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illegalprelude 10-20-2006 05:48 AM

Post your equipment setup here
Alright as some of you have noted from some of my other threads and or my sig, I own a few toys. Im all about home networking and bringing the PC to the living room and the living room experience to the bedroom. So from Surround SOund downstairs, to iTunes being streamed to the stereo while having a wireless keyboard and mouse hooked up to the laptop to the TV to surround sound for the PC and Mac in the bedroom is where im at. Hopefully, once all my goodies arive, i can take pictures and post my setup :cool:

Having said that, im interested in everybody elses setups. From your 19" TV to your PS2 to the 5 Plasma tv's for a true 360 view, post em with pictures and or write. This way, you can learn about new setups and or ask questions, comments and concerns so post away and ill soon be adding my own tad bit to it :)

Tejstar 10-20-2006 07:51 AM

Good idea - I'll post some pics soon! :)

DarkKnight2k4 10-20-2006 10:58 AM

That sounds like a good idea. I have to take some new pics any way...

No to mention I am still waiting for my A2 and my Xbox 360 players. I would love to see some of your set-ups.

jporter 10-20-2006 11:07 AM

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My setup's not real fancy, but I've been enjoying it. I never thought I'd have much of a home theater setup, but when we finished our basement last winter, the designer came up with some space for me...
Mits 52628 (DLP 1080p)
Pioneer 815
Infinity TSS750 speakers
Mits HD2000 DVHS Deck
Comcast with CableCard
XBox 360

There may be a better way to do the photo but at least I got it here... I've since replaced the sofa and chair with a sectional, but this photo shows the HT a little better without the bigger furniture in the way.:)

MrChaos 10-20-2006 02:19 PM

I'll have to take some pics this weekend. Nothing completely amazing, but it gets the job done for me. If only I had more money, something higher might result ;)

But a quick list:

Upstairs - PowerMac G5 w/ 20" Cinema Display next to a 17" Studio Display
Intel iMac 17"
MacPro Dual 2.66GHZ Intel
PowerMac G4 667Mhz
Sega Cd/32X/Saturn

iMac Flat Panel 17"
34" Sony
Xbox 360
5 Sony Speakers/Sub Package
30" Sony Wega
5 Shelves for DVD's (2 for films, 3 for TV shows) and an endless amount of hi-def films. Speaking of this, how are people storing these? Next to regular SD-DVD's or a separate shelf?

MentokTheMindTaker 10-20-2006 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by jporter (Post 779)
My setup's not real fancy, but I've been enjoying it. I never thought I'd have much of a home theater setup, but when we finished our basement last winter, the designer came up with some space for me...

I was just thinking that is a perfect spot for your HDTV and I was going to ask if
it used to be a fire place or something. That is really cool that the designer did
that for you. Did he charge you extra for that addition or did he cut you a deal?

grover 10-26-2006 01:03 PM

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I love my setup. It's perfect for our small, older house...

Westinghouse 42w2 1080p LCD
Onkyo 7.1 Receiver (with analog hookups)
Tivo Series 2
Xbox (Modified with XBMC)
Samsung 841 (Upconverting DVD player)
Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote (I don't have a 360, but it's cheap and has lots of buttons)

I have the Xbox, Tivo, and A1 hardwired through a switch to my router upstairs. I use my PC and NAS upstairs to serve up music, movies and DVD's through my Xbox. Although, I'm rarely watching DVD's this way anymore, because the A1's upconversion is so much better than anything the Xbox can provide.
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Tejstar 10-28-2006 03:04 PM

Here's mine! :)


Not a great picture as there was too much sun - but you get the idea!

illegalprelude 10-30-2006 02:54 AM

Alright, time for me to give a little info about myself and how its all been put together. You will see lots of equipment listed within this setup but no its not from some over night bank robbery. This setup has been a work in progress for a few years and with the Advent of the PS3, will hopefully be in the final stages (till I need to upgrade my surround and to the PS4 :D )

Linksys and Netgear G (54mps) Router
Vaio FS550 Laptop, Vaio Desktop, Custom Gaming PC, PowerMac G5
PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 soon, Xbox, 360, Gamecube (slew of accessories and games)
Onkyo 6.1 Surround, Onkyo 602 Receiver
Sony 60" SXRD LCOD, 20" Optimus (w00t :o :p ) (with built in VCR, hells yea)
5 Disc Sony Changer, Sony DVD
3 External HDD (with all the units HDD added, (including other computers) I will be commanding a little over 2.5 terabytes) :eek:
HP 2710
Apple Airport Express
TiVo Series 2
Panamax 5100 Line Conditioner

Alright, so thats just a small overview of my setup that takes command over the entire house spectrum. Now, one thing that ive always touting about and why ill be loving my PS3 is for Networkings sake. I have a series of networks between all computers that allows me to share files, music, vidoes, and whatever else I want between my computers, receivers and TV. Ill start with upstairs and work my way downstairs.


Downstairs, sits our Cable Modem (next to our Cable Box) and it is plugged into the Linksys Router. From there, a 50' Cat6 Cord follows the side of the living room, upstiars into my bedroom into my Netgear Router that the main house network resides on. From the Router, a signal is taken to the back of the PowerMac G5, my Custom PC. Then a Cord is taken to the back of the PS2 (Socom 3 online, oh godddd) and a cord to the Xbox (halo 2 online, yummie).

Now, on this Sony Stand sits my lovely 20" Optimus TV with built in VCR (although my sister busted it years ago. I now have a spare 36" Magnavox but ill have to see if the picture on that unit is better or my Optimus (seems that its a tad too dark when playing night maps in games like Socom and the reds bleed for sure). Now, under this stand sits a Sony Progressive Scan DVD player. That unit, with the PS2, GameCube and Xbox are all plugged into a system selector, from there, a cord is taken back to the TV via RCA and then Audio is received via 5.1 Logitech 5300zx Surround Sound.

The logitech is also hooked up to my Gaming PC. The PC is a PT 3.4 HT, 1GB DDR2 HyperX Dual Channel Ram. 2 Sony Dual Layer DVD Burner, Sony Floppy (i had to throw it in there, it was funny lol) All in 1 Card Reader, Bluetooth, Radeon X800 Pro, 550 Watt Antec Power Supply, 180GB HDD and 500GB HDD (both internal) and Sony 17" XBrite LCD, Also, the PSP sits on a dock with power and USB hooked for easy fast transfer of content. Hooked up to APC Battery backup.

Now, next to this unit sits my PowerMac G5. 1.6ghz, 1GB Ram, 180GB HDD, 17" Apple LCD, SuperDrive, Radeon 9600. Additional 320GB HDD and 250GB HDD are hooked up via Firewire 800, with a Sony 2.1 Speaker hookup. Then hooked up on a dock are Sony CyberShot T1 and iPod MINI 4GB. The G5 is also using the Sony 17" as its dual monitor when needed with just an input change. Best part of having the cybershot on the dock is that everytime im down, i place it down, it charges and iPhoto opens up, sucks the pictures in, names and times and dates them and deleted out my camera. Also hooked up to APC Battery backup.

Now, the G5 and my PC are both on the network via the Netgear so they share files (amazing when im editing via Final Cut to get some pictures or files from one unit to the other or edit on the Mac, while testing out or exporting previous footage via the PC and rendering it) Now, so this means their both sharring my 2710 All in 1 HP Photo printer because that unit is Wireless and Bluetooth so it sits across the room in the corner and these 2 units and the Vaio Laptop downstairs all just print out of this unit. Also, all my music resides on my Mac, neatly organized in iTunes 7 with all album arts and such. Now all other computers in the house have access to this network and so they all share the same music.

Tejstar 10-30-2006 08:08 AM

Sounds great illegalprelude - now where are those piccies? :D

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