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    Default Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas 4K - HDD Review

    Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas should appeal to viewers who either love military hardware or just have a love for planes in general (particularly the F-35). However, as documentaries go, this Shout! Factory release isn't as engaging as some of the others they've released. Add to that 4K video that has a few glitches and an Atmos soundtrack with only a handful of powerful moments, and this title turns into one you may want to watch, but probably won't want to add to your library. Rent It.

    Full review here:

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    Bummer this wasn't better on the technical front. I was on a sub back in the day and the wargames were always fun...I'll follow the advice and rent it, but not gonna waste money on a purchase.

    Thanks for the review!

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