I've not seen anything at HDD about this and it's one of the devices I've been most looking forward to hearing about.

Amazon Video! FINALLY the two juggernauts stopped their Cheerios urination match. To me this is a huge win for us consumers. This will be available via OS upgrade to the previous version.
Smaller (the 16GB version that is).
Game controller is included instead of a $50 add-on.

Same processor as the previous version, not really much of an upgrade. Nothing much released if the GPU has been upgraded.
No Dolby Vision. I was really hopping this would be an added feature. Currently there appears no streaming device which checks all my boxes: 4K HEVC 60FPS decoding, Dolby Vision, HDR, Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, Kodi, Hulu, YouTube, Sling, Vue, Plex, IR sensor for use with my Harmony remote, Gigabit Ethernet, Dolby Atmos bitstreaming, DTS:X bitstreaming.

That said, I just pre-ordered one in hopes of replacing our Roku 4 and HTPC (Intel NUC) with this single device. The HTPC will move to the spare bedroom to replace the Slice (really excited about the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 to upgrade this little guy because as our 720p videos have begun to be replaced with 1080p, the original CM just cannot keep up).