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Old 02-09-2011, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by grif32 View Post

"but I'll be damned if I will ever understand why people have to crap on lower shelf product to justify their high priced TV they own already.
Most people don't that I am aware of. Most will be glad to know that the Pioneer Kuro they may have purchased 2-3 years ago is still the best display ever made at any price. It's not crapping on others to point this out. It's just a fact. The best doesn't mean that others suck, but it does give bragging rights to that display and those owners.

Originally Posted by grif32 View Post
On the flip side us who do not own a Pioneer have to listen to those who own one or want one about just how amazing their TV is compared to anything else that has or still to come out. And how everything that comes out today is crap next to their Pioneer tv.
Yeah, well someone who says that is full of shit. Many displays look amazing and all reviews I've read have said similar. The Pioneer is better, but not by a landslide.

Originally Posted by grif32 View Post
Or every year the new models come out all you hear is "Still can not touch my Pioneer", "Why can't they make anything better then Pioneer" etc. etc..
These are REAL complaints! Why would anyone have an issue with this? Pioneer, as great as it was (is) as a display, still isn't perfect. People who want perfect should be upset that in the past couple of years there hasn't been a single display brought to market that has improved upon the Kuro technology. It sucks for those who do care about quality and are willing to pay for it.

Originally Posted by grif32 View Post
And it's a very simple answer: Cost

Pioneer should be the best since you paid 2 - 3 times the price. I personally do not see a $2000 - $3000 difference between my Panny Plasma and a Pioneer plain and simple. Call me blind etc.. People who paid those high prices will swear up and down their is a HUGE difference and that's ok to help justify their purchase.
So you have your Panasonic setup next to a Pioneer and you can't see that difference?

Or, are you just saying that you can't justify the huge price jump from a 50" Panasonic which looks really good to the Pioneer which looks just a little bit better?

I'm in agreement with you on this. I have a Pioneer, but it's not a Kuro, or even 1080p, and I got a 60" for $3,000 about 3 or 4 years ago. At that price Panasonic was no less money really and I've been really happy. Still, it's not the best and I know it. Cost, is always a factor, yet there is B&O gear, Monster Cable, exotic power conditioners, and dozens of other 'high priced' product in the world of A/V that often results in extremely small performance improvements. Ever look at Meridian audio products?

Originally Posted by grif32 View Post
Pioneer made amazing sets, I agree but not $2000 - $3000 more amazing IMHO.
I agree. Completely. On the other hand, if you could get it for $500 more, would it be worth it? Especially with the overalll build quality and reliability of Pioneer Kuro diplays. I do think that is a big part of the price jump.

Originally Posted by grif32 View Post
Panny could incorporate all of Pioneers tech and make $6000 50" plasmas and they would fail.

I agree Panny is doing a great job at adding Pioneers tech and keeping cost low.

I just wish people would let just let others enjoy the set they bought and not keep bringing up Pioneer. Pioneer is NOT coming back so we get what we get from now on. Which I think is pretty amazing tech for the price we pay.
CRT displays for years were brought up as the gold standard by which plasmas and LCDs were to be judged, and rightfully so. As long as there is a bar, then the goal is to go over that bar, not under it. I'm not sure why it upsets you to have people point out that Pioneer is still the champion. In sports it is the same and some records stand for decades before they are broken, but you don't get to ignore that record because someone no longer competes.

The obvious goal is what you said. Give consumers a great deal of value for their money and put out the best display possible. I think it is ineveitable that the Kuro display quality will be bested in the next few years for sure by a display costing thousands of dollars less. That will be a good time for consumers for sure. Until then, you better believe that we should all be pushing manufacturers to reach that bar and go beyond. If we settle for less, than they will happily provide it to us. The fact that we must settle for less, isn't the same as us settling for 'bad'. I've certainly got my eye on the Panasonic VT25 65" display to put in my basement if I can. I wouldn't shed a single tear or complaint that it doesn't say Kuro on the box and others should not begrude anyone for that either.

Reviewers should. In fact, they must. Their job is to review and draw comparisons. I think they do a good job of drawing that comparison without crapping on the display itself.
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Old 02-24-2011, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by scorsese59 View Post
I have never went with a plasma set before. My last big purchase on a set was about 2 years ago. I opted for the 73-inch Mitsu Diamand DLP. It was a steal I though at $2800. I felt like once a plasma picture went out you may as well just throw the set out. On the other side I can switch out my bulb for about $100. I was always concerned I would not get much life out of a plasma. With that said I may go withone in the next year or so depending on what larger sizes will be available. I was thinking that if I replace a TV around every 4 years a plasma should last at least that long.

It is just weird becasue when my parents bought a TV they acted like it was going to be the last one they had. LOL Now with tech advancing faster and me wanting to be at the cuttinf edge I think 4 years is about the max for me.

The Kuro's were simply amazing but I could not justify the incredibly high price for a smaller set. Especially to my wife.
Newer Plasma TVs last much longer. Panasonic's VIERA has a lifespan of 100,000 hours which equals to over 30 years watching it 8 hours day.
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Old 02-24-2011, 04:15 PM
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well I know I am very thankful that Panasonic is at least trying to carry on the Kuro tradition, and hopefully in a few more years they will at least come close to equaling the last Kuro models.
Because I'm going to need something to replace my Kuro at some point, and the Panny plasmas are the only option I would even consider at present other than a projector.
Panasonic has really made some amazing strides as a company over the last few years with their blu-ray players and tvs.
I just hope to god they can keep it up and not have some financial disaster occur for whatever reason.
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Old 02-25-2011, 12:33 AM
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^Samsung is nipping at their heels...one may accurately be able to say that Samsung has surpassed them (or at least are on part with them) in 2011 with their lineup. I anxiously await the feedback, calibrator reports and reviews.
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