Sets in Hotels Finally Getting HD Sources
  75. The Super Bowl – Most Watched TV Program Ever
  76. Stream Direct TV - SCAM?
  77. Comcast Launches XFINITY
  78. LOST - The Final Season
  79. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
  80. DirecTV’s Multi-room DVR Coming Soon
  81. Comcast Plans 3D Dominance – Says DirecTV 3D is Nonexistent
  82. NBC Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 [official thread]
  83. NBC Gives You More Olympics than Ever – Live, On Demand and Online
  84. Just switched to Direct TV today --- thoughts? Impressions?
  85. Old Cable Boxes May Work For 3DTV
  86. Over The Air Television is on the Rise in LA
  87. '24' Season 8
  88. Human Target
  89. Chuck Season 3
  90. TiVo Premiere Model Leaked
  91. DirecTV Price Hike Coming Soon
  92. Will Time Warner Customers Miss Out on Fox in 2010?
  93. Comcast HDMI ?
  94. Anti-loud commercial law passes the House
  95. Survey Says Consumers Want 3D Cable TV
  96. Boeing Ships DIRECTV 12 Satellite – December Launch Expected
  97. Psych- series discussion
  98. Scrubs
  99. Verizon FIOS and Built in HD Tuner (The Convo that Verizon Do Not Like)
  100. Adult Swim Introduces Media on Demand
  101. The Prisoner Miniseries
  102. Broadcast pioneer NBC prepares for cable takeover
  103. Motorola May Sell Their Set-top and Networking Branch
  104. Perhaps one day free over the air TV might be completely auctioned off.
  105. V
  106. Help with indoor OTA antennas
  107. O2 Broadband provide Up to £45 Cashback
  108. What does a commercial in your favorite show cost?
  109. Starz Set to Launch Five New HD Channels
  110. Does anyone know the place Ghost Whisperer filmed?
  111. The Closer Season 6?
  112. THE OFFICE: The Promotion
  113. NBC Cancels "Southland"
  114. Cable Television Satisfaction Up Overall
  115. Verizon Hikes Rates On FiOS TV 'Premier' Package
  116. College Football TV Schedule
  117. Family Guy season premiere (Road to Multiverse)
  118. Dexter Season 4
  119. FlashForward
  120. Vampire Diaries?
  121. 2 Surprisingly good new shows: Cougar Town & Modern Family
  122. Hereos Season Four
  123. Comcast Raising Prices, Places Blame on HD Signals
  124. AT&T’s U-Verse is Expanding
  125. What is the song played during the closing credits of Entourage S05E01?
  126. Is Sixth Season Of 'Entourage' Its Best?
  127. Directv NFL Sunday Ticket
  128. Melrose Place
  129. ESPN360.com HELP
  130. Ellen DeGeneres To Be Fourth Judge On American Idol
  131. HD Broadcasters Petition FCC For Move To UHF
  132. Steven Soderbergh Calls Out Aspect Ratio Offenders
  133. Sony Says 3D Broadcasting Possible In 2-3 Years
  134. Did Broadcasters Miss Chance With DTV Transition?
  135. directv, special offer for valued customers
  136. More Ads coming to TV
  137. Sky Confirms 3D Television Channel Launching In 2010
  138. HDTV Antenna
  139. The Prisoner
  140. Stargate: Universe Starts Oct. 2nd on Syfy
  141. Dish, 46 states settle deceptive practices charges
  142. Widgets And Web Video Added To Verizon’s FiOS TV
  143. Television Freedom Act Seeks More Local Channel Availability
  144. Verizon to Cablevision - Lets us offer HD sports coverage in NY too!
  145. DIY coat hanger antenna!
  146. Rescue Me
  147. Glen Dickenson on HD Cable
  148. Time Warner HD
  149. DirecTV2PC Media Server
  150. Seinfeld in HD
  151. Hung - HBO
  152. BBC America HD 20 July
  153. Surfing the SEC on TV HAS CHANGed!!!
  154. Lie to Me fans?
  155. The Philanthropist
  156. Ron D Moore's Virtuality
  157. Is NBC Using HD Cameras For The US Open Golf?
  158. Anyone been watching Nurse Jackie?
  159. Nearly 800,000 call for help with digital TV
  160. (help) Blu Ray movies moving to fast.
  161. DIRECTV AM21 Off-Air Dual Tuner
  162. Weeds: Season 5
  163. 'Futurama' is Coming Back!
  164. how is DISH network??
  165. Study: 33 Percent of U.S. Households have HDTVs
  166. Time Warner Cable Dropped HDNet and HDNet Movies
  167. Which is the best Dexter season?
  168. GLEE thread (musical series on FOX)
  169. 11-17 May 2009 List of top 20 shows in prime-time Nielsen ratings
  170. Grey's Anatomy: Season Five Finale... WOAH!
  171. Anyone else secretly love Hell's kitchen???
  172. 24 Finale... who's gonna DIE!
  173. Deadwood and Oz coming to The 101 Network, in HD DIRECTV
  174. Directv or Dish Network
  175. Star Trek Movie
  176. The end of Sordid Lives?!
  177. Directv box w/antenna input?
  178. Disney introduces HD subchannel
  179. Caprica
  180. Veronica Mars fan? Check out "Party Down" on Starz!
  181. Cancuks - Ontarians - Rogers HD vs. Bell ExpressVu HD
  182. Prison Break
  183. HBO HD - Will the recording be in HD?
  184. OAR on movie channels..WTF!?!?!
  185. Harper's Island thread
  186. SouthLAnd... new Cop Drama.
  187. Fox's new Reality Show...
  188. Dish Network: 2009 HD Channels
  189. Stations that broadcast in 1080i or 720p
  190. American Idol season 8 discussion
  191. Eastbound and Down
  192. Better Off Ted discussion
  193. DirecTV2PC
  194. HDNET Movies - April 2009 Programming Highlights
  195. Sitcom Houses...
  196. Tutorials 4 HDTV
  197. I Hate Uverse With A Passion...
  198. Kings
  199. Sci-fi HD... WTF?!?
  200. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  201. DirecTV vs. Comcast
  202. The Simpsons in HD
  203. Spring '09 Amazing Race
  204. June 12th digital transition date for US TV stations (some will switch Feb 17th)
  205. Dollhouse premiere Friday the 13th! Who's watching?
  206. Dish Network: Fox News Added in HD
  207. XIII on NBC
  208. Armageddon in HD ... or is it?
  209. Dish Network Just Took Off Smithsonian HD
  210. the boss - superbowl!
  211. Official Adama Death Pool - BattleStar predictions
  212. Is cable HD really HD?
  213. SNL: J*** In My Pants
  214. Spring '09: MSNBC in HD
  215. Congress Closer to Delaying DTV Deadline
  216. question about prgramming my new tv and other stuff
  217. Lost Season 5 Discussion
  218. Lost...
  219. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  220. Big Love
  221. Anyone else here expand their DirecTV DVR capacity?
  222. So what happened to Uni-HD?
  223. BSG: The Final 10 Episodes
  224. ABC Delays End of Daisies, Eli and Dirty Sexy Money
  225. Leverage on TNT
  226. Weeds Season 4 ???
  227. NIP/TUCK season 5/6
  228. Scrubs Season 8 Discussion Thread
  229. 24: Season 7 Discussion Thread - PREMIERES THIS SUNDAY JAN 11th! 2 nights 4 hours
  230. Damages S2
  231. comcast cutting hd offerings?
  232. Jurassic Park on Cinemax HD, looks good
  233. Best Live HD Event May Be Jan 1st!
  234. Life Without Satellite TV Not Worth Savings
  235. Acess HD DTA1020D problem
  236. BCS Football Championship Game To Be Broadcast in 3D!!
  237. What will happen to SD programming after 2/17/09
  238. WNETHD (Channel 13) Finally on Directv in NY Area
  239. Crash on Starz
  240. MGM HD blunders
  241. NFL Showcases First Televised 3-D Game!
  242. Friday Night Lights the tv show
  243. Question about the Netflix Roku box...
  244. How 'Bout An HD Macy's Parade!
  245. Dexter
  246. Verizon Fios Is Awesome With Only Blu-ray Having Better Picture And Sound Quality
  247. Direct TV HD package help
  248. Cable box keeps reseting...
  249. Remember Newamsterdam
  250. D-Day For "Pushing Daisies" is TODAY!