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    Default Apple TV 3rd Generation Debuts – Fox and Universal Titles Blocked

    Apple finally takes the Apple TV up to 1080p but you won’t be able to get everything you want.

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    No mention of Fox or Universal content in your source. Can you confirm the blocked titles? That seems really...dumb...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rm082e View Post
    No mention of Fox or Universal content in your source. Can you confirm the blocked titles? That seems really...dumb...
    It's a time-exclusive rights issue that should be sorted soon. From AllthingsD:

    The new device will support video in 1080p, and Apple will now allow users to re-download movies they’ve already purchased from iTunes, like they’ve already been able to do with TV shows, via Apple’s iCloud service...

    ...A studio executive tells me that Apple does not have all six of the major studios on board. And here’s confirmation from a source with first-hand knowledge: News Corp.’s Fox and Comcast’s Universal aren’t in, because they have preexisting deals with Time Warner’s HBO that give the pay-TV service exclusive “windows.”...

    ...That means that if you bought, say, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” from iTunes earlier this year, you won’t be able to re-watch it on Apple TV.

    But that should get sorted out eventually, says HBO spokesman Jeff Cusson. “With every technological enhancement, we have always been able to find common ground with our studio partners, and we’re sure that will be the result here.”
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    Default Talk about a misleading article!!


    This article is very incorrect about a few things and misleading about the one it got right.

    Number one, the blocked titles are ONLY blocked from being re-downloadable in 1080p from the "purchased" button on iTunes. Meaning you can still buy these items, or rent them (if they were ever available in iTunes) you just can't get them in 1080p on your computer or on the Apple TV (3) when it is available next Friday. In other words they are only blocked from one feature on only the latest version of iTunes (10.6) or the latest devices that haven't even shipped yet.

    As for Airplay being a cool "New" feature. Well that feature is far from new and is usable right now for audio, and if you have an Apple TV 2 and an IPad2 you've long been able to mirror the iPad's desktop to your Apple TV 2.

    And only certain things are being unconverted to 1080p at least, shows are apparently what they have converted first. Most of the movies I deleted and redownloaded were still at the piss poor resolution of 853x640 or lower.

    Try to get your fact's straight before writing articles like this guys. The people that read your website are probably some of the most tech savvy audience you can find.



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    Does this mean that the new Apple TV is comparable to blu-ray players/discs in terms of picture quality now?

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