I started watching the entire harry potter series. I have the first 4 movies on DVD. I have Order of the Phoenix on HD DVD. I was watching it in High Def and it kept freezing and muting. it was impossible to watch. it would get to chapter 5 and start screwing up. I flipped the disc over to the DVD side and I was able to watch the whole movie with out issue. I hope warner bros will replace my HD DVD with a Blu-ray Copy. I recently watched my HD DVD of Lady in the Water and it played flawlessly. so it has to be this disc and not my Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. Lady in the Water isn't a Combo Disc though its only HD. Okay Even though the Cover Doesn't say Combo Disc I opened up Lady in the water case and its a Combo Disc.

I played the DVD side of Harry potter in my HD DVD 360 drive.

Lady in the Water is also a Warner Bros Movie.

Once Warner Bros Choose to Quit making HD DVDs and there for Killed the Format I bought a PS3. It has played every single Blu-ray flawlessly unlike the stand alone players which may of needed firmware updates if the movie was released after the manufacturing of the Disc. At least that is what Blu-rays say at the start of most of them. as soon as PS3 went from 650 CAD to 400CAD I bought one right away. it was the one where they removed PS2 playback and memory card slots and two out of 4 USB ports. It also came with the Blu-ray of Spider-Man 3. I still have that 40GB FAT PS3. I have my PS3 upstairs and my PS4 which also plays Blu-ray and DVDs down stairs.