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    Default Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers - HDD Review

    From vocals to layered instruments to cutting-edge Hollywood sound effects -- from deep bass to shredding highs -- Klipsch RF-7 III floorstanders masterfully reproduce everything and anything save for true subwoofer frequencies. If you're a music or cinema audiophile with the budget and the space for these, run-don't-walk to your nearest Klipsch retailer so you can demo a pair and immediately add them to your system. Highly Recommend.

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    I really hate to ask. Maybe I've lived under a rock the past 20 years, but I have never heard of having to break in speakers. Could it be because I've never bought high enough end speakers or have the ones I bought been pre-broke in or I just never really noticed? I don't have cheap $100 speakers, so I don't know much on this subject. So with the break-in required, does this mean eventually they will become broken? Requiring a recone or new driver? Perhaps someone can offer me a good explanation.

    These speakers look similar, but are on sale:
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    Speaker break in is mostly about the crossover inside the speakers, maybe it needs time get used to handling wattage(shrug). I canít speak to why itís a thing, just that it is. They definitely start sounding better after a bit of time. Break in isnít hard to do, just leave your amp on for a week, even with no audio they are getting Ďbroke iní. It will vary per brand, all speakers need break in time, but itís usually only noticed on high end speakers.

    Good to see quality coming back to Klipsch, these seem more like the original RF-7, with refinements. The 280ís are not the 7ís, reference premier is ĎKlipsch genericí. Synergy used to be theyíre bottom of the line, now itís Reference Premier. Which still beat many other brands in theyíre league, donít get me wrong.
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