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  1. Blu-ray 3D specifications finalized, your PS3 is ready
  2. Two LG BD players - bind remotes?
  3. ps3 (old one) vs dmp-bd60 for blu-ray playback
  4. DTS-HD 7.1 on 5.1 Receiver
  5. Quick question, what do I need to hit on a BR remote when it stops connecting?
  6. Does anybody own a Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD ?
  7. Blu-Ray player for living room
  8. Adventureland DVD won't play on Samsung BD-UP5000
  9. Phillips, JVC, or Panasonic...which to buy?
  10. Blu ray players upconvert special features?
  11. Current Panasonic BLU-RAY player pricing info
  12. Buffalo Announces USB 3.0 12x Blu-ray Burner
  13. NAD Unveils T 557 Blu-ray Player
  14. Toshiba BDX2000
  15. Advice on wireless connection for blu ray player?
  16. LG BDP370 Mkv Playback issue
  17. Some companies might charge a annual fee for firmware updates in the future?
  18. ps3 slim bitstream, pcm DISAPEARED!!
  19. Best Blu-ray player for $150 or less?
  20. Pany or LG?
  21. Network streaming Blu Ray Player?
  22. The OPPO BDP-83 is now faster then the PS3 at loading discs and at powering on
  23. Need advice on a Blu-ray player for old crt t.v.
  24. Picture problem: need advice
  25. PS3 cannot start some FOX titles.
  26. Panasonic DMP-BD30 Need Help
  27. Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Player (November 2009 Home Theater magazine review link)
  28. SAMSUNG BD-P4600 BLU-RAY PLAYER (November 2009 Home Theater review link)
  29. LG BD390 is the new reference player in speed, beats the OPPO and PS3 by 20 seconds.
  30. OPPO BDP-83 audio section reviewed in the December 2009 "The Absolute Sound magazine"
  31. PS3 died ... any reason to get a new one vs. a current gen standalone
  32. 4 different versions of the OPPO BDP-83 players to choose from
  33. Sony BDP-S350 with Sony HTSS360 5.1 speakers. Intrusive problems abound.
  34. Whassappening with my Panny BD55?
  35. Momitsu BDP-899 vs PIONEER BDP-320
  36. Momitsu BDP-799
  37. HP Blu-ray Player
  38. Advice on region 1 player
  39. Panasonic DMP-BD60K?
  40. Toshiba’s BDX2000 Blu-ray Player Hits Best Buy
  41. Blu-ray Players Getting Cheaper - $49 Black Friday Deal Not Out of the Question
  42. Sony BDP-S760 - a simply superb midi BD player with HD Picture Adjust and Wi-Fi
  43. Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Player (Review link)
  44. green pixel
  45. New firmware update for Sony BDP-s550
  46. Panasonic DMP-55 skips/judder/hiccups
  47. Blu-ray drive for Toshiba Qosmio F45-A423?
  48. Help building a blu-ray HTPC?
  49. Budget Brand Manufacturer Funai Adds CinemaNow
  50. New Firmware 2.1 Panny Bdp 60
  51. Oppo Drops DVD to Focus on Blu-Ray
  52. How do you unlock Blu-Ray player regions?
  53. What's the smallest blu-ray player available?
  54. Pioneer Ships 1st Pro-Level BD Player
  55. TDK Creates 320GB, 10 Layer Blu-ray Disc
  56. Pioneer Launches BDR-205 12x Blu-Ray Writer
  57. Sony BDP-N460
  58. Xbox 360 Replacement BluRay Player?
  59. Samsung BD-P1600 - Good machine? Yes/No?
  60. Any word on the Insignia NS-BRDVD3?
  61. PS3s Reportedly Not Playing Blu-ray Discs after Firmware Update
  62. New Firmware 2.0 Panny Bdp 60
  63. Anyone with a popcorn hour c200?
  64. Panasonic SC-BT300 HTiB (Sound and Vision Review link) 7.1 Channel complete system
  65. Denon’s Budget Concious Blu-ray Player
  66. Best Buy Details Insignia Blu-ray HDTV Combos
  67. The ASUS USB Powered Blu-ray Player
  68. Denon Releases a New Universal Blu-ray Disc Player
  69. Sony BDP-S360 vs. Samsung BD-P1600
  70. What do you think of Samsung BD-P1600
  71. PS3 not showing dts Master Audio on my Denon AVR-2808CI
  72. Problem locating firmware for Sharp BD-HP21U
  73. Streaming Video Featured on Sharp’s Aquos Blu-ray Player
  74. 1st time poster. Advice please!
  75. Blu-Ray Recorder from JVC?
  76. Sherwood BDP-5004 BD-Live 2.0!
  77. What's next after Blu-ray?
  78. Yamaha Unveils a Pair of BD Players
  79. Sharp’s High End Blu-ray Player Gets an Upgrade
  80. Sony Introduces Internet Video Streaming BDP-N460
  81. Panasonic’s Blu-ray Home Theater in a Box
  82. Philips Announces New Blu-ray Players
  83. HTPC, PowerDVD and Region Coding
  84. Samsung Players Now Support Youtube and MKV
  85. Toshiba’s BDX2000 Finally Detailed
  86. NEED HELP with my Sony BDP 350
  87. "SYS ERR" on BDP-S550
  88. problems playing the Godfather part 2
  89. Denon DBP-4010UDCI Universal Disc Player
  90. Sony BDP-S560 vs Panasonic DMP-BD80
  91. Blockbuster/Youtube added to Samsung BDP-1590!
  92. Toshiba Introduces their first Blu-Ray player offering
  93. Thomson BDP0801
  94. Denon DVD-A1UDCI Universal Blu-ray Player (The best sound quality of any BD tested)
  95. Sony BDP-S560 Wi-Fi issues
  96. Is the PS3 Slim Better for watching Blu-ray discs?
  97. Sony Unveils Five New Blu-ray Player DVRs
  98. Sound/DRC issue with PS3 & Panasonic LCD
  99. Problem with Samsung BD-UP5000
  100. Problem - PCM 5.1 sent to receiver as 7.1
  101. Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray Player (August 2009 review link)
  102. bluray player 24hz or 60hz on LCD ?
  103. Blu-ray For The Car – Panasonic’s New Strada
  104. Mitsubishi Unleashes a Trio of Blu-ray DVRs
  105. McIntosh Unveils Universal Blu-ray Player
  106. Can't hear blu rays through Tritton Ax Pro headsets and PS3..?
  107. DLP 3D - anyone using it?
  108. Single Frame - Slow Motion - When?
  109. Ok, I confess I dont know how to tell good upconversion from bad upconversion. HELP!
  110. HELP NO SOUND X Files
  111. Sony on 3D Blu-ray: "Hold your horses!"
  112. Funai Reluctant To Answer Your Warranty Call?
  113. There’s more to HD than just Blu-ray, Says Toshiba Exec
  114. Blu Ray Doesn't Remember Where I Left Off???
  115. Is Apple Ready To Embrace Blu-ray?
  116. Help with Audio for Philips Blue-ray Player
  117. new ps3 or standalone???
  118. Hardware Review: OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Player
  119. I installed a Blu-ray drive in my PC. What can I do with it?
  120. Suggestions for a low-cost player?
  121. Amazon VOD on all new Panasonic players...today!
  122. Samsung BD-P3600 Review Thread
  123. Marantz’s UD9004 Blu-ray Player Shipping Now
  124. Pioneer 51fd player and BSG problem
  125. The LG BD270
  126. Vizio Blu Ray Player At Wal Mart $178
  127. HTPC question
  128. Pioneer BDP-320 & BDP-23FD now as region-free in sweden
  129. Sound and Vision Sub $300 BLU-RAY Player Battle (web link)
  130. Leaked Panasonic PDF explains intentions behind Blu-ray 3D strategy?
  131. Onkyo release DV-BD507
  132. BD-P1600 7.1 Audio problems
  133. Swedish low-price BD-player, Dmtech BDP810, is region free
  134. Any BD players generate 7.1 from 5.1 HD tracks?
  135. Magnavox NB500MG9 Firmware update
  136. Panasonic Announces New 2TB Blu-ray DVR and More
  137. Lexicon Launching THX Certified Blu-ray Player
  138. Sony’s New ES Line Blu-ray Player Adds Wi-Fi Capability
  139. Sony's New 400 BD Changers
  140. Sony BDP-S560
  141. BBC DVD's on bd-p3600
  142. Samsung BD-P1600 audio problems
  143. I have an HP tx2z touchsmart notebook
  144. $98 Magnavox at WalMart
  145. Magnavox BluRay at WalMart $98.00
  146. Is there something wrong with my setup?
  147. Sony MEGA BD Player
  148. BD HTPC for under $350!!
  149. Panny BD-P35K $140 at Costco
  150. Need an opinion keep PS3 or go DMP-BD60?
  151. Oppo BDP-83 playback problems thread
  152. Toshiba releasing BD player soon
  153. OPPO BDP-83 or Panasonic DMP-BD80 ???
  154. LG Superblu : how do I change the region codes
  155. Pioneer BDP-51FD doesn't upscale PAL DVDs?
  156. Phillips BDP-5005
  157. List of Available Blu-ray Players and prices (The Digital Bits)
  158. Is PS3 the best Blu-ray Player? Or do you have any other good ones ?
  159. Need Help With Sony Bdp-s350 Video Settings
  160. Momitsu Clones Multi-Region Blu-ray Players
  161. PS3 Implements "territorial-based distribution system"?
  162. Bright Stage Media To Offer Shopping While Watching Blu-rays
  163. no audio playing rise of the lycans on my
  164. Best Blu-Ray player for under $250?
  165. Blu-Ray Notebook
  166. New Samsung BD-P2500 FW
  167. Samsung P1600 - Netflix and Pandora Streaming
  168. 2 Movie w/Playing Problems...
  169. Can Someone recommend Blu Ray PC software
  170. Sammy BD-P1600 or Sony BDP-S360?
  171. Vizio Blu-ray Player Exclusively to Walmart Stores
  172. samsung P1500 firmware ver 090416.01
  173. $99.99 Blu-Ray player
  174. Gray To Black?
  175. BD-P1000 f/w update frozen
  176. HELP! Problem playing BD/DVDs on my PS3!
  177. Bd-rom for $70
  178. black and gray
  179. Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray Disc player (Sound and Vision June/July/August 2009 review)
  180. Buying 32" TV for Blu-Ray-720p or 1080p?
  181. Blu-Ray for non 1080 res
  182. Pioneer BDP-05/51 DTS-MA Update is here
  183. samsung bd-1500
  184. Annoying Boxes On Miami Vice Blu Ray
  185. Pioneer profile 2.0 BLU-RAY player spec sheets(Ideal players for existing kuro owner)
  186. Samsung BD-P3600 is one of the fastest BLU-RAY players (June 2009 review link)
  187. SONY BDP-S360 BLU-RAY PLAYER (Home Theater magazine June 2009 review link)
  188. Panasonic DMP-BD60 June 2009 review link (One of the best quality players under $500)
  189. Region Free player question
  190. Viewing a DVD on a Blu Ray Player
  191. PS3 as a Blu-Ray and DVD Player? Already having Issues...
  192. Need advice on a SA BD player
  193. LG Bd390 Blu-Ray Player Review
  194. Quick Question For All You High Def Experts Out There
  195. Sony HT-IS100 Bravia HTB
  196. Connecting a Sony BDP-550 to a wireless network
  197. Has anybody tried out the new Sony S360 yet?
  198. blu-ray drive region changing??
  199. Walmart Emphasizing HD
  200. Question about Region Free Play on DMP-BD35
  201. Logitech Harmony Playstation 3 Adapter Available Now.
  202. OPPO BDP-83 Blu-Ray Disc Player
  203. Pioneer BDP-09FD is the best BLU-RAY player in terms of build quality (Widescreen mag
  204. Sharp BD-HP21U--did I get a lemon?
  205. Question about hooking Blu Ray player to internet for Blu Ray Live
  206. Pansonic Bd35 and Twilight Problems
  207. how to eliminate HD "flashing" appearance?
  208. Region B or region free player choice
  209. Samsung BD-P1600 vs. BD-P1595 ?
  210. Question About Connecting Home Theater To Blu-Ray Player To TV
  211. Samsung BDP1600
  212. Blu-Ray Player w/Reon
  213. Resuming BDs from last stop?
  214. OPPO Blu Ray Player News!
  215. Long Load Time
  216. Trade in your PS2 for a PS3 and recieve a $100 credit!
  217. Advice wanted ! Blu-Ray playback problems
  218. Pioneer BDP 320 or Panasonic BD 60 thoughts
  219. The Sharp BD-HP20U "Modded" Region B Blu-ray Player
  220. sony bdp-s1 & xmen trilogy. HELP!
  221. BD-P2550 + Bourne = No BD-Live
  222. Sony wireless interface bd player
  223. Panasonic Bd35 Problems With Riddick
  224. FW 2.5 Available for BD-P2500
  225. BD-HP16U | BD-HP22U Firmware Version PF9041300
  226. firmware 019 for Sony S350 & S550
  227. Sony BDP-S360 Announced
  228. Best Buy's lack of BD laptop support?
  229. Difficulty with Fox titles and Pioneer BDP-51FD
  230. Wireless 2.0 player
  231. Good place to buy Blank BD-R's?
  232. Thoughts on Panasonic DMP-BD80
  233. Blu-Ray Recorders this summer
  234. Horrible picture on my PS3
  235. samsung bd3600 or lg 390(when released)
  236. 3-D Blu-ray Vote Made Simple: Which would you prefer?
  237. Which Blu-Ray player.
  238. Momitsu BDP-899 Region free BD Player.....
  239. Sony BDP-S350 or Samsung DP-P1600?
  240. multi disc resume?
  241. I'm new to the Hi-def world and I have some questions!
  242. HTPC - software question
  243. PS3 PQ vs Standalones?
  244. Stream Sony BDP-S350 to my comuter
  245. Blu-ray Player With a Built In Stereo Headphone Jack
  246. Jvc XV-BP1 Blu-ray Player Will Sell For Around $253 From Some Discount Web Companies
  247. Problems (Sharp BD-HP20)
  248. Momitsu BDP-899 Region Free Blu-ray player
  249. Taking or Capturing Blu-ray Screenshots?
  250. Onkyo Htx22hd 5.1