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Default HDD Review: VIZIO 2019 P659-G1 65" P-Series Quantum 4K HDR TV

Featuring quantum dot color, full array local dimming with 200 zones, Dolby Vision/HDR10 support, and 1,100 nits of peak brightness for just under $1,400, the 2019 VIZIO P659-G1 P-Series Quantum TV is a rather stunning display. Improving upon last year's P-Series in almost every way, this new set boasts deeper black levels, punchier highlights, and less noticeable blooming artifacts -- resulting in the best overall VIZIO TV I've seen so far. There are some more expensive LCD sets that offer higher brightness, and more expensive OLED sets that offer more precise contrast and viewing angles, but the price to performance ratio here is very hard to beat. Highly Recommended.

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My 2018 TV, I am happy with my P series in the home theater set up. Chromecast, picture quality etc are good. Cannot control it via the Smartcast app though.
Buuuuut, I have a D-series in my bedroom and I will tell you the Chromecast aspect of it is SHIT. If I turn it on after having it powered off at the power strip, it often times claims there is no internet connection, even though there clearly is. I can fight with it for 10 minutes or more sometimes. I even managed to crash the TV's software, lol.
Cannot seem to add channels to it, such as Movies Anywhere. Cannot control it via the Smartcast app and a Galaxy S7. Amazon video is flawed, a 1080p (1920x1080) program starts at a resolution of 512 x 288 and takes up to a minute to get to 1080p. Reporting this issue to Vizio gets (as expected) a finger pointing to something else other than the TV. Oddly enough though, a Roku plugged into an HDMI doesn't seem to have the problem. And the sound quality of the built in speakers - absolute trash. No wonder there is a market for Sound bars. My older Samsung LCDs have good sound. WTH happened?
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