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Old 09-13-2008, 08:38 AM
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Default Best way / recommended way to properly focus on the Z5 (or any projector)?(my 1st PJ)

Hi All -
I've just converted from a 50" plasma in my dedicated / light controlled HTR to a Sanyo 720p Z5 projector. I just finished hanging the screen last nite. My job now is to get the PJ calibrated and focused fairly well. I bought a DVE HD Basics blu-ray but haven't received it yet. I'm assuming that's primarily for color setup. Will that thing work for focusing? My projector has the manual slide control for vertical / horiz shift (which works a little rough IMO, not a perfectly smooth adjusting but ok I guess). But the zooming and focusing of the image by manually turning the lens on the front of the PJ is a little harder I think. As for focusing, what's the best way to focus the image? Just until "it looks good"? What I was doing was simply bring up the menu and focusing until the letters in the menu choices looks as sharp as possible. But is there a better way to focus the image? I'm assuming you can have the most expensive 1080p PJ but if it isn't focused properly, it won't look any better than an old CRT. For reference, I have the PJ about 10' away (hanging from the ceiling) from the 92" screen which I believe falls well within the recommended parameters for placement. Any help / direction would be appreciated! Thanx.
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If the DVE HD disc is anything like the dvd version there'll probably be at least a couple of test patterns with fine detail that may be suitable for adjusting focus on, don't know if it'll be any better than just using the menu to fine tune with though.
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put in a blu-ray and freeze frame it on a face. Then focus. Easy.
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