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    Quote Originally Posted by Reverend Blu View Post
    I decided to borrow one and with the dvd drive noise reduction its looking like a future green box buy.
    Even if I am more into offline play I still like these newer models as compared to the older ones.

    I want to try the online but the problem I have is i.e. the game is getting good and in offline you just hit pause versus pc online the Wife drops by with a we need this from the store request, or its a dire must do at that fraking instant task like the garbage thrown out or other bs. request and bam! I died.

    So wheres the pause button in 360 online games or how do I enable it once I buy a 360 and register for online.
    One could swear you're intoxicated.

    I can't believe you didn't say YAWN in that post.
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    I'm still searching for that elusive first coherent post from Reverend Blu.
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    Default About the Picture

    It is indeed artwork from the E3 convention that was leaked.
    Chances are, Nintendo will not be pleased...

    On another note, the figure is contemplated to be either; the fairy queen (as seen in Wind Waker) or an incapacitated form of the Master Sword.

    The theories can both be credible.
    The girl does resemble some features as seen on Wind Waker.

    Yet, there are some similarities shared between the girl and that of the Master Sword. Hence, her strange position where the sheath would be.
    The angle of her hair, color of her dress and skin, as well as the appearance of her dress. Also, both the hilt and girl share a similar jewel embedded in them. A very strange coincidence, at the very least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kickingtotalass View Post
    actually i'm hoping they keep retarded groaning as the dialogue representations.
    ROFLMAO!!! Retarded groaning. Don't forget their clever ways of chirping, honking, oofing, shrilling bleeting and whining in sing song! Those Zelda folks sure now how to chat! Ha...ha...ha...ha...ha...

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    Wow, that looks great and you guys are sure that is real? I really hope they keep the dialogue to grunts and no Voice Acting!!

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    Nice artwork there

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    Played this at E3. HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT. Game looks extremely washed out and Ugly. While games like world of warcraft were low polly they managed to look great with a good art direction. THis game truly looked like shit. It plays fine but really didn't seem like anything special.
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