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  1. Panasonic bd30 Question
  2. Looking to get a cheap BR player
  3. BD-HP20U New Firmware Now Available
  4. We may see the first US standalone BLU-RAY recorder in 2009 or 2010.
  5. is there a firmware dvd for Canadians through sony?
  6. PS3 region free
  7. Transition Q.
  8. A couple of newb questions
  9. PS3 setup audio question
  10. Turning off PS3 with bluetooth remote?
  11. Looking for some suggestions
  12. $200 Blu-ray players this year expected says Sigma Designs VP of Strategic Marketing
  13. Dolby True HD and DTS HD question on BD-P1400
  14. A good player review
  15. Surround Sound Help me please.
  16. WTF? The Playstation 3 is out of stock at the Sony Style website
  17. NEXT: When Will Blu-ray Prices Come to Where HD DVD's Were? (Or even SD gear?!?)
  18. What is the best low priced receiver
  19. Please give me your opinon on these Sony Players...
  20. BDP-S350 vs 40gb PS3 ??
  21. 40gb or 60gb PS3?
  22. EIDOS 20 BD Blu-Ray player = high-end or just kick to the rear end?
  23. Sony announces players BDP-S350 and BDP-S550
  24. Xbox 360 HD add-on XP drivers
  25. Thinking on getting a BD player but need help please...
  26. sorround sound system
  27. ps3 + sony sdr-dg1000 7.1 receiver - whats the best audio output I can get
  28. PS3 - Optical Audio Issues - help!
  29. BDP S301 audio won't work
  30. Where the hell is MGM?
  31. BD30 problem?
  32. Took the plunge!!
  33. For a PS3 is the 80gig the best choice?
  34. Panasonic BD30 Audio?
  35. Sony BDP-S350 in July, S550 in August
  36. Wat s the BEST sound i can get from the S300?
  37. 1.1 or 2.0 player without audio decoding?
  38. Panasonic DMP-BD30 LFE Fix on the Way!!!
  39. Panny BD-30, Pioneer vs. Reon for upconvert
  40. Need A Blu-Ray Player? Here's 18 To Choose From!!!!!
  41. Panasonic Bd-30 audio question
  42. PS3 vs BDPS-1 What is the best and Why?
  43. PS3 & Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, DTS-ES Question
  44. Laptop Blu-ray drives?
  45. BLU-RAY HAS 100% STUDIO SUPPORT (Paramount going BLU-RAY again)
  46. Blu Ray Recorder
  47. Just bought a PS3...
  48. It May Take 10+ Years Before The Blu-ray Format Replaces The Standard 480i Dvd Format
  49. Best Blu Ray player from a picture quality standpoint
  50. BLU-RAY Players that can output a 1080p/24 signal
  51. Endgadget is reporting OPPO as turning Blu
  52. NOW: The Very BEST Blu-ray Player?
  53. Thoughts on PS3 blu ray newbie
  54. Have a question about Refurbdepot.com
  55. Panasonic BD30. It's suppose to be the best of the BR players but is it THIS good?!
  56. Could someone explain to PCM sound to me?(sorry if old)
  57. Playstation 3
  58. What is the best audio i can get from my setup?
  59. Funai Sub $300.00 player
  60. About to get my player repaired question for people who own samsung bdp-1400
  61. Samsung BD-P1400
  62. Question about Uncompressed Sound with the PS3 and the Onkyo 605
  63. looking for a blu ray player that can play region 1-6 standard dvd's
  64. Okay Hit Me With An Answer Here
  65. Fully functional BD player
  66. Lockdown!!!!
  67. Any word on the PS3 getting DTS-MA?
  68. Voxson Blu-ray Player
  69. PS3 20gb vs. Sharp BDHP20U
  70. 20gb PS3 vs. Sharp BDHP20U
  71. sunshine and samsung bd-p1000
  72. ps3 upconversion
  73. Question about returning a player?
  74. Rumoured: MS to have Blu-Ray 360; Early as May
  75. Gone Purple with Panasonic: Dumb Question #1
  76. Looking for a player, couple of queries
  77. whats the best audio cable 4 the PS3
  78. Analog or Digital connection to non HDMI receiver
  79. Bluray for Toshiba?
  80. Did the price of the PS3 just go up?
  81. APPLE - When do we get BD drives?
  82. Powerdvd Ultra 3704
  83. Couldn't resist the price
  84. PS3 Bargains
  85. Players and DVD's
  86. TrueHD and DTS HD if you have the right set up
  87. Resume movie on PS3
  88. BD Profile 3.0 (audio-only)
  89. Choices for BD Player
  90. What to get
  91. Buying another Blu-ray player this weekend.
  92. Samsung BD-1400 or Sharp BD HD20U?
  93. Samsung BD-UP5000 & Ratatouille
  94. PS3 Audio Question
  95. Samsung BD-UP5000 & LG BH200 Comparison
  96. My Sony BDP-S300 keeps freezing!
  97. How Should I hook my new BD-1400 up?
  98. Sigmatek Announces SBR-1000 Blu-ray Player
  99. Regionfree Blu-ray Players Arrive..
  100. When will we see Blu-ray recorders in the USA?
  101. firmware help
  102. Blu Ray Players with full capability
  103. Samsung 1400 Firmware Question
  104. Blu-ray PlayStation 3 Remote?
  105. Panasonic Details DMP-BD50
  106. So when will we start seeing region-free blu-ray players?
  107. HD DVD convert wondering what player should I buy?
  108. Clipping Audio DTS Master???
  109. Samsung BDP-1200 or PS3?
  110. Denon DVD-2500BTCI
  111. New Panasonic Bd-30 Review!!
  112. Samsung BD-P1400 picture dropout?
  113. PS3 as BD player: any differences?
  114. Samsung's Duo PLayer BD-UP5000
  115. Laptops with Blu-Ray player
  116. PS3 upconversion
  117. Elite 94HD or PS3
  118. Cheaper PS3 on the way?
  119. Samsung Sued Over Defective Blu-ray Players
  120. Buying a Blu-Ray player with tax returns...
  121. Samsung BD-P1000 New Firmware Issues
  122. 51GB on Toshiba A2?
  123. For Canadians: Basically, all Blu Ray players on sale this week at Futureshop
  124. Samsung or Sharp
  125. LPCM sound on Samsung P1400
  126. Can anybody recommend a reliable 1.0 player??
  127. Samsung BD-P1400 HDMI Handshake issues
  128. PlayStation 3 strikes silver in Japan
  129. optical & digital coax v. multichannel analog
  130. Samsung Updates BD-P1200 Firmware Feb 5 08
  131. Kaleidescape A/V servers to support Blu-ray
  132. Samsung 1400 Audio question
  133. Really Sticky Stickers?
  134. How do we know the blu-ray laser is actually BLUE?
  135. Sticking by Panasonic
  136. Free Blu-ray info
  137. Advice on a recievers
  138. Someone confirm: Onkyo 605 7.1 PCM?
  139. Calibration Discs
  140. Hp 20.1 Inch Pavilion Blu-ray Notebook Is The Best Notebook Computer So Far
  141. PS3 optical audio output problem
  142. samsung bd 1400 ?
  143. Sony s300 "stereo" audio setting question...
  144. Blu-Ray Sapphire 3 and 4
  145. Coolest Blu-ray player + media server
  146. Considering getting a PS3, any advise?
  147. PS3 remote screwed up?
  148. ~pauses~
  149. Should i hold onto my Panny BD30
  150. Help, cheapest Blu Ray Player?
  151. New PS3 Owner!
  152. Does anyone unplug their player wen their not using it?
  153. Which blu-ray model equal the Xa2?
  154. Redesigned PS3 this fall??
  155. toshiba regza 720p 32hl67u says its 1080p thru hdmi
  156. panny 10a resolution question
  157. Not sure which blu-ray is the right one for me
  158. Blu-ray ability to display 3-D?
  159. Alienware High Definition Media Server
  160. I finally did it..
  161. Importing Blu-Ray recorder from Japan w/ English menu? Anyone?
  162. All you ever wanted to know about BD-J*
  163. Optimal Settings for the PS3 w/ HDMI Hook-Up?
  164. Panasonic DMP-BD30 Firmware Update
  165. Problem playing special features on my PS3
  166. Is there a difference between Samsung BD-P1400 and Samsung BD-P1400/x??
  167. Sony developing cheaper Blu-ray laser
  168. Different DVI cable causing PS3 distortion?
  169. SAMSUNG BD-P1000 supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio passthrough??
  170. Petition for all future Blu Ray's to be released without LPCM
  171. PS3 will not play apollo 13
  172. How to archive HD content onto disc from MiniDV
  173. BD 5 Disc Changers?
  174. 720p: HDMI or Component?
  175. Just bought my second blu-ray player, think they'll honor 5 free again
  176. DTS-HD Master Audio On PS3
  177. Surround issues with my PS3 blu-ray
  178. New Release Dates.... Do You Know Them? Then Let Me Know
  179. Just purchased the Panny DMP-BD30
  180. BD Hardware help
  181. Sharp Aquos BDHP20U
  182. Panasonic multi-region DVD BD-30K model?
  183. Panny 30 or 50
  184. PS3 Display Settings
  185. Which Blu Player?
  186. The Moment of Truth: True or False. A PS3 does not look good on a 720p television.
  187. Best Buy discontinuing 80GB PS3??
  188. Sony Sapphire 5 vs Panasonic DMP BD-50 - Have video/audio questions, need help!!!!!
  189. Internal PC Player
  190. 1080i 1080p Mitsubishi situation
  191. Panasonic BD30 and Denon BT-2500 confirmed to have weak LFE output w/ HDMI PCM.
  192. USB sound card for the PS3
  193. Broke Blu Ray players on EBay
  194. Some real basic Bluray audio questions....
  195. Help needed with audio settings.
  196. Uncompressed Audio...
  197. More $299 PS3 rumblings
  198. What's a Blu-ray player that I won't want to throw out the window?
  199. Playstation 3 giving halos to lots of things?
  200. PS3 and digital audio
  201. Japan Blu-ray recorder sales - wonderful news.
  202. PS3 Movie Downloads Like XBox Live and AppleTV?
  203. PS3 40 gig or 80 gig?
  204. 1.1 or 2.0-HELP!
  205. Any chance of a BluRay v2 < $200 this year?
  206. Holy Crap!! Denon Blu-Ray Player is Going to Be Priced At Over $3000!!!!
  207. PS3: they couldn't have included a proper on/off-switch?!
  208. Samsung 1400 Playback Issues
  209. Blu-ray disc that does not play the movie on my Samsung Duo Player
  210. Samsung, FINALLY, releasing latest firmwares for all players!!!
  211. Advice About Bluray Player
  212. Ugh, when is PS3 getting DTS-HD MA?
  213. Is component a huge step down from hdmi?
  214. Hi, I have some questions.
  215. Region Coding; The only thing stopping me getting a Bluray Player..
  216. Have you looked inside a "japanese blu ray"????
  217. Stop - Resume on PS3
  218. Sony 2.0 Blu Ray Player?
  219. New Panny BD-50 or Sammy UP5500: Receiver question.
  220. need help with ps3 upconvert
  221. PS3 Output Questions ...
  222. Suggestions for first blueray player?
  223. Question on Blu Ray cases.
  224. Will I have audio problems when I buy my Blu-ray player?
  225. Panasonic BD-50 Preview!
  226. ps3 audio
  227. I feel ripped off by Sony
  228. Profile 2.0
  229. Playstation 3 or blu ray player
  230. Setting for PS3 Upconversion
  231. Samsung BD-P1400 Speaker Setup Problem
  232. DMP-BD30 and "The Prestige" Audio Problem
  233. PS3 optical out
  234. Panasonic BD-30 and "Sunshine"
  235. Question Regarding BD Purchase
  236. Full Screen Blue Ray
  237. my generally pro ps3 review..
  238. New PS3 owner picture quality question
  239. Bd-up 5000
  240. Sony S300 - firmware?
  241. settings for Pani DMP-BD30
  242. PS3 or BDPS500?
  243. When will therebe affordable Profile 2.0 players?
  244. thinking of going blu
  245. Just watched RE3 again
  246. List of all Profile 1.1 & 2.0 Players
  247. Universal Control Question
  248. DVD-Audio VS. SA-CD Repeat
  249. Installing Blu Ray in PC?
  250. New to Blu