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    Default Gear Review: Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Dolby Atmos Add-on Speakers

    With their upward-firing drivers, these modules are designed to simulate overhead audio. But do they really offer a true Dolby Atmos experience? Check out our review!
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    Great review and I agree 100 percent with your assessment. I found that for the most part it created a grand sound stage but rarely ever sounded like it was coming from above. John Wick rain scene was semi believable, but sounded deluded. The best atmos effect I have found involves the final scene in Terminator Genysis when Kyle is shooting at random monitors and when Arnie is fighting in the time machine thing. Sound actually comes from the left and right. I noticed when I upped the gain from the modules from 0 to plus 6 and it really brought out the atmos effects but sometimes makes them more noticeable. I ended ups selling all four of mine in favor of ceiling speakers after hearing how it sounds with dedicated ceiling speakers. But if this is your only option, it still sounds better than non atmos/DtsX. Dark Knight via the dsu upscaler sounds great in a high grand style with zero ceiling effects but still sounds more enveloping than the standard dolby true hd track.

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