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Old 02-04-2008, 12:56 PM
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Default Need some advice on a TV purchase

Ok. I am presently using a Samsung 32" LCD TV that is only 720p/1080i. I use this for playing 360 games and PS3 games, HD-DVD movies, and Blu-Ray movies.

I have no intention of hanging my TV on the wall.

My 3 year old daughter drew circles on the screen with a pen (nice eh?). Anyway, we got most of the scratches out using the "vaseline" method but they are still visible.

I have been thinking of picking up a new TV anyway. Not only a larger one (50ish), but perhaps a TV that is a little more durable than my LCD.

Do any LCD's have a protective glass on them? Should I go with a DLP?

I have a friend who says LCD is the best by far. After watching the Superbowl yesterday at a friend's house on his 54" Toshiba DLP in HD, I thought it looked pretty good.

Sorry for the long story, but for the price, and my particular uses, maybe DLP is the way to go?

Thanks for any advice.
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Old 02-04-2008, 01:58 PM
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If you were thinking DLP I would suggest Sony SXRD instead as the picture is superior to the Samsung DLP and the tech is quite similar. Otherwise plasma has taken the upper hand on LCD as of late and the Pioneer Kuro seems to be the one to get in that department.
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I second ATLFalcons thoughts on projos. Stick with Sony or Mits. Samsung makes great DLPs but in all honesty their selling point has always been price. With the microdisplay market the way it is now you can really get any set at an amazing price so you might as well spend the extra ~$150 and get a higher end TV.

If you go flat, Pioneer/Panasonic(or samsung if you get a good deal) plasma would be my recommendation. In the world of 50+ inches LCD's just cannot compare to plasma(or even DLP/LCoS) sets, despite what the samsung reps that patrol this board say.
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