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    Default Apple TV 4K - HDD Review

    Bryan got his hands on a new Apple TV 4K. It's fast and powerful, produces stunning imagery with Dolby Vision & HDR10 encoded content (which is more affordable than ever thanks to Apple's HD-level pricing)... but it's missing a few key features.

    Check it out!

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    I do have the NEW Apple TV on order (ordered 1st day available) $199, 64GB, and just received notification that it shipped and should be here next week. Shipped from China.

    I also own the previous Apple TV. I have always been disappointed by the selection of games for the Apple TV. I always figured that anything you can play or purchase on your iPhone/iPad would play on the Apple TV but that simply isn't true. In my opinion the Apple TV app hardly ever adds any new games and still highlights/spotlights games that came out like a year or two ago on day one. Apple had such an opportunity with games on the Apple TV but it just hasn't even come close to meeting my expectations. At least let me play iPad and iPhone games, that I already have purchased, on my Apple TV but NO. Disappointing since day one with regards to games. I even have (2) Steel series controllers bought back on day one collecting dust.

    The mention that it won't even play 4K videos off of You Tube is also kinda disappointing since that is where a bunch of free 4K videos are. Maybe those are just some 4K trailers and some nature based 4K videos you find on You Tube but why it won't stream those makes you scratch your head.

    On the plus side of all of this, the Apple TV will be the only Streaming Box to allow streaming of Apple content and Vudu/Ultraviolet content and soon to be Amazon content. That is a plus to those of us that have multiple digital content spread over several different formats meaning Apple, Vudu, Ultraviolet, and Amazon.

    Hopefully, it will let me stream 4K movies off of Vudu?? I guess I will find out next week.

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