Well, I finished AC7, and I hate to admit it, but the story really wasnít that good ultimately. Past games, AC5 especially, were very well done with strong narrative choices and solidly comprehensible and involving plot arcs, but this started well only to devolve into a mess by the end, where good and bad guys were no longer identifiable (it was as if everyone ended up being good, and the aggressors were only mentioned and otherwise ignored). Iím sure there was some point to it, but it wasnít clearly dramatized. They should probably start a new universe next time.

Of course CDís actual complaints make no sense - the characters he mentioned were all central to the story and anything but extraneous - but overall it didnít work very well. Nice cut scenes though.

Have to also say that the game was full of great inventive missions through most of the game, but the last few were underwhelming rehashes of past games, like they ran out of ideas. Would have been good to take it up a notch this time. I donít mind a nice Death Star trench run, but this was just going through the motions. Much better in AC4-6. And another Flying Fortress takedown, after already doing it in this game AND 6? In penultimate mission? Weak.

Also missed some features like saved replays, wing man commands, and target HUD video feeds.

Plane collection and differentiation is lots of fun and best in series. Loving the laser weapons. PLSL is so fun to use. That homing machine gun part is also nice.

Still have AC0 to get through in emulator. No idea where that one goes.