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  1. Can't get my HD-A2 online
  2. freezing issues
  3. Which standalone will rival my PS3?
  4. N00b audio question
  5. Toshiba HD-A2 Upconversion- "upconversion prohibited"
  6. Cancelled my blu ray dvd preorders...
  7. HD-A2 sound out of sync...
  8. VGA TO HDMI Converter
  9. AV TO HDMI Converter
  10. Please tell me how to find the thread where I can learn how to update my firmware.
  11. Recommend a HTS for my A3 ?
  12. hd-a30 setup problem
  13. HD-XA2 and sound decoding
  14. A20 frozen on welcome
  15. Advice
  16. My receiver had HDMI inputs, but does not support TrueHD: Should I get the 360 add on
  17. What is the difference between A30 and A35?
  18. A35 not in stores??
  19. 360 HD DVD Drive DEAD?
  20. Trying to turn my A2 for wireless internet?
  21. burnt dvds play at 1080i ... Why ?
  22. HD A35 Question
  23. Toshiba HD-A2 or HD-A3
  24. HD-A1 still having problems
  25. my dumbest question yet
  26. Can you get TruHD via Optical cable
  27. Does HD A3 plays miniDVD DVD-R format?
  28. xbox 360 add on work on projectors??
  29. HD A3 Audio question
  30. A2 audio settings
  31. Time for the stupid question of the day!
  32. What is so bad about the 360 HD-DVD drive?
  33. Xbox 360 HD DVD player drops to $129
  34. A3 changing from 1080i to 480i
  35. Microsoft launches HD-DVD drive in Poland
  36. A3 and Onkyo 805 with bose set-up help
  37. What comes in the box?
  38. A3 help No video
  39. Playing HD or BD with just 64MB Dedicated Video RAM?
  40. A3 Setup Help
  41. Great prices on 1.3 HDMI Cables, anyone know of any?
  42. Anyone else have issues with "Lucky # Slevin" and HD-A3?
  43. I have gone Red
  44. Retailer's Report On Black Friday Sales
  45. Regarding: A3 wireless networks?
  46. need help with my A3........
  47. Well I finally went red with an HD-A3.
  48. A3 loading time
  49. Can I watch the secondary video track in "fullscreen?"
  50. Toshiba Hd-A2 ghosting some images
  51. A3 Freezing Issue
  52. HD DVD laptop on sale $899 link inside
  53. HD-A1 problem help
  54. Toshiba HD-EP30 vs. HD-EP35?
  55. Need Recommendations for Connecting Toshiba A3
  56. A-3: Is this normal?
  57. toshiba HD-A30 and onkyo tx-sr605 problems..
  58. Toshiba A-30 locks up mid HD disc often?
  59. HD-A35 Question
  60. Toshiba HD-A2 Help
  61. A Couple of Questions
  62. HD-A3 Issue
  63. QVC to sell Venturer player in late December
  64. Do older TV's support HDMI 1.3?
  65. Venturer HD DVD Player Surfaces at Wal-Mart
  66. Purple Purchase - Toshiba HDDVD A3
  67. LG Blu Ray / HD DVD combo player SOLD OUT?!?!?
  68. A2 & A3 'black bar' issue
  69. A3 standard DVD issue...
  70. A3 audio setup
  71. Will my TV upconvert the A3 to 1080p?
  72. New A3 Question
  73. Connecting A3 to an Airport Network
  74. Onkyo DV-HD805 Production Stopped
  75. Toshiba HD DVD HD-A2KU
  76. Toshiba A-30 and A-35
  77. Which Player?
  78. Need Help!
  79. Toshiba HD-A3 Weird Vertical Scan Lines
  80. HD-A30 Error Message
  81. Firmware Update Guide For New Toshiba HD DVD Owners
  82. A question on wether to purchase the extended warranty for the A3
  83. Any News on Computer HDDVD drives?
  84. Eagles Farewall I Tour something wrong "BOM"
  85. Venturer SHD7000 v. Toshiba HD-A3
  86. Anybody else notice this??
  87. Questions about my new HD-A3 Player.
  88. ONKYO DV-HD805 for $799.99 @ Fry's
  89. 300 freezes (standard DVD not combo)
  90. Tested: Toshiba Firmware Version 2.7
  91. 360 Add-on Problems!
  92. Just Ordered a 1080P TV
  93. Ethernet port on Toshi a30
  94. Clueless about HD-DVD What player should I get
  95. Difference between A30 and A20?
  96. Best Sound Option for the A2?
  97. 1080p/24 and Toshiba A30??? help
  98. Can any kind of HDMI cable work with the HD-A3?
  99. Acceptable HD-A2 video formats
  100. HD-A2 Audio settings for Dolby TrueHD
  101. HD-A2: Upscaling 4:3, is there a zoom?
  102. whats the difference?
  103. HD-D3 Only $179.99 At Costco
  104. Should I return my A2
  105. I need a suggestion: Regarding an HDMI Cable for the A-3
  106. hd-dvd player headache
  107. A3 only shows 720p ???
  108. Best player with 5.1 analog output?
  109. A2 top/bottom black bars
  110. HD-XA2 or HD-A35? HELP ME PLEASE
  111. Hd Dvd Hd-a2
  112. Not just Toshiba anymore! Onkyo DV-HD805
  113. HD-A3 Bitstream or PCM
  114. 2.7 update for toshiba A20 and bitsream transfer
  115. HD-A2 1080i Video Quality : Component Vs HDMI
  116. XA2 update cant find the download for XA2
  117. Toshiba A2 Firmware Update - Now Stuck
  118. New A3/A30/A35 Firmware Released - 1.3/1.1
  119. cant find it!!
  120. The effect cable quality has on picture/audio
  121. Worthy upgrade from HD-A1? Am totally lost
  122. HD-A2 frame-by-frame advance
  123. XA2 Optical Usage
  124. 360 add on with linux?
  125. Need help with the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive
  126. HELP! Conflicting info everywhere! Does the SonySTR-DG710 play True-hd/DD+ on hd-a2?
  127. A-30/A-35. What's the difference?
  128. Futureshop Pushing HD DVD Sales!!!
  129. Does 2.7 fix XA2 analog audio 1080p24 synch?
  130. HD-A3 update to do dts 1.5 thru optical??
  131. A2 settings questions
  132. 360 Add on
  133. XA2 owners with 2.7 update
  134. error 408bc504
  135. Onkyo HD DVD player : DV-HD805 - officially in-stock
  136. Firmware questions....
  137. Whats goin on with TL-51?
  138. what's the best upscaling hd player out
  139. Offical Firmware 2.7 Released For HD-XA2, A20, A2, ETC
  140. If you can put on my shoes What do you choose?
  141. I want to buy an HD DVD player, but 360 attachment or HD-A3?
  142. Hd A30
  143. Updating firmware
  144. Firmware avaible for A30??
  145. HELP! A-2 english Track much lower dynamic range then french/Spanish tracks!??
  146. HD 360 Add on problem
  147. HD-D3 and 1080p?
  148. Is my A2 a lemon?
  149. Ultimate AV disects A35: verdict = HIGHLY recommended
  150. Want To Buy An HD Player
  151. Getting True HD for my A2
  152. HD-A30 video problem
  153. HD-A30 video problem
  154. HD DVD player audio set up
  155. One thing I don't understand....
  156. Why are all HD-DVD's in 1080i so choppy?
  157. Red and upconversion on the A2
  158. Weird issue with the A2 and old DVDs
  159. How loud is the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive?
  160. 408bc504 Error Message on Toshiba HD-A35
  161. Help, my A2 gives me a green screen
  162. dynamic range +4 always shows on my receiver when add on is playing
  163. besides a2 does any other sa units do dd 1.5 over optical.
  164. intec component switch
  165. A2/A3 audio and old receiver - help please
  166. Will Toshiba ever Decode DTS-HD MA internally?
  167. UK HD-XE1 Firmware 2.5 Problems...
  168. 408bc504 error message on Toshiba HD-A3
  169. 360 HD standalone question
  170. Educate me on the audio capabilities of the A2
  171. Traveling to the states
  172. HD-A30 and DTS?
  173. where is venturer?
  174. xbox 360 hd dvd update
  175. A3 Audio Distortion Problem
  176. HDMI vs. Component on A2
  177. Nooobie question about reciver without HDMI
  178. A3 Ethernet Problem
  179. LG BH200 vs. Samsung BD-UP5000
  180. Article: How HD DVD Got its Groove Back
  181. How long before the 360-add on is forced to drop it's price?
  182. Help! A2 not outputting Dolby Dig 5.1 thru SPDIF!
  183. A3 / Sony KF-E42A10 Settings
  184. A3 Audio Settings?
  185. Toshiba HD-EP30 VS Toshiba HD-XE1??
  186. Question on Toshiba A-30
  187. Resolution questions
  188. A2 Hookup Question
  189. Question about xbox add-on audio output
  190. Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 A2 With A3
  191. hdmi cables that only support 720p and not 1080p?
  192. HD DVD Prices
  193. Canadians stop waiting for our stores to stock cheap HD DVD players!
  194. Monster Cable VGA A/V Kit for Xbox 360?
  195. Does the HD-A2 come with HDMI Cable included?
  196. HD-A2 Standard DVD Playback Question
  197. Hd-d3
  198. Decided to order an A3 Today
  199. HD-A3 error
  200. A2 Owner.....Is the A3 Worth Upgrade or go to A20 or A30?
  201. HD A-30 Question
  202. HD DVD Comparisons
  203. On the fence about the A3
  204. Two A3 Questions (just got it yesterday)
  205. Toshiba HD- D2KU HD DVD Question
  206. Which 3rd gens do bitstream audio?
  207. Help please: A2 or A3 for me?
  208. HP External HD DVD Drive now $199
  209. Fry's B&M A3 for $98
  210. Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 Toshiba HD-A2s with HD-A3s
  211. Venturer SHD7000 HD-DVD Player @ Target
  212. XBOX 360 HD-DVD player problem
  213. TV Settings with A2
  214. Toshiba HD-A2 $139.99 (Tigerdirect.com)
  215. Toshiba A2 Firmware update stuck
  216. New HD DVD owner how do you use ISO?
  217. A2 included cables..
  218. $99 hd a2 vs. xbox360 add on
  219. Isnt the A3 bundled with 300 and Bourne Supremacy?
  220. I got 4 more HD DVD adopters onboard
  221. a2 wont connect to the internet help
  222. Toshiba HD-A2 129.99 at Circuit City
  223. Help Please
  224. Toshiba A2 Now $129. At Amazon
  225. Toshiba A2 Firmware Version 2.5
  226. Why is the DigitalBits so against HD? Are they out of line?
  227. BestBuyForBusiness A2 for $99 online now (in stock)
  228. Toshiba HD-A3 $199 at Best Buy
  229. Panasonic Plasma PX70 + XBox 360 HD Drive ... worth it?
  230. Toshiba undermining its own dvd player line?
  231. Leave the A2 on all the time?
  232. Hd-A2
  233. I would love an HD-A2 but I have no HDMI or Optical for audio.
  234. HD-A2 worth getting for older TV?
  235. Toshiba Shows Versatile New HD DVD Recorder (The Vardia RD-A301)
  236. Do some homework for me
  237. HELP!! Need best buy page with $99.99
  238. Toshiba HD-A3 now $189 at ValueElectronics
  239. Do your duty as an HD DVD backer!!!
  240. HD-A35 First Impressions
  241. Toshiba HD-A2 $98 this Friday @ Wal-Mart
  242. Toshiba HD-A2 $98.87 @ Wal-Mart Friday 11/2
  243. Black Bars on screen
  244. New Toshiba HD DVD player Advertisement
  245. HD-A30 problem?
  246. Worth it to buy hd
  247. Kmart will exclusively stock Toshiba HD DVD players
  248. HD-A2 for $179.99 at Best Buy
  249. Hd-a35 Available At My Local Best Buy!
  250. Do you still buy an hd dvd player in light of Warners upcoming change in strategy???