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    Default Keep Facebook or delete it?

    I'm worried that the company just knows so much about us, but am I being silly? Has anyone else deleted the app for fear of that? I don't know if I should try something else...

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    I would love to delete it based on the Cambridge Analytica scandal - and I could get along just fine without it. But there are some things I follow on there that I like, mostly humor MeMe sites.
    I realize that clicking Like and such means they sort of collect data from you, but my profile does not contain anything that really identifies me or helps them market ads to me. And the Facebook Platform is DISABLED so that's another hurdle.
    If you're serious about the site though, consider downloading FB Purity. It's a filter plugin that helps you manage FB. They also have a tutorial on how to minimize FB's intrusions.
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    Interesting point about the FB Purity... I'd never heard of that actually! Yeah, it's true that the more info you provide to Facebook, the more likely you are to have that turned against you. I do quite like FB for events and some messages, but I do hear more and more talk that Facebook is simply becoming less popular due to all the scandals. This does make it sound easy when we're talking about removing accounts completely, but I think I prefer the idea of deactivtating Don't know if I'm ready to delete entirely. But I'll check out the idea you mentioned

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    Well, if you run a business or personal service, FB is really good for getting your ads out there or for marketing. Also, almost everyone seems to be there so you can chat with anyone easily. But FB is sometimes causes me anxiety. I deactivate my FB every once in a while when it gets too overwhelming.

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