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    Default 'Final Fantasy XV (PS4)' - High-Def Digest Review

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    I don't disagree with what you said. But I land more along the lines of a 7/10 myself. The story just took a back seat too much, and if you didn't watch the movie or anime you're left with almost zero idea or fucks with what is going on. Except you gotta collect weapons and bond with Espers or the 6.

    The weirdest thing of all to me is the lack of King Regis in the game at all. You'd of thought the prologue could of used him more or even with flashbacks. They clearly wanted to identify that Noctis has some daddy issues but never touched it in the game beyond their brief break in form on the stairs. I did enjoy a lot of what they offered but if they'd of just filled in some more fleshed out content instead of passing out busy work at gas stations this game could of been something truly special.

    As it is, just another JRPG trying to impersonate other games successes.

    It's like they tried to marry Witcher, Dragon Age, and Final Fantasy 13... what you get is a mixed bag that kinda sorta works I guess. But as a guy that fell in love with gaming and JRPGs because of Final Fantasy that just isn't good enough. This series is expected to be the prime rib of gaming, we got a Big mac.

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