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    I so want one but the pricing is like buying a nice used car!!!
    If I'm paying that much I would also hope 3D would be an option, which is not.
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    Default The LG 2017 OLEDs looking awesome!!

    Ordered the LG 65" OLEDC7P from Best Buy ($4999.99 cash). Never owned an OLED before. This will be my fourth 4K TV purchased (my first that is not Samsung). The C7P will be replacing the 2015 Samsung 65" Curved JU7500 (was $4000 and without HDR) and I am so excited to finally get the chance to view all my 4K UHD blu rays in HDR! Along with my Vudu UHD movies in Dolby Vision!! Can live without 3D (I will miss it) because I am sure this new 2017 will excite me enough that I won't even be thinking about 3D.

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