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  1. New to Blu
  2. To update or not to update: that is the question?
  3. Anybody else think it is weird?
  4. Another DMP-BD30 Problem...PIP Related
  5. Pan DMP BD30 wont play and movies
  6. I got it figured out
  7. Panasonic DMP-BD10AK Or PS3
  8. Why didn't you buy a PS3 to play your blu's?
  9. PS3 Sounds problem playing XVID files
  10. If PS3 could not bitstream Next Gen Audio would Sony tell us?
  11. Considering getting a PS3--advice on set-up.
  12. Anyone have a Samsung BD-UP5000?
  13. Bring on cheaper players!
  14. Help! My PS3 committed suicide.
  15. What should I do?
  16. BD-Rom for PC?
  17. aspect ratio problems with blu ray discs and ps3
  18. Need some help with PS3 audio setting...not sure which is best.
  19. PS3 Audio settings question
  20. Possible Bad News With My Panasonic
  21. Profile 2.0 Players?
  22. Multiregion BD players are here.
  23. Quick BD-P1400 thread
  24. 1.1 hdmi player decoding vs 1.3 hdmi reciever decoding
  25. PS3: No Picture Using HDMI–DVI Cable
  26. Sony S300 vs Samsung 1400
  27. Firmware with out the Net?
  28. Sifting through all the PS3 sound threads
  29. PS3 Blu-Ray Playability
  30. Any players with DolbyTrue/DTS MA through analogs?
  31. Panasonic audio help or info please....
  32. What's the word on Apple's Blu-ray player?
  33. Will the Sony renew the 5 free Blu-ray offer on the PS3 after the 31?
  34. See any problems with this setup?
  35. Which Samsung Player is better?
  36. Wanting to get into Blu Ray..
  37. What are your TOP 3 Blu-Ray Players?
  38. Panasonic BD30 Vs. Ps3
  39. Samsung BDP-1400
  40. PS3 to get BD2.0 firmware
  41. Blu-ray entry player thread
  42. How often do the 5 free disc offers come up?
  43. Those who have a 1.0 blu player...will you upgrade to 1.1 or 2.0???
  44. HDMI connection problems with a BD player
  45. Sony S300 to Onkyo 5.1 question
  46. PS3 Fan Noise For The Bedroom?
  47. Panasonic DMP-BD30 owners
  48. Thinking about getting a stand alone...
  49. Best Blu-Ray Player
  50. Best bd hardware
  51. Bought a PS3 Today
  52. tv going light than back to dark?
  53. Blue ray profile question
  54. Profile 1.1 players
  55. New PS3 ?
  56. PS3 problems
  57. Color on the BDP-S300 unit?
  58. Sony Blu Ray player and Bravia tv 1080/24p?
  59. Will any SA Blu-ray player ever be better than PS3?
  60. Sharp Blu-ray Player
  61. Playstation 3 or Samsung BD-P1400
  62. Playstation 3 or Samsung BD-P1400
  63. Purple, Thanks to Gamestop
  64. Do the blu-ray standalones include an HDMI cable in the box?
  65. Going Purple, Should i Wait for new combo
  66. So i got a PS3, is it a good Blu-ray player?
  67. Is the Panasonic DMP-BD30K 1.1
  68. Bitstreaming Blu-ray players
  69. Can't believe i am asking this
  70. ps3 or stand alone or pc drive
  71. Looks Like an Internet connection is a must...Correct?
  72. Player only or Player surround sound combo?
  73. Okay, seriously... now give us the cheap players.
  74. Profile 1.1 player question
  75. bd-p1200
  76. Chinese made BD players coming!
  77. Sony BD-S300 & Dolby TrueHD / PCM Uncompressed Audio
  78. Sony BDU-X10S?
  79. Can you burn blu-ray movies to your computer's HD?
  80. I'm glad I made the right choice!!
  81. Returning my Toshiba A2 and getting a PS3 (Audio question)
  82. Already own a PS3, looking for a standalone player?
  83. Samsung BE-P1400 question
  84. BD-P1000 and Cars/Ratatouille
  85. How is the Panasonic?
  86. $399 PS3 doesnt come with HD connections?
  87. Which players send DTS HD/DOLBY TRUE out Analogs
  88. PS3 + Optical or PC + 5.1 Analog to receiver?
  89. Why do people say the PS3 is the best player? (Just purchased BD30K)
  90. What Now?
  91. Ready to shop
  92. LG BH200 or samsung BD-UP500
  93. Will PS3 support DTS MASTER HD AUDIO?
  94. Confused
  95. How can you tell the BDs that are region free?
  96. Trying to upgrade firmware
  97. Lovin my Samsung BDP 1400!
  98. PS3 and Samsung Surround Sound
  99. Best Buy Blu Ray
  100. PS3 Acting Funny
  101. Panasonic BD10A and BD30
  102. Just bought PS3!!! My first player!!! Question???
  103. the list of movies that cant play in the samsung bd-p1200 grows
  104. How to make Blu Ray final and superior
  105. profile 1.1 question
  106. Multi players (LG BH200 & Samsung BD-UP5000)
  107. Please help a noob! Good Receiver for PS3
  108. Going Purple Tonight
  109. Jerky picture (PS3)? Casino Royale and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ?
  110. Samsung BD-P1400 HDMI issue?
  111. Looking to go Format Neutral with some Extra Cash
  112. DTS-HD Master Audio and TrueHD
  113. Receiver Questions
  114. What's the best Blu-ray player for the average consumer?
  115. Hopefully a Quick Question
  116. Samsung BD-P1000 remote
  117. Question on PS3 and component video
  118. TrudHD and PCM
  119. HDMI Cables
  120. 5.1 or 7.1 Analog Out
  121. Deinterlacing???
  122. Help!
  123. Calibrate you tv picture for free...
  124. Is PS3 HDMI 1.3 compliant? and more...
  125. Can someone explain this to me.
  126. Anybody else have a Samsung P1000?
  127. Denon players
  128. PS3 firmware updates
  129. Anyone Have A Sony BD-S500
  130. Help with firmware for Samsung BDP 1400..
  131. Another Issue Has Popped Up: Non-Anamorphic DVDs on the Panny 10A...
  132. Samsung BD-up5000 VERY soon now
  133. Samsung Hatred show it hear!!!!
  134. New Firmware upgrades for All Sony SA Players
  135. Something Must Be Wrong Here...
  136. Ok so I need a new Blu-ray player
  137. Sony 1.1 Stand-alone?
  138. PS3 or Stand Alone? Help!
  139. Resume Play in PS3?
  140. PS3 audio output format question
  141. BD owners, what brand is your player?
  142. How does one return there player in exchange for a new player at the store?
  143. SOFT or NORMAL Picture Setting?
  144. PS3 Profile 1.1 Upgrade ( Version 2.10) DEC 18 2007
  145. Samsung 1400 & Advanced Audio
  146. Is this possible?
  147. FYI the Sony BDP-S301 is $279 at Costco
  148. Would you buy a brand new Samsung BD-P1000 for under $30 including shipping?
  149. Samsung 1400 or Sony S300
  150. BD profile 1.1/2.0 and PS3 question.
  151. Samsung P1400, Onkyo SR605 and Cars
  152. Samsung BD-P1200 and POTC AWE Screw-up
  153. Which Blu-Ray Players have resume feature
  154. Sub $200 Blu-Ray Player
  155. DTS Master Audio...Uncompressed PCM...and a Whole Bunch of Headaches...
  156. ps3 sacd help
  157. Samsung HD-BD2: Blu-Ray HTIAB!!
  158. Denon Blu-ray
  159. Confused about color for movies, for anyone whos good with color click here!
  160. Question about PS3/Internet
  161. Need some suggestions
  162. Help- darks are grainy
  163. Blue-Ray 1.0 vs 1.1? What is it??
  164. What is better picture quality? Using HDMI or Component Cables?
  165. Samsung bd-p1400
  166. Blu Ray Color Problem
  167. PS3 and 7.1?
  168. HDMI Cables
  169. Sony BD-P1400
  170. my solution to bd1200 fiasco.....
  171. DTS-HD Master Audio on new dual format players
  172. Question about the Panny DMP-BD10AK
  173. Need help burning a CD onto my BDP-1400
  174. Question about the Sammsung BDP-1400?
  175. Playstation 3 Or Sony BDP-S300
  176. Clueless and in need of advice!
  177. class action lawsuit
  178. Panasonic DMP-BD30K $438.88 on amazon..through electronics expo
  179. p.s: no hd cables included, go spend another 50$
  180. Philips BDP9000 / 37
  181. Question for those who own Sammy's BD-P1400
  182. Best SA player out
  183. Sony S300 Firmware ..How Can I Tell?
  184. Ps3 hdmi audio help!
  185. PS3 info, plz
  186. Profile 1.1 compliant players in the U.K.?
  187. Lowest TV resolution
  188. curious about going purple
  189. Remote Control for Blu-ray Player
  190. Can PS3 use WIFI to play MP3 files from PC?
  191. mono soundtrack question
  192. BD-P1200 unresolved playback issues
  193. Sony 768 and Blu Ray
  194. Sony BDP-S300 Firmware updates
  195. Power conditioners + PS3 = any benifit?
  196. What BLUERAY players have the firmwire update?
  197. PSP3 40GB or 80GB What to buy?
  198. Sony BDP-S300 Trouble with Data Discs?
  199. Bd-p1000
  200. Pioneer BDP-LX70A vs. something else?
  201. BDP-S300 vs PS3
  202. Anyway to Play Region B discs in an American PS3
  203. BDP-S300/ S301 Satisifed or Not Satisifed?
  204. Sony HESV1000 200-disc black Blu-ray changer with 500GB hard drive
  205. Firmware Updates: Take 20-25 Min
  206. BD-UP 5000 Audio Question
  207. Blu-Ray 1.1 vs ethernet port
  208. Blu-Ray player with HDMI INput?
  209. samsung BD-P1000 firmware ver 1.3 out now
  210. Is DTS 1.5mb considered DTS HD?
  211. samsung bd-p1200 firmware update?
  212. PCM Vs Bitstream
  213. Will my TV up-convert the A3 to 1080P?
  214. PS3 BR Questions
  215. Panasonic DMP-BD30 - High-Def Digest review
  216. Firmware update for Panasonic DMP_DB10A
  217. Hating SOny more and more
  218. Blu-Ray Audio Question
  219. Good HDMI 1.3 Receiver with DTS-MA and DTHD
  220. 40gb PS3 Both Blu ray movies sometimes randomly play in SLO-MO?
  221. High-Def FAQ: Blu-ray Profiles Explained
  222. Sony S300 DTS HD
  223. DTS HD MASTER AUDIO with Optical Cable?
  224. Panny BD-10A to possibly offer DTS-HD MA Decoding???
  225. Samsung P1400
  226. PS3/Blu-ray Question
  227. It's now becomming, get your Fox Blu Rays and new firmware Tuesdays
  228. panny 10a and 10ak player
  229. Panny DMP-BD30 FW Upgrade Available
  230. Panasonic DMP-BD30 made in......??????
  231. DMP-BD30 Resume Play?
  232. Sony Firmware v3.20 - Don't Update!
  233. Blu Ray DVD Stand/Tower/Rack/Storage
  234. problem when playing blurays with ps3
  235. Whats the deal with standalone BR players??
  236. Just got my Pioneer BDP-LX70A
  237. Panasonic BD-30 DELAYED a few weeks!!
  238. Panasonic DMP-BD30 will be around $394 from some discount mail order companies
  239. Sony BDP-S500 will be around $508 soon from some discount mail order companies
  240. 3.1 Firmware Update for BDP-S1
  241. Have Samsung BDP 1000, should I upgrade?
  242. What resolution should I set my BLU Ray player
  243. Samsung SD-P1000 FW update
  244. Truth about Profile 1.0 and 1.1!
  245. BluRay DVD
  246. Panasonic DMP-BD30K review
  247. Best Deal on Blu-ray player
  248. The Blu-Ray Conundrum
  249. Blu-Ray Audio Setup
  250. Finally got the Elite BDP95fd