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Old 05-18-2016, 08:02 AM
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Hi guys,

I really liked the postings various members have posted in regards to their home theater setup. I also liked the various pictures of their DVD collections. Very impressive. All of my DVD's are in albums instead of in shelves so I have no pictures to share of that.

But, I did want to share with you my game room / home theater setup.

I have a rectangular room that we use as a game room and home theater.

Audio Rack in rear of the room

Pool table and sofa

Sofa Extended

Sofa and poker table

Side view of 75 inch TV

Example of an Image on the TV at night

Another example of an Image on the TV during the daytime

I have 7 in ceiling speakers as well as 2 subs.

In regards to my hardware, here are the details. From the audio rack, Top Row has remotes, 3d glasses, etc. Next row has Playstation 4. Next row has Oppo Blu Ray Player. Next row has NAD T-777 (7.2 receiver). Next row has Panamax Home Theater Surge Suppression. On the Floor is one Paradigm SE Sub. The other Paradigm SE sub is on the other side in the game room. TV is 75 inch Samsung F8000.

Thanks for taking a look.
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Old 04-25-2018, 07:30 PM
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Default My humble effort


Just finished poster light frames ART DECO style well worth the effort, same with the lounge, just need the new AMP/PLAYER and CEILING speakers.
Currently 7.1 set up, the speaker surrounds were hand made in OAK Vaneer, pretty modest little set up, but boy does it sound great when up and running, unfortunately the AMP gave up, so now need to upgrade to ATMOS, Anyway hope you enjoy.

EDIT Sorry can not seem to show images, if anyone can do this please thank you.
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Old 09-17-2019, 11:15 PM
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Screen diy 140 inch black spandex white spandex , avr denon 7.1 950, speakers mains tlah 8 6.5 per l c r ls cs rs, eight subwoofers fi car audio ib318 v2 in 640 cubic foot concrete infinite baffle , under couch subwoofers fi car audio ib318 v2 four of these in open baffle powered by behringer nx3000 dsp amplifiers, projector lg pf1500 and waiting on lg 4k projector for October .
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Old 11-23-2019, 02:01 AM
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I'm basically just getting started on my move of the home theater to the new place, as well as upgrading a portion of it. My main TV, which was a Mitsubishi 55" DLP 3DTV has been replaced with a 2019 LG Nanocell 65", which has HDR10 and Dolby Vision, as well as google assistant remote. They recently started a promotion of these and the OLEDs where you get either 6 months (nanocell) or one year (OLED) of Disney+ with the purchase of one of these, albeit you have to be a new subscriber. It is a pain in the butt, to go through the claims process with LG, not just because they don't have a good way to process claims (just print a claim number or url on the store receipt) but also because their automated system didn't email my claim information, even after getting them to send to a second email address. After I finally got the claim code, I had no idea of how to use it. So, I created a Disney+ account, and there was no place to use the code. I called the LG claims hotline AGAIN, and finally, they told me they forgot to send me the instructions on how to use the code, which actually is a URL. I had to make a second Disney+ account, to finally be able to use the code.

There isn't a good area to set the TV up, for surround, at the new home. So, I've chosen to do a ceiling mount, and I'll probably have to do some fancy footwork to get a center channel speaker underneath it. The ceiling joist doesn't line up with the middle of the room. So, I'm creating a bracket that connects to three of the studs and will be pushing the TV to the right, somewhere around 7-8", TBD.

So I'm upgrading my Onkyo ATMOS-lite (5.x.2) to a Pioneer VSX-LX503. This is a DTS:X/ATMOS receiver that amplifies 9 channels but processes 11.1. So, the final speaker configuration will be 7.1.4, with a separate stereo amplifier to amplify the other two channels. Again, not sure where I'm going to put this, as I'm trying not to use floor cabinets or anything like that, just floating shelves, but this receiver's weight is more than any of the AV/media floating shelving units I can find. So, I'm looking in to having someone make something, nothing fancy.

I have a PS4 and XBOX One S, but I've considered getting an XBOX ONE X during the black Friday event, as the XBOX One X is probably the closest thing to a true 4k gaming console. I mean, it is 4k, supports HDR and stuff for games, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it does HDR and DV for 4k UHD blu-rays, and I needed those things. So, I bought a Sony 4k UHD player that supports both.

As for the left and right speakers, I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to re-use the floor-standing speakers I have, bookshelf speakers, or in-wall speakers. I'll likely be re-using my bi-pole side surrounds, yamaha in-ceiling speakers for the height channels. For LFE, I have my two Klipsch 12" subwoofers, and although I have several tactile transducers, I'm not sure if I'm gonna put them to use any time soon.

For 3D, since the new LG TV doesn't support 3D, I'll likely be using my Optoma 3D DLP projector, although not sure if that will be ready by the time everything else is.

Timeline: ha! I have two kids under two years old now, a small farm, and am currently doing some home repairs/remodeling. One week, one month, 3 months? I hope that, by Christmas, but wow, when I try to come up with a plan to do things, things always come up... It'll be nice to enjoy 3D and Blu-ray surround again, and 4k HDR/DV w/ATMOS or DTS:X for the first time.
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