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    Default Caavo Unveils New Set-Top Box Designed to Unify Different Streaming Devices

    The product hopes to unify your separate streaming components.
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    Says 8 inputs, but I'm counting 9 on the right side (looking from the front) and one on the left, presumably the output. If this had dual HDMI out, I would be interested because of the issue I currently have between my HDR capable devices. If possible, I would send video to the TV and audio to the AVR. This seems to solve my issues with my UHD bluray player. I've not yet figured out a way to fix this with my Nvidia Shield and this could be the solution. I'll be keeping my eye on this. However, $400 is a bit steep. I'm assuming that there is some content updating service going on in the background given the network port, thus the high price and lack of subscription.

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