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    Default Christopher Nolan decided not to Work with DC Comics Movies now onwards

    While Christopher and Jonathan Nolan invested years enhancing the supply of DC Comics characters up on the silver screen, it

    gives the idea that their time making superhero-related motion pictures has arrived at an end. The recent, who scripted both The

    Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, has uncovered in a question that he and his sibling are no more partnered with the

    developing DC Cinematic Universe.

    Talking with Coming Soon at the press junket for the approaching Interstellar, Jonathan Nolan was inquired as to whether he and

    his sibling would have any further inclusion with the improvement of DC Comics-based movies, keeping in mind the screenwriter's

    answer was short, it was likewise really authoritative. That being said, he additionally played a bit of governmental issues and

    kept the entryway open for a conceivable come back to the developing establishment some place down the line. Said Nolan.
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    Honestly, I don't mind.

    I wouldn't want EVERY DC Universe film to have that "Dark Knight" vibe, because as it is, too many films try to mimic that. On reason why the Marvel movies are such hit, in my opinion, are because they are so tonally different from The Dark Knight Trilogy (and thus allowed room in the market for both franchises). Not every DC comic book is written by the same writer, so not every movie should be influenced by the same writer/director.

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    In hindsight, his lack of involvement really shows. I could do without most of the DCU franchises today.

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