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    Default TCL 65R617 4K TV - HDD Review

    With Dolby Vision, HDR10, wide color gamut capabilities, full array local dimming, Roku smart TV functions, and voice remote support, the TCL 65R617 4K TV offers several advanced features typically reserved for more expensive models. Though picture quality isn't quite on the same level as pricier flagship displays, the set offers one of the best performance to price ratios of any display on the market, cementing itself as our Editor's Choice Winner for Best Value TV of 2018. Highly Recommended!

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    The full blown 65 inch version of the TCL was going to be my TV of choice when I recently shopped as I felt the current $3,000 flagships were not what I needed feature-wise so I needed a TV that would hold me over for a few years. And then I went into a showroom and saw the TCL and the Vizio P series. Excluding the fact that showroom demos are often times misleading, I looked at the actual physical build of the TCL vs. the Vizio P series and said the Vizio was worth the (at the time) $100 more asking price. Even the texture of the glass of the panel itself wasn't as smooth as the Vizio's was. Even at every day prices, the $200 difference would still have probably swayed me to the Vizio as I felt it was a dramatic enough difference.

    Are buyers of the TCL going to be happy? Probably So. But if they see the 2 TVs in the same setting, they may very well opt for the Vizio like I did. Or maybe not, maybe they're not as picky as me.

    What ultimately sealed the deal for me was the ratings from a popular TV benchmarking/ratings site. Had both displays had very similar ratings I probably would have opted for the TCL.

    Regarding the SDR vs HDR brightness settings, I guess this is why the Oppo has a target nits setting if you opt for any sort of processing. I would imagine the TCL (the Vizio does) has a setting for each HDMI port, so if someone like me were to opt for an Oppo 103D for regular HD movies and the UPD-203 for UHD, the annoyance would be moot ? Does bring up an interesting point though, if I were routing all my video thru the receiver, then I too would probably have this challenge as well.

    I would not so much call it a Con either to report that the brightness is not as bright as other TVs. I run my display at 40% for HDR content. So if I had a brighter display, would I run it at 20%?
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